Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Navy Seal Aaron Vaugn "Willing to Die For His Country"

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The broken but patriotic family of Aaron Vaugn, a Navy Seal killed in Afghanistan over the weekend, spoke with Matt Lauer on NBC's Today Show yesterday morning.

Given the liberal, to extreme liberal position of NBC, I'm certain the interview was uncomfortable for many at the network.

Aaron's father made several noteworthy comments, not only about his son's love of God, family and country, but about the beliefs and the patriotism of those who serve in the elite Navy Seal program. Very enlightening.

And he spoke about comments made by "higher up" people that could have been damaging. You will recall that it was these Navy Seals that captured and killed Osama bin Laden.

Aaron's father said he hopes this tragedy will not be politicized.

To see and hear this family is a profound affirmation of what is right with America. For those of us who pray that God will deliver us from evil and restore us to our rightful destiny, it is a blessing.

I have linked the short interview here.

Please take a couple of moments and watch it and be reminded what has made America great.

God bless you.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

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  1. Given the liberal, to extreme liberal position of NBC, I'm certain the interview was uncomfortable for many at the network.

    Wow - just wow. Liberals are glad these people find comfort in their faith they are the ones dedicated to protect that right for everyone, as 'uncomfortable' as that probably makes those at Faith and Freedom Network (if I may be just as reflexively snarky)

    Gary, liberals are the ones that protect everyone's right to be a Christian... or a Buddhist, or an atheist. This country was based on the individual's freedom of religion. Its conservatives that would take away that freedom, saying that only some religions are acceptable.

    God Bless those soldiers and their families, whatever they conceive that to mean - they all deserve our thanks no matter what our religious beliefs for even though they may differ we are all Americans.

  2. Vishanti. God bless those soldiers and their families? You have made it clear in previous posts on this blog that you don't believe in God. How is it that you are blessing them in God's name, when in your mind there is no God? Where do you get the idea that liberals are the ones who protect the religious rights of Americans? You've got to be kidding. Even liberals don't believe that.

  3. Again, the inherent arrogance and haughtiness of spirit that typifies conservatives. You don't own the word 'God' - it doesn't necessarily mean Jehovah, the god of Abraham. God is the universe, the Tao, the Creator, Allah, Christ, the laws of physics - its whatever YOU want it to be because this is America where YOU have the right to believe in whatever you want just as everyone else has a right to believe differently than you.

    If it makes grieving people feel better by saying 'God Bless' what whited sepulcher of a heart would begrudge someone giving them out as a kindness?

    Thank you for demonstrating that it most certainly not the liberals that are the ones 'uncomfortable' in our world today.

  4. Vishanti. You have no idea how revealing your comments are.

  5. Aaron's father said he hopes this tragedy will not be politicized.

    I think he was referring to statements like 'Given the liberal, to extreme liberal position of NBC, I'm certain the interview was uncomfortable for many at the network'.

    I was also disgusted yesterday listening to Rush Limbaugh tell his audience that democrats were secretly cheering these deaths. What a sick man.

    This tragedy is being politicized, all right. But it's not by the left.

    Mark in Tigard

  6. Mark. Maybe he was referring to the chest beating Obama was doing after "he" got Osama.

  7. Joe,

    If he was, he's a really lousy communicator because he specifically said that democrats (not Obama) were happy these heroes died. It's par for the course. He brainwashes his audience daily that we liberals hate our soldiers and want them to fail. So he jumped all over this terrible event as an opportunity to make his audience hate us even more. Defend behavior like that if you feel compelled, but remember it speaks volumes about you as well.

    Mark in Tigard

  8. Gary this is the most insipring video I have seen for a long time. There are people who feel as I do about our country and are willing to give their life for it. I think we could do more. Keep up the good work.

  9. How inspiring. Thank you Gary.

  10. Mark, I'm talking about Randall not Limbaugh. I don't thimnk he was politicizing anything, just quoting Mr. Vaugn.

  11. The father, Billy Vaughn, said there are wolves out there---90 some days ago the Seals had a great victory---"sheep in high places said things that made some of us very uncomfortable."
    High places. Ummmmm. I think Gary is right. High places is the out of touch, dysfunctional, ego driven White House.

  12. Oshtur

    Making a God of your own understanding is called idolatry. How is it a kindness to wish blessings from a God the people you wish to be blessed know you don't believe in? That would be a bald-faced lie, would it not? Why would God listen to you, since you deny Him?

    Craig in Lacey

  13. Making a God of your own understanding is called idolatry.
    No it isn't. That might be YOUR religion but that is only YOUR religion, not anyone else's necessarily - this is America. It actually makes me chuckle since considering the New Testament 'the word of God' is blatant idolatry. Its a sub collection of hundreds of letters written by men talking about other men and women picked by a Catholic committee about 17 centuries ago, that's all. Remember your understanding of God is just one of many.

