Friday, January 13, 2012

Gov Gregoire Admits She's Morally Conflicted

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The Olympian editorial board was wondering out loud yesterday if the Governor's effort to pass a same-sex marriage bill will cause lawmakers to "be so distracted by the contentious issue that they let it divert them from their primary purpose---balancing the budget."

However, there was a more poignant back story in their comments. A story of a woman's conflict with her faith, her responsibilities of leadership and what she has accepted as "equality."

She told the press earlier this week, "I have been on my own journey, I'll admit that."

The Olympian pointed out that the Governor's new found position on marriage is in clear conflict with her church---the Catholic church and its bishops in Washington State.

Greg Magnoni, spokesman for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle, also said this week his church would be "looking for the Legislature to uphold the current legal definition of marriage as between a man and a woman." The position of the Catholic Church is clear.

The Governor admits she has struggled with the marriage issue for the past 7 years.

In defending her new found position she told the press, "This is about my personal faith. I came to understand my religion is one thing, but as governor of the state and as a human being, I believe in equality."

It is indeed conflicting to believe something and act in opposition to that belief.

While the Governor crossed the threshold on the sanctity of life and became an advocate for abortion some time ago, she has remained conflicted on marriage. Believing one thing while doing something else is always difficult.

It is written that double minded people become unstable in all their ways.

But how does the idea of "equality" and "fairness" square with her position on abortion. Doesn't the baby in the womb have a right to live---equal to the right of other children whose mothers chose not to kill them?

And does legalizing same-sex "marriage" really create equality? What about polygamous groups who love each other and have long term relationships? What about closely related couples, brother and sister, father and daughter, first cousins, etc? What about their equality and fairness?

Marriage was not created on the basis of equality or fairness. It was created as a relationship between a man and a woman for much greater purposes and every major religion and every successful civilization has recognized its importance and rewarded and honored its existence. Until now.

Re-defining marriage is not an act of equality. It's an act of conferring "special rights" to a certain group because of political pressure.

Can a culture be morally neutral? Can religion and morality be one thing while actions something else?

It is written that a double minded man or woman is unstable in all their ways. Being morally conflicted is difficult.

Scripture teaches that for those who know to do right and not do so, is sin. Sin can be conflicting. It is possible, but very emotionally and spiritually challