Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Lady Commits U.S. Supreme Court

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First Lady Michelle Obama told an audience in Chicago this week that the justices her husband appointed to the US Supreme Court---Kagan and Sotomayor, will protect the right to "love whomever we choose."

She went on to say, "Let's not forget what it meant when my husband appointed those two brilliant Supreme Court justices, and for the first time in history our daughters and our sons watched three women take their seat at the nation's highest court."

However, what followed was most concerning---perhaps terrifying.

"But more importantly," she said, "let us never forget the impact their decisions will have on our lives for decades to come---on our privacy and our security, on whether we can speak freely, worship openly, and, yes, love whomever we choose." Thus committing them to a far left progressive agenda, similar to that of Justice Ginsburg.

Indeed. That is exactly what is at stake. And it's terrifying to think what will transpire in America if we continue on the path this President has defined for another 4 years.

He will re-make America in the image of some second rate, failing European style socialist nation. Free enterprise will be a distant memory. And he will blame someone else as he accepts his position with the UN.

Religious freedoms will continue to be trampled and the sanctity of life will be further devalued by the expansion of abortion and those enterprises that administer it. Think Planned Parenthood with multiplied $millions.

Not only DOMA, but other laws that honor and support marriage as between one man and one woman will be ignored, gutted or replaced to allow unrestrained expansion, affirmation and normalization of the homosexual lifestyle and agenda.

Our military, having been used as a social experiment, will have been greatly weakened by reduced readiness.

Our public education will have continued to spiral downward as it continues to be used for indoctrination for the far left progressive causes. Anti-Americanism will have advanced. And America will be bankrupt. Morally and fiscally.

"Let us never forget the impact the President and his people will have on our lives for decades to come," should he be re-elected.

Let us disagree and debate who best represents our beliefs and aspirations as we consider our candidate for the next President, but may we not forget what is really at stake, and when the media manipulated debate is over and you, and you, and you, and me begin to choose who will be president, may we come together, so that America can be delivered from these terrible times of trial and tribulation and once again become the city on a hill, the guiding light, the testimony of God's blessing, the exceptional nation.

Yes, Mrs. Obama, we will not forget.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed. Be Active.


  1. Michelle Obama say,

    "on whether we can speak freely, worship openly,..."

    Gary says,

    These are elements in the far left agenda.

    If so, COUNT ME AND EVERY AMERICAN WHO LOVES HIS COUNTRY AND LOVES THE CONSTITUTION AND LOVES GOD AS FAR LEFT!!!! Yup, we know that Gary hates open worship for others than himself - and here he demonstrates this openly.


  2. Yup, Patrick we all know how Gary hates freedom of worship for everyone except himself. You've got to be kidding. The Obama administration has done more to undermine religious expression and personal freedoms than any one since Jimmy Carter.
    I'm glad to hear how much you love our country and our Constitution. I'm certain you will be out there defending the Constitution and the laws that are on the books, including DOMA.

  3. Under this administration, grants are cut in mid-contract if it promotes responsible and some would call moral behavior. One example, this adminstration denied a grant because the applicant referred to a community resource that used "biblical principles". Barry not Gary is the problem and a person to fear.

  4. Anonymous, we already have the right to worship openly, speak freely, love whomever we choose, etc. The government is there to defend those rights - it doesn't give them to us. Why would new Supreme Court Justices protect those rights that better than the old?

    Because the definition of those rights for Mrs. Obama and others is changing. From worshiping openly to 'freedom from religion', from speaking freely to opressing and harassing speech on ideas the government dislikes, while 'free speech' that is little more than obscene racist profanities is encourages so long as it is in line with the prevalent social taste. (Consider that the PResident openenly picked on the tea party, and his staff linked them to terrorists and a violent mob, when the Tea Party has been non-violently protesting without arrests - wheras the Occupy wallstreet is volatile with countless altercations wih the cops and counts of racist comments against jews, pushing the boundaries of 'peaceful' assembly' with drum rolls at midnight, running topless, and simulated sex in the streets, etc, but the president says he 'understands' their frustrations in sympathetic tones. That would have been quite diplomatic of him, had he treated the tea party or Fox News or any other group he disagreed with the same. Instead, he shows that he chooses to harass speech he disagreees with, and support those whose speech he agrees with, when the President is supposed to be the President of -all- Americans.
    The freedom to love who we choose is being used a s a platform for the freedom to commit crime and statistically unhealthy behavior. (Really, we can love anyone or anything, no one can really stop us. -Acting- on that is a different matter. Even a government cannot grant that right, as not only are there limits on the parties involved (age, species, etc) but both parties must consent. Arranged marraiges don't even consider love as a factor before hand (are we going to ban those now?) - so if here 'the right to love who we want' is equated to 'the right to marry who we want' its a lot like saying I have a right to be a princess or a ballerina or an astronaut simply because I want to be one. I could pursue those goals, certainly - but if I decided I wanted to be a mafia leader or despot or thief or prostitute, I would be engaging in crime.)