    How is it a kindness to wish blessings from a God the people you wish to be blessed know you don't believe in?
    Because they know I am saying that if such a being exists that micromanages the universe I hope it looks kindly on them. Similar to saying 'the best of luck', 'may fortune smile on you', or even 'may the universe unfold as it should.' Quakers, Unitarians and other faiths practiced by the founders of this nation thought all religions had value, your view that its 'your way or the highway' was just one of many.

    That would be a bald-faced lie, would it not? Why would God listen to you, since you deny Him?
    Hmmm, maybe a story would help illustrate.

    There was man who was hurt - a pious banker walked by, as did a priest, but then a known horrible person who practiced the wrong faith came by and took the man in, treated his injuries and wished him well. I wonder what Jesus would have to say about that and additionally about the person who even after the fact had only bad feelings for this 'horrible person'? Do you think Jesus would have likewise called this neighbor a 'liar' for their kindness?

    Again Craig you'd best hope your views aren't right because you don't seem to be on the path that leads to any kind of desirable pay off.

  14. Aaron's father sounds like a typical conservative hypocrite, asking that people not make this political, while using it as a pivot for a political attack, "sheep in high places", indeed!

  15. Oshtur

    First of all, the New Testament was complete by the end of the 1st century. It affirms that Jesus was precisely who he claimed to be, Immanuel, God with us. If you can show me someone else who gave sight to the blind, healed leprosy with a touch as well as by the spoken word, made the lame to walk, and returned life to a little girl as well as to Lazarus who had been dead for 4 days, who himself was seen by 500 people after His resurrection, not to mention the other dead who were seen walking around, I'll believe in them. Even the religious leaders of His day, who should have known who He was, could not dispute the miracles He performed. If they could have, we most certainly would have their accounts disputing the facts, that's why they feared Him. There is no ldolatry in worshipping God with us.

    Secondly, there was no "catholic" committee at the Council of Nicea, as the bishop of Rome was just one amongst many. There was no Roman Catholic Church. If there was a "pope", it would have been the Emperor Constantine, who allegedly converted to Christianlty, but still held supreme power.
    The Council did precisely what Jesus told them to do, "contend for the faith once delivered to the saints", by combating false doctrine and false prophets.

    You may chuckle all you want, God will have the last one.

    Thirdly, you should say the best of luck, since you believe in random chance process as the creator of all things. To invoke God's blessing when you don't believe He exists is play-acting,do you know the Greek word for that? Hypocrite. I know you certainly don't want to be seen as such, so act accordingly.

    Yes, our founders saw benefits in any religion with a set of rewards for doing right and punishment for doing wrong, but the religion that they professed was the Christian one. I know you revisionists don't like that 'inconvenient truth' but there it is anyway.

    The parable of the Good Samaritan, it's wonderful you know it. Too bad you did the same thing as the first two. Did you offer to help with these people's bills? Take them some food?
    Comfort them as they grieved? No? You only offered them insincere platitudes. How quaint.

    Again, Oshtur, I hope and pray that God opens your heart to the truth. The way you're going has a most undesirable pay off.

    Craig in Lacey

  16. Please Craig, you obviously are knowledgable, you know there were many different versions of the letters that were ultimately placed in the sanctioned canon and many that were totally left out. This hoping I don't know the truth so you can get by with less than that doesn't fool me or anyone.

    And look up Catholic and get back to me - the point was it was a committee that took certain copies out of dozens, left many letters out entirely. That you quote an epistle that was disputed as canon until the 4th century just punctuates my point - Its not a magic book, its just one point of view from one committee, to worship the new testament is idolatry, pure and simple. It is both more and less than what we have today.

    As to the idea that only you know what God is, again no reply is necessary. From my point of view speaking of the Creator, the Tao, God, is all saying the same thing. Many of our key founders believed in a universal creator, who made a work so perfect it has not interfered with it since the moment of its creation yet they spoke of this Creator as 'God'. That I can use the term 'God' without talking about yours puts me in great company.

    And what have you done for these people? I know while I was in the military as a Vietnam medic I bound their wounds, saved their lives, sent them home to their loved ones. I know that there are others that are doing this for these families too. As Jesus said 'there will be poor always' and likewise there will be those who have paid the ultimate price in the service of their country. We do what we can by their circumstances. If there was any indication that those closest to them were NOT helping them I would do more, but wishing them well is sufficient for this time and place.

    And to question someone wishing someone well in the manner most valuable to them is hypocrisy? I think gentle souls realize that such a wish is still a valuable thing even if someone doesn't share their exact theological view.

    Wasn't it Judas who was always complaining Jesus wasn't doing enough?

    Again, just read your words and imagine a place filled with like minds for all eternity - the name for that place wouldn't be heaven.

  17. Ahh,Oshtur. catholic means universal, small "c". Catholic, large "C", denotes the Roman Catholic Church, which is the form you used. I quite clearly stated that there were false doctrines and false prophets then, as there is now, as Jesus said there would be. I didn't hope you didn't know that but said so myself. That's why the council was necessary, to "contend for the faith".

