Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Pastor Responds to the Pastor and Church in Gig Harbor

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Recently I reported on a "redefinition of marriage" meeting held at the First United Methodist church in Gig Harbor.

There were a number of comments posted to our blog, and as usual we also received a number of personal email from a variety of people expressing both concern about the direction some churches are moving and simply expressing support and appreciation for what we are doing.

We seldom publish these kinds of communications. However, I emailed the pastor, whom I do not know, and asked if I could share his thoughts. I have included his personal response and his thoughts published on his own blog on the role of the First United Methodist church in Gig Harbor:

Hi Gary,

Sure use this for the blog. Praise God for your outspoken ministry. Jeremiah 50:2a says, "Declare and proclaim among the nations. Proclaim it and lift up a standard. Do not conceal it ..." I feel ministries like yours are keeping the righteousness of our nation at the standards God intends.

I am a Free Methodist pastor and am sad about their bowing the knee to social pressures at our 'cousin' denomination church at the Gig Harbor United Methodist Church. Scripture, Holy Spirit conviction, natura- logical condition and witness of creation doesn't speak at all to this pastor. Can a leopard change its spots the Scripture asks in Jeremiah? Volitional choices on our conduct is God-given, an ethnic skin colored person is discriminated against based upon a choice that was made for him prior to birth, and is discriminated against because of that. Yet a civil right for the gay community is wrong; the civil war was a huge war based upon TRUE civil rights, not behavior. I wish they would remember these things. The Free Methodist denomination is probably going to have to begin seeing who is a real cousin or not. Thank you.

Thanks Pastor. Good thoughts.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

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  1. If this pastor's argument for discriminating against gays is that it's a choice, unlike race, he's setting up the perfect argument for removing religious discrimination protections. Religion is clearly a choice. As is marital status. Oh, and veteran status.

    In other words, if the pastor wants to use this argument, he's shooting himself in the foot.

    Besides the Supreme Court has already ruled this point moot. One's sexual orientation is so ingrained in one's being, they said (I'm paraphrasing), that you cannot separate the orientation from the act. They are one and the same. Similarly, we cannot tell Christians to feel free to BE Christians, but just not ACT on it by going to church or praying. They are also one and the same.

    Lucky for the pastor the courts disagree with him.

  2. This pastor's letter is a great example of why polling shows that you folks are losing the gay marriage argument.

    His entire gay focus is on their 'behavior', meaning the sexual activity. Not their commitment to each other.

    I doubt he views straight marriage in a purely sexual manner (maybe he does and he's actually being consistent). I know that my wife and I didn't get married for the sex, marriage is so much more.

    More and more people every day are seeing gay marriage as two people making a commitment to each other because they love each other and want the benefits of marriage. They already have the sex.

    I know that over the course of the last decade my own personal views have changed and I now view gay couples as couples, not just sex partners.

    When you can remove the filter and look at the whole of their relationship, the anti marriage position looks petty and vindictive.

  3. What I find most striking is that the pro-marriage pastor, Rev. Jim Head-Corliss, openly advocated his position. He is willing to take a stand for what he feels is right, and willing to put his good name behind that stand - in the paper no less.

    The pastor Gary endorses, on the other hand, engages in personal attacks, going so far as to question another pastor's faith and connection to the divine. Oh I'm sure he'll tell you that he's taking a firm stand on his convictions, he's just doing it behind the cowardly cloak of anonymity.

  4. Just a little side note that the troller complaining about the anonymity of the pastor who wrote the passage... Posted it anonymously, what hubris, what hypocrisy.

  5. They can never have the benefits of marriage because they're of the same sex.

  6. @1:03
    And like your favored pastor you cowardly engaged in personal attacks from behind the cloak of anonymity.

  7. Wow, the Free Methodist pastor sure had to speak truth. He appears to basing his words on the Scriptures attitude about bowing the knee. Religion is a choice, so is homosexuality. However, God's design for marriage and homosexuality is clear; His representatives have a choice to believe His Word or not. If you believe you are punished for it in this life by social change agents, if you don't believe in His Word, then, well what does the Word say about unbelievers. That is a no brainer for the believers. Gladly put up with the troubles of this life by not denying His Word. Use proper exegetical skills in reading his word on marriage and homosexuality.


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