Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teacher Suspending for Opposing Gay "Marriage"

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8/25/2011: Teacher Jerry Buell has been exonerated and reinstated into the classroom.

Former "Teacher of the Year," Jerry Buell, has been suspended from teaching because he opposed homosexual "marriage" and expressed his personal beliefs on Facebook.

It didn't matter that he has taught in that school system for 22 years and never had a complaint---a spotless record.

Now his job is on the line because one kid complained. The school district has called his expressed biblical beliefs, anti-gay and homophobic.

So, you're fired.

At the same time a federal appeals court has absolved a case against a teacher who attacked, in the classroom, the idea of biblical Creation and those who believe it.

Here's what Buell said on Facebook, what the California teacher said in the classroom and the unbelievable prejudice against Christianity in the public school system. And my thoughts on the matter.

The school system reacted to teacher Jerry Buell's post on his own Facebook page, on his own time, on his own computer, by saying that, "Gay students at the school might be frightened or intimidated walking into his classroom."


What about Christian students who walk into public school classrooms every day and sit under teachers who advocate, both directly and indirectly: that homosexuality is normal and equivalent to ethnicity, redefining marriage is a right of equality, that abortion is a right---a "choice," it's not killing a baby, evolution is a fact, biblical creationism is a myth, conservative Christian morality is archaic, secular progressive beliefs are elite and acceptable. Traditional biblical beliefs are not. And they advocate freedom of speech---as long as you say the right thing. And freedom of belief, as long as you hold the proper views. And academic freedom, as long as you learn the appropriate "truth."

Here's what Buell actually wrote on his Facebook page:

“I’m watching the news, eating dinner when the story about New York okaying same-sex unions came on and I almost threw up,” he wrote. “And now they showed two guys kissing after their announcement. If they want to call it a union, go ahead. But don’t insult a man and woman’s marriage by throwing it in the same cesspool of whatever. God will not be mocked. When did this sin become acceptable?”

Three minutes later, Buell posted another comment: “By the way, if one doesn’t like the most recently posted opinion based on biblical principles and God’s laws, then go ahead and unfriend me. I’ll miss you like I miss my kidney stone from 1994. And I will never accept it because God will never accept it. Romans chapter one.”

Last week, California high school teacher, Dr. James Corbett, was absolved of charges that he violated a Christian student's rights by saying, in the classroom not on Facebook, that "Creationism is religious, superstitious nonsense."

Judge Raymond Fisher ruled, "The teacher is entitled to qualified immunity."

Why? Because the teacher has a spotless record and public schools encourage freedom of thought. The school district hailed the ruling as "a victory for free thought and 'academic freedom.'"

As we prepare to send our kids back to public school, I suggest to the many pastors and Christian leaders who read this blog, reconsider the doctrine of silence regarding cultural moral issues. It may not be considered cool or "emergent," but kids and the culture hang in the balance.

I was a pastor for many years. I am more than happy to come to your church and preach a biblical, legal, message on the church and the culture. I spoke as needed on cultural issues as a pastor and the growth of our church was well known and documented.

The "I don't think the church should be involved in politics" cover is sounding more and more hollow because it isn't "politics," it is biblical responsibility to a lost culture.

Our country has morally lost her way because of silence on the part of those who should be speaking out.

And to those Christians who are not pastors or even perhaps leaders. Don't be intimidated. Don't be silent. Get involved in your public school. Get involved in policy making in your community. Support political candidates who will stand for your biblical values. Don't believe the notion that if you speak to the culture, you forfeit the opportunity to reach people for Christ.

And thanks for supporting us, while we continue to advocate for what both you and I know is right.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Active. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

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  1. The school district was following their established social media policies. All employees would have been well aware of the policies. Whether or not they are appropriate policies, they had no choice but to enforce them and entire matter is under review.

    You may not like to hear that creationism religious, superstitious nonsense but you have absolutely no verifiable evidence to the contrary while there is plenty of supporting evidence for the statement.

    Creationism is just one of a million spontaneous explanations I could make up with no supporting evidence.

  2. …by saying, in the classroom not on Facebook, that "Creationism is religious, superstitious nonsense."

    1. He didn't say it in the classroom, he said it in his role as the student newspaper advisor. There were 21 other comments he actually did make in class that were complained about, all were found to be ok.

    2. Creationism is not a religion nor even an integral part of Christianity -,there are many many Christians that aren't don't believe in creationism and there's no indication that doing so or not was ever a requirement for being considered a Christian.

    So the doctor's sole error was using the word 'religious' in a non-class room setting. He didn't call someone's marriage a 'cesspool', he didn't say that knowing people did believe in creationism would make him 'throw up'.

    The situations are very different don't you think?

  3. A teacher who spews hostility in the class room toward Christianity or any other faith, is no more acceptable than the bully on the play ground that is verbally hostile toward other students. This case is not about immunity, its about protecting our kids.
    Thanks Gary.
    What if Corbett would have attacked or mocked Islam? We all know the out come would have been very different.
    To Oshtur- To say "there are many, many, Christians who don't believe in creationism, is like suggesting there are many, many gays when there is really only about 2 or 3 percent,creating the impression that Christianity is some how divided on the issue of creationism and the country is generally gay.

  4. Marriage between a man and a woman is the law in 44 states and has been upheld by voters in 31 of 31 states where it has appeared on the ballot. It is a sad state of affairs when a teacher is suspended for agreeing with our laws - which also happen to be God's laws!

  5. To Oshtur- To say "there are many, many, Christians who don't believe in creationism, is like suggesting there are many, many gays when there is really only about 2 or 3 percent,creating the impression that Christianity is some how divided on the issue of creationism and the country is generally gay.

    Nice strawman - please tell me what sects require a belief in creationism? Not Roman Catholics, not any of the mainline churches - that's a majority of US Christians right there...

    I've brought this up before - a half truth is the same as a lie to a Christian so how can any good Christian engage in this type of inaccurate hyperbole? One thing I hope we can agree on - no one is going to lie their way into heaven even if there is such a place, right?

  6. To Oshtur. Strawman? I am talking about what people actually believe, not what a church requires or mandates they believe. You slipped in the word "require".
    Nice try.
    I can't link it but CBS polls have found only 13 percent say God was not involved in humans coming into existence. Pew and Gallup both have polls showing 66 percent of Americans believe God created humans.
    The numbers of believers are much higher among those who regularly attend church and even higher among evangelicals.
    Yes I do agree that no one is going to lie their way into heaven. I also believe that delusion is dangerous.

  7. I am talking about what people actually believe, not what a church requires or mandates they believe.
    Then you are talking about something other than what was being discussed. I said:

    Creationism is not a religion nor even an integral part of Christianity

    Whether many Christians also believe in it is irrelevant - it would be like saying because many Christians think that drinking milk is good for you that saying it isn't would be attacking Christianity.

    But back to the real issue - this teacher has not lost his job and most likely won't. He violated the district's social media guidelines and got his hand slapped for it much as the other teacher did with a lawsuit. Both have probably learned their lessons.

  8. Connie...

    First, no law agrees that gays and lesbians are part of a "cesspool."

    Secondly, we were once a country in which every state outlawed interracial marriages, and the public supported the bans whole-heartedly. Majority support did not make it right then, and it doesn't make it right now.

    And third, since you brought up numbers, a majority of Americans now support marriage for same-sex couples according to at least 6 national, reputable polls over the last year. While you have won all of these battles in the past, you've been winning by less and less. We'll talk again in 5 years and see if you're still using this same argument.

    Tony in Seattle

  9. Tony, why do gays consistently try to identify with us blacks. Gay is not black and interracial marriage is not gay marriage. There is no social or biologicial link between the two.
    A lot of us are laughing at your arguements. Some of us just plain resent it.

  10. @5:51

    Umm, no one tried to identify gays with blacks. A comparison was made between popular support for unjust bans on inter-racial marriages and popular support for an unjust ban on same-sex marriages, while you may disagree that both are unjust, that is the only comparison Tony made.

    Why do you assume inter-racial marriage is all about "us blacks"? By definition an inter-racial marriage would have to contain at least one non-black person, and could easily contain two. For instance, Maggie Gallagher of NOM is constantly flaunting her inter-racial marriage, which involves nary a black person. You see, it's actually not all about you.

    So laugh or resent yourself silly, it makes to difference and certainly doesn't dispute a perfectly valid argument. I do hope that oversize chip on your shoulder doesn't give you back pains though.

  11. I'm curious, how do you think the situations for gays and blacks differ?

    - both have a history of horrid discrimination
    - both are despised for qualities and behaviors the group supposedly has.
    - both have been denied the right to license with their spouse that would have been a totally acceptable spouse for someone else, i.e. They didn't have the same rights as other citizens.

    Exactly what do you think so different?

  12. oshtur- As Gary has written many times, ethnicity is not equivalent to sexual behavior. He is right.

  13. Gary is wrong as usual since this is about sexual orientation and ethnicity, not any particular behavior. I mean you don't think people were bigoted against blacks because they clashed with the drapes do you? They disliked them for their supposed qualities and behaviors; lazy, stupid, inferior, shifty, criminal, etc. Didn't matter if there were as little as 1/16th of the undesirable race with no visible trace, it was these supposed behaviors that was the justification of the marriage discrimination.

    Gays just have inherited the black's old Mark of Cain, that's all, but they too will cast off with the help of good minded people.

  14. 9:40pm

    You're comparing apples & oranges. Ethnicity is equivalent to sexual 'orientation' not 'behavior'. Ethnicity and sexual orientation are not chosen.

    However, sexual behavior itself is a choice, as is inter-racial marriage.

    Since the act of inter-racial marriage is a choice, what happened to all the biblical arguments against it? Did they go away?

    Or did people slowly realize it was just bigotry as they increasingly are with gay marriage?

  15. Since the last post didn't make it (too much truth?) I will just answer with the homily:

    Sexual orientation is no more a 'behavior' than the drive to church on Sunday is your 'religion'.

  16. Sexual orientation is chosen. Show me the scientific evidence of a gay gene. Frankly, I think they will throw out this case against the teacher anyway.

  17. Humorous
    There is no indication that people choose their sexual orientation, some are attracted to men, some to women, a few to both, even fewer to neither.

    There is no 'left handed' gene, or 'genius' gene or 'fingerprint' gene whatever other quality you want but none of these qualities are chosen either.

    But since you brought up 'genetics', if you think women are naturally attracted to men because of their genes then you have to deal with the fact that all men have all the same chromosomes as a woman. Again, the question is not 'why are some men attracted to men?' its 'why aren't all men attracted to men?'

  18. 8:30am

    Are you really, really sure you want to start basing arguments on scientific evidence?

  19. oh the guy is back in class BUT:

    "Sources close to the investigation told WFTV that the school board chose the easy way out. They say the board thought Buell had violated the rules, but didn't want to deal with a costly legal battle or backlash from the KKK, which had threatened to protest in front of the district headquarters."

    Yep, the KKK was in his corner too!

    Oh and to those excited that he is getting off 'scott free':

    "… gave Buell a list of directives he needs to follow to return to work. It will not be made public for ten days.

    The district is still investigating comments Buell made on a school web page and a class syllabus."

  20. Personally, I find the idea that sexual orientation is a personal choice to be ridiculous.

    Why in the world would anyone choose gay orientation if they weren't wired that way naturally? No offense to you gay guys, but man on man activity just has a huge yuck factor for me. It's not even remotely attractive to me. And that's just the visual, it doesn't even consider all the hardship one would go through in life 'choosing' to be gay.

    It makes me wonder about the true orientation of those who think its an attractive choice, but that's another story.

    None of the gays I know ever made a choice on who they were attracted to any more than my straight friends did.

    I realize the anti gay rights folks have to take that position to defend their position. But it's just denying rational thought.

    Mark in Tigard

  21. Boy Mr Buell seems to be supported by a who's who of hate groups; AFA, FRC and the KKK.

    The school district must be so proud to have a such an esteemed teacher!

  22. Really does not matter if a teacher believes in Creationalsim or not . Its not allowed in public education , at least not in a science class. The teachers remarks were inapproriate however. From a person of authority and a teacher , hopefully he apologized at least . It was rude .

    I would say the teachers remarks were inapproriate also speaking to the NY marriage , hope he did not have school kids on his facebook page .

    Creation sceince does use many facts that are scientific . When challenged on their views such as "time" , a Creationsist can say God made the Planet appear older then it is , its impossible to prove or disprove Creation Science . It takes faith .

    I have noticed the hardest people to have a conversation with on our origins are the athesitic evolutionists or the Young Earth Creationists . I would not be surprised to find out if this teacher that ridiculed the Creation science was not hold the athesiitic view .

    Most of us fall in the Life Force Evolution view " athesistic light" Theistic Evolution Old Earth Specfic Creation, " micro and macro evolution" views .

    I have seen all views goof up with facts . I take the position God only knows .

  23. mark I would agree with you, who would choose to be homosexual / At least intentionally . Heterosexuals choose to cheat on their wives , wives choose to cheat on their husbands . Homosexuals do choose to have sex though .

    Its like who would choose to be a child molester . Of often homosexuals dislike when this is brought up , understand why , it is a negative parody . But its stated to be an orientation by the professionals . Can not change their orientation like heterosexuals , bi sexuals , gender identity , etc .

    I understand the anti traditional marriage crowd usually does not see the difference between the natural mom and dad taking care of their own children then say two males , two females . But the hatred involved from the both sides usually effects the kids . I really believe the anti marriage folks put the next generation secondary to special rights.

    All kids , regardless if they gay or straight are better off with their Mother and father . Setting up a system that disputes that from the get go has unknown ramifications . You can only hope the thousands of years of tradition supported by culture and religion has no real bearing .

    I find your position callous . As do the way homosexuals are referred to here at times .


  24. What about illogical atheist faith that life began thru accidental collision of chemicals?

  25. I understand the anti traditional marriage crowd
    Mick who are these people who are against men and women being able lo license as spouses - I can't think of a single one.

  26. Mick,

    And I think kids deserve to be in a loving, supportive family. All kids.

    You would deny this to some because a parent is gay. If find that double callous. So there.

    Mark in Tigard


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