    Again, the New Testament was complete with the writing of Revelation, as the Council of Nicea affirmed. The Word of God is spiritually discerned and can't be understood without the Holy Spirit, as Jesus said, "if you have not the Spirit of God you are none of His". I don't worship a book, only the One revealed by the Holy Spirit. The triune God imbodied in the person of Jesus Christ. He is the Word of God.

    'All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteusness, so that the man of God may be thouroughly equipped for every good work' 2 Tim 3:16-17.

    You are right, it's not a "magic" book.

    When did Judas write the 'Gospel of Judas'? Was it on the way to hang himself? The books that were rejected were obvious false doctrine, filled with gnosticism and eastern mysticism.
    Judas only complained because the expensive perfume wasn't sold for money, so he could pilfer some for himself. He had his idol also. money, which was his undoing. All idol worship has the same tragic end.

    You brought up the Good Sam arguement, not me. Play-acting is play-acting, no matter how you try to spin it.

    Many of our key founders espoused the God of the Bible as the foundation for all laws and still actively involved in His creation.

    Spiritual discernment is necessary to see truth, unfortunately those that don't have it, their hearts and minds remain in darkness. I will continue to pray for your salvation brother.

    Craig in Lacey

  18. That's why the council was necessary, to "contend for the faith".
    And how would they do this? Decide for others what the true faith was? Again, they had neither the power or the right.

    I don't worship a book, only the One revealed by the Holy Spirit. The triune God imbodied in the person of Jesus Christ. He is the Word of God.
    In your opinion. There are Christians that don't believe in the polytheistic Paulian religion, there are those that think books left out of the council-compiled bible are just as holy. You again are pretending that yours is the only view point when you and I both know its not.

    When did Judas write the 'Gospel of Judas'?
    Ha! See you are bright enough to know that books written in that time period were named about their subjects, not their authors, and were often written in the first person. The Gospel of Matthew didn't write Matthew, John didn't write John. And if some of those left out should have been in no way implies that those that were included belong there.

    And to go back to the beginning this entire side track got started because you were deciding what was and wasn't idolatry. So please now that you have admitted the new testament isn't a magic book, and that presenting its words as absolute truth is therefore idolatry, we can just back of to agreeing that you aren't the one who can decide such things for anyone other than yourself.

    Your play acting at being the arbitrator of what is idolatry and good and sincere is the entire issue. You can't do that as has been demonstrated. Again, what kind of person questions someone's well wishes? Not a Christian.

    Spiritual discernment is necessary to see truth, unfortunately those that don't have it, their hearts and minds remain in darkness.
    And I of course think you saying this is totally ironic since it has always reliably been you that is steeped in judgement, who questions other's good intents, and thinks you know who is and isn't righteous. Those who can only see darkness tend to live in it. That is their choice but as we can see from the world around us those who live in darkness don't hurt only themselves.

    I hope someday you can see the light - may you free yourself from the shackles of dogmatic Christianity so you can someday understand the principles Jesus taught.

  19. They had neither the power or the right.

    God always has the power and the the right to defend His Word. How does He do that? By the power of the Holy Spirit working threw those He has choosen for the task.

    Pretending that my view is the only view.

    There are lots of views, some believe their cat is god, some that they are god, some believe there is no god. I don't dispute that, I'm speaking what the Holy Spirit by the grace of God has revealed to me thru the Word Of God. Again, those that deny the work of the Holy Spirit in the writing of Scripture have no claim to Jesus Christ. "Those that have not the Spirit of God are none of His" or does that principle that Jesus taught not apply? Make up your mind, either all His principles apply or none do.
    It's not a Paulian religion. Jesus said " I and my Father are one", "when you have seen me, you have seen the Father", and again, " before Abraham was, I AM" which is an allusion to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Jesus said "I will send a helper, the Spirit of God, He(note the first person singular) will lead you into all truth". OH MY GOSH! You mean Jesus said God is plural!!!!! Not polytheistic, ONE GOD MANIFESTED IN THREE PERSONS.

    Look up the word secretary and get back to me. If I dictate a letter do the words magically become someone else's. It's common knowledge that people back then dictated because few could read or write well. That's a poor argument.
    Luke, an educated man and a doctor, wrote his own Gospel and the Book of Acts. There was no dispute at the council about that one and it's a very detailed account of Jesus' life and teachings and the formation of the early church.

    For 4000 years people have disparaged the Bible and tried to destroy or suppress it. Give it your best shot, it'll be here long after we're both gone. I have neither the power or right to condemn anyone. God calls wickedness what it is and I agree, that is all. Which means I do have the power and right to distinguish right from wrong, not mine, but His.

    No, we don't agree at all, and that's fine. You say that you see, so you remain in darkness.

    I am perfectly able to defend the faith once delivered to the saints, not so I can boast, but so you may be edified and come to the knowledge of the truth. Not my truth or my version, But God's Holy Word revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.


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