Monday, November 14, 2011

Re-Definition Of Marriage Campaign Begins Today In Bellevue

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The assault on marriage and a crusade to re-define it begins in Bellevue today. It will then be exported to suburban areas across the state.

"We're going to push it," homosexual Senator Ed Murray told the Seattle Times this weekend.

Following today's news conference in Bellevue, Murray says he and other lawmakers who support his effort to redefine marriage, will hold suburban type town hall meetings in Vancouver, Puyallup, Lakewood and Gig Harbor---then all across the state, having a "conversation" with the people of Washington, asking for their support in re-defining marriage.

Murray and those who are advocating to re-define marriage feel they have Seattle wrapped up. Now they are campaigning for the rest of the state.

How did we get to this place?

Jim Brunner at the Seattle Times, correctly reports that Murray's campaign is the culmination of "decades of slow steady work for Murray and other backers." All part of the ultimate effort to re-define marriage.

We have, for the past 5 years, called it deceptive incrementalism. We were mocked by homosexual activists and shamed for our lack of compassion by some left leaning and confused religious leaders. Now those folks are declaring that homosexual "'marriage' has always been the goal."

Discernment and compassion are not mutually exclusive.

Each time Murray and his supporters advanced one more little piece of legislation created to further undermine marriage, we have called it "an incremental step to redefine marriage." Murray and his supporters have vigorously denied that it was linked to redefining marriage, but merely an expression of fairness to "homosexual families." Benevolence. Christian benevolence. Equality. Fairness. A biblical act celebrating diversity.

Murray has created a coalition of like minded lawmakers who are committed to organizing, advancing and funding this effort.

Senator Murray told the Times this commitment "was a big deal" and one of the final steps he was waiting on before launching his campaign.

In the past, Murray has publicly accused Faith and Freedom of taking the stand we have taken for marriage as "a good fund raiser."

I have recently helped organize a group of lawmakers who support marriage and are also willing to defend it. We will also have a press release soon. And will be taking our message to the state and then to the legislators as they consider Murray's bill.

To pass his bill, Murray needs a few Republicans to vote with his Democrats. And some of the Democrats will not support re-defining marriage. Some Republicans may cave in on the issue. We will be having our own conversations.

Murray and his colleagues will raise thousands, likely hundreds of thousands of dollars to re-define marriage.

I don't care what Murray or others have said about our efforts, we are in this cultural battle for one reason. I know many of you stand with us for one reason.

We believe in marriage. We are willing to defend it. Despite the scorn sometimes directed at this stand.

If you have ever had any inclination to support the defense of marriage this would be the time.

We will stand against Murray's coalition, which will be well funded---Goliath-like, with the financial resources given to us by people who believe in God ordained natural marriage.

Will you stand with us with a donation today? Click here to donate online or mail a check to Box 399, Bellevue, WA 98009.

Murray told the Times, "This is the time."

Indeed it is.

This is a time for Christians and conservatives in Washington State to decide what they believe. I believe many of you already know you firmly believe in marriage as between one man and one woman. You will not be convinced otherwise.

But will you help us take a public stand in advocating in defense of marriage?

I and the others in our Defense of Marriage "Alliance" are committed to take this all the way. Should Murray get this through the legislature, and that is not a given even though the numbers seem to favor him, we will file an initiative or referendum and take it to the people of the state.

We are moving forward knowing many of you will stand with us financially. We must have it.

Thank you in advance. God bless you.

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  1. >> "homosexual Senator Ed Murray"

    Some us just call him "Senator Ed Murray," "Senator Murray" or just "Ed Murray." We're sneaky that way.

    >> "We were mocked by homosexual activists and shamed for our lack of compassion by some left leaning and confused religious leaders."

    Yes, your lack of compassion is still shameful. You should be ashamed.

  2. Some pastors are “confused”… marriage is “undermined” and “redefined” and needs “defending” … we are in a “cultural battle.”

    These blogs are getting increasingly shrill and panicky. It’s no wonder: Polling – even Gary’s own – shows a dramatic shift among every group toward equal marriage rights for gay couples. Yes, even among Republicans and evangelicals. We have been at a point now for more than a year where more Americans support marriage for gay couples than not.

    So will we see equal marriage rights for same-sex couples next year in Washington state? It’s not cut and dry. But one thing is clear: Every time the issue is discussed, a large number of people join the side of fairness. They come to understand that there’s no competition between so-called “traditional” marriage and same-sex marriage. I’m not sure how much longer Gary is going to attribute this to “confusion” and “brainwashing” (as he has in previous blogs) rather than just common sense and a desire to treat fellow humans fairly and equally.

    Gary’s failed and angry R71 campaign brought us two gifts: 1) The knowledge that, for the first time ever, a majority of voters was willing to support rights for gay couples equal in all ways to married couples except in name, and 2) A dramatic increase in support for equal marriage rights that is setting the stage for the legislation being introduced now.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll bring us a third gift next year: the first voter-supported equal marriage legislation for same-sex couples. If not, he’ll bring us much closer…

  3. "If you have ever had any inclination to support the defense of marriage this would be the time." I am supporting the defense of lesbian and gay couples to equal marriage rights. -Jeff in Seattle

  4. "We have, for the past 5 years, called it deceptive incrementalism. "

    That has also been a lie for the past 5 years. Murray has always completely upfront and candid about the fact the full marriage rights were always his goal. The only "deceit" was in Gary's fervent imagination, or more likely in his naked political calculation that painting equality proponents as deceptive, even when they were completely open, honest and up front, is better marketing for his anti-gay causes!

  5. Here we go again, no surprise. Thanks Gary for standing for what is natural and decent. You have my support.

    Craig in Lacey

  6. Craig,

    When homosexuality occurs in nature, as it does at frequent and regular intervals in almost 1,500 species, you don't consider that natural?

    Where did they learn it, tv?

  7. Are you then a monkey or an omeba? Many species kill their mate after sex, should we adopt that?

    Craig in Lacey

  8. Ah, so you acknowledge that it's natural! Now that we agree on that, it's pretty obvious we'll never agree on whether it's good, bad, or neutral.

    Thank you.

  9. Yes, a natural perversion, like killing your mate.

    Craig in Lacey

  10. Hey, at least you acknowledge that it's natural. I'll take it.


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