Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Netanyahu and Private Conversations

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In a private conversation between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and President Obama, we learn how they really feel about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And likely the nation of Israel.

They would prefer you not have heard what they said. The press also preferred you not hear it.

The remarks between the two were heard via a French translator on an open mic.

They are disappointing and disgusting.

The press' response is concerning, alarming, but not surprising.

On an open mic, Sarkozy told President Obama he "can't stand" Netanyahu. He said he is a "liar."

President Obama said, "You are sick of him, but I have to work with him every day."

To be sure, Netanyahu is a polarizing leader. He quotes the Old Testament, including the words of the ancient prophets, is loyal to his country and Israel's biblical, historical heritage, and is not timid in expressing his views while standing for and leading the nation of Israel.

With most of the world hostile toward Israel, it's deeply disappointing that the President of the United States has the need to snub and embarrass Netanyahu in DC only a few months ago, and now go to France and agree with Sarkozy's scathing assessment of the man.

President Obama has demonstrated, as did the Clintons and Carters before him, a lack of genuine interest or support for Israel.

This is offensive to most evangelical Christians, my self included, who embrace the biblical teaching of praying for the peace of Jerusalem and blessing Israel.

And the press. Why did they sit on this story for over a week before they ran it? Their explanation is that Sarkozy had asked them to not turn on their headsets prior to the formal talks.

Can you imagine how quickly this would have been dispatched around the world with endless comments, questions and pronouncements had a conservative head of state make similar private comments on an open mic about a liberal leader somewhere in the world?

Associated Press finally carried the story, even though one of their own journalists heard the conversation, only after it was published on a French website.

I noticed in the AP story I have linked above that the AP journalist takes care to quote someone from Israel who is negative toward Netanyahu.

Most all secular, left leaning Jews oppose Netanyahu.

As of last night, Netanyahu, Sarkozy and Obama all had no comment about the matter.

I have a comment. "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem." "Bless Israel."

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. "disappointing and disgusting" to your fringe group. "reassuring and positive" to the rest of the world.

  2. 3:56PM you are just plain sick. Who could change your attitude with the facts? Anyone? I didn't think so. Facts don't matter.

    How in the world could any sane person consider remarks that are so unprofessional to be 'reassuring and positive to the rest of the world'??

    A sicko only.

  3. 3:56

    A typical anti-semitic comment.

  4. That someone would say it's "reassuring and positive to the rest of the world" is what is so troubling about the times we live in. The tomb of Joseph has been decimated there; imagine the outcry if this was a Muslim figure. Christians, Catholics, Mormons -- we need to stop being quiet, well-behaved sheep and to stop the train filled with people who are comfortable disrespecting for our Lord, uncomfortable with behaving morally, who have lost the ability to be embarrassed, and who kick to the side of the road the Ten Commandments -- and find it silly. It's time for our own rebellion

  5. I waited to see how this played out here.


    The french president said something rude. Our president chided him saying 'you may be sick of him but I have to work with him every day', i.e. "I can understand you don't like him but this isn't helping'.

    Leave it to the people here to see our president diplomatically telling the french one that his comment wasn't appropriate as some sort of slam against the Israeli PM.

    But then searching for the absolute worst in others is what happens here on a regular basis. Its a Christianist mandate I think.

  6. i.e." I can understand you don't like him, just imagine having to work with him every day".

    See "i.e" can be interpreted many ways. What He should have said is, "That comment is out of bounds and it serves no purpose but to make it harder for all of us to work together", the Prez dropped the ball.

  7. Yes, you get to decide how to deal with the personal opinions of heads of states.


    He did more than he had any obligation to do, and said nothing wrong.


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