  5. When Gary speaks of "religious freedom," he really means Christian supremacy. And not even that, he means HIS brand of Christian supremacy, which, to his increasing dismay, is losing popularity rapidly.

    There is no religious freedom when the government endorses any one religion above all others -- even if it's your religion the government holds supreme.

    Once that gate opens, all of us -- gay, straight, Christian, Jewish, whatever -- risk finding ourselves, at some point, under the thumbscrews of a religious belief to which we do not adhere.

    The founding fathers understood that.

    If you are a man and you believe it's a sin to marry a man -- then don't. You are not required to. But don't tell me that I have to adhere to your particular brand of morality, and don't cry "religious freedom!!" while taking away that freedom from your fellow citizens.

  6. "The Obama administration has done more to undermine religious expression and personal freedoms than any one since Jimmy Carter."

    Really? What specifically has he done?

  7. The reality is that the Obama administration has nothing to undermine religious expression - I worship Jesus as freely today as I have for over 30 years.

    Rather this is simply Right-wing Nazi propaganda that "if you say something enuf times, people believe it". Obviously this is true in the case of the above poster who made this ridiculous Christ dis-honoring statement.

  8. 9:23am

    Still waiting here. What specifically has Obama done to undermine religious expression?

    (sound of crickets)

  9. C'mon, I have other things to do. I'm still waiting to learn what Obama has done to undermine religious expression?

    (zzzzz zzzzzz zzzzz zzzzz)

  10. 9:23am

    C'mon. Please tell me anything Obama did to undermine religious expression. Anything at all. Anything.

    (the continuing sound of crickets)

  11. anonomyous I am not sure either , but I know my concerns for I have seen taken place in other states . In NY the changing marriage laws were brought with some considerations of religious beliefs . If you read up on the issue you will find many concerns of the issues that NY did not provide for religious exemptions .
    In how they handle their business transactions and other issues will and can be changed because of homosexual marriage laws.

    A good example is in this state in another area of conscience but maybe easier for you to understand the concerns. Pharamacists with Religious views of have been practicing their professions of being a pharmicist for years all of sudden had to deal with their conscience in regards to handing out prescriptions that dealt with the new cultural acceptance of what was called the morning after pill. The belief many traditional Christians have is life is only something God can create or destroy . As an American I can get along with pro choice people say and support care for kids , adoptions , support organizations , food banks , and out reach programs for the poor. Through government or private charities .

    Most pro choice activists and with strong leanings who see it just as a right to choose had no respect or desire to make a provision for pharmacies who see this form of "birth control" as abortion . Thus being a Pharmacist who was able to work side by side with all Americans and being able to contribute and be able to respect his faith in his business dealings . Now all of sudden because of a change of law , he or she is not . They have to quit or compromise their faith because of government interference and mandating what he or she has to provide . From the religious side , that is their religious freedom being taken away .

    I understand the other sides view somewhat , what I don't understand is the lack of respect for all people and tolerance , seems those on the left have a problem with calculated concern for the rights of others . Perhaps it is just a coincidence , but in areas where I see laws benfiting homosexual rights , I see a decline for respect or even understanding of basic Bibical Traditional beliefs that for centuries people in this country were allowed to have and have jobs and live within the laws of the land without violating their concience and basic right and wrong . Marriage Laws should be accompanied by strong laws that honor those rights of basic religious beliefs . The worse thing for the homosexual marriage laws in the long run is the neglect to religious freedoms . Perhaps the people in control see little concern for that , but in the long run , especially because our cultural roots, their will be a back lash against homosexual marriage that requires others to feel as though they are being forced to support relationships . Allow religious excemptions where people of faith feel as though they are left out of that decision and are not being used to support it and things will have a much better chance of working out . Other wise it will be a major divide that will may eventually cause a serious back lash to the homosexual community .
    Just imagin if you believed the government was making you support Gary's organization and the beliefs held here with your taxes , the money used for your benefits and also in your business dealings . You would say it was a violation of the First Amendment , and I would say you would be right .


  12. Mick,

    You have some local issues, but none it has anything to do with Obama.

    Religious exceptions to laws are ridiculous. Why should I get a pass on obeying any law just because it's contrary to my deeply held beliefs? I have a lot of deeply held beliefs that are contrary to current law, but I'm certainly not above the law.

    Lastly, the government is making me support Gary's organization. F&F is tax exempt so I (and you) pay extra taxes to make up for the taxes he and his donors don't pay.


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