Friday, September 09, 2011

9-11-11: The Day the Mayor Snubbed God

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Is Mayor Bloomberg acting in, "The Way of New York."

Most of us remember exactly where we were and what we were doing the day New York City and America was attacked and nearly 3000 citizens were killed by Muslim terrorists. In fact you will recall, Allan Jackson wrote and released a song which asked, "Where were you when the world stopped turning?"

Lawmakers stood on the steps of the Capitol and sang "God Bless America," people prayed and turned to God. Christian churches saw increased attendance in the weeks that followed.

NBC's "Meet The Press" even eulogized the chaplain of the New York City Fire Department.

Vice President Dick Cheney was a guest on that first "Meet The Press" following 9-11. He spoke of the dark side of the evil that had been manifested toward America that day.

In his new memoir he recalls what I remember watching. Perhaps you saw it as well. And remember.

Cheney writes, "Tim Russert closed the interview with a remembrance of Father Mychal Judge, the chaplain of the New York City Fire Department," Cheney writes.

Quoting Russert, he continues: "Father Mike was killed at the World Trade Center on 9-11 by falling debris as he administered last rites to a first responder. Tim told of firefighters who carried Father Mike's body to their firehouse and together with Father Mike's fellow Franciscans sang the prayer of Saint Frances."

"That," said Russert, "is the way of New York. That is the spirit of America."

Bloomberg is not acting in, "The Way of New York." Nor is he acting in, "The spirit of America."

He is denying America's identity. And her spirit.

On July 2, 1776, George Washington, as the Continental Congress was meeting in Philadelphia to declare independence, was gathering his troops on Long Island to meet the enemy as they prepared to storm New York City.

That day he wrote General Orders to his men, reminding them they were serving for a just cause and that they were serving under God.

His orders said in part, "The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves...the fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us no choice but a brave resistance...Let us therefore rely upon the goodness of the cause, and the aid of the Supreme Being in whose hands the victory is..."

Prayer and seeking God's provision is indelibly imprinted in the identity of America.

The Michael Bloombergs come and go, but the abiding knowledge of our need of God remains with millions of Americans.

Patrick Henry, a Founder, a patriot and an evangelical Christian, reminded his friends and colleagues:

"When people forget God, tyrants forge their chains." Also a reminder for 9-11-11.

We encourage you to take a moment this weekend and join George Washington, Patrick Henry, the firemen in New York and millions of other Americans, especially on Sunday, to acknowledge our need for God and ask for His blessing and provision.

Ask for courage to resist those enemies that would destroy us and the foundations of the world's greatest country---founded on God's principles. A city on a hill.

Fortunately, millions of New Yorkers and Americans are not snubbing God, only an elected official who has overreached in his attempt to prove his own elevated virtue of tolerance and diversity.

"And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."
Gal. 6:9

Keep the faith.

Thank you for your support of this ministry.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Faithful. Be Blessed. Be Free.

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  1. You do know that Father Judge was gay, right?

  2. Keep in mind that it was god who snubbed NY on 9/11/2001.

  3. If this god of yours really is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent as you claim, then he will be at the ceremony regardless of whether any clergy members are on the stage or not. Of course, for an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent being this god of yours certainly does seem to require a lot of outside assistance from mere humans.

  4. John, are you suggesting that if the chaplain was gay his body should not have been carried away? He should not have been missed by those who knew him and served with him? He was not important?

  5. No God. No firefighters. Lots of politicians, though. Mimi from MA

  6. If God did snub New York he had a good reason, maybe he was sending a message about their lawless and godless ways? Seems their leader didn't learn a thing, even though some have repented and turned to God.


    God delights in rewarding those who honor Him and make Him known to the world. The evidence for His existance is everywhere you look. You say you see, therefore you remain blind.

    Craig in Lacey

  7. We were not attack by Islam . We were attacked by religious extremists that happened to be Muslim . Religious extremists who listened to leaders that used a distorted interpretation religious doctrines and scriptures to justify the attack. This attack could have come from any one the religions in the world including Christianity.
    Perhaps this is the thinking behind
    banning religion from the 911 ceremony.

    I don't agree with banning religion from the ceremony , but I understand the logic behind the decision.

  8. Craig,

    3,000+ killed
    6,000+ soldiers killed
    100,000+ Iraqi civilians killed

    And all that you can do is guess that MAYBE he was sending a message about something you're not really sure of???

    A tweet would have been more direct and effective.

  9. 6:10

    Something I'm not really sure of? I was quite clear about the reasons that God would allow such an incident to happen. Lawlessness and godless ways, from the greed of Wall Street to the greed of the local pimp or dope peddler and everyone in between. That sometimes the innocent suffer with the guilty is a tragedy because we live in a fallen world.

    He sent a tweet 2000 years ago and we still ignore the message, the Bible, if people would heed the Gospel it would be quite effective.

    Saddam and Bin Laden are gone, good riddance. A heartfelt thank you is due to every one of those 6000+ who have kept us safe.

    Most of the civilian deaths in Iraq are a result of a power struggle between Sunni ans Shia. If they can't find a way to get along that's their problem, not ours.

    Craig in Lacey

  10. Craig,

    The message might be clear to you, but personally I think he needs to work on his communication skills. You know, use some of the tools he gave us. C'mon, it's the 21st century.

  11. I think we need to use some of the listening skills He gave us. The Bible is just as relevant today as in the past. We ignore it at our own peril.

    Craig in Lacey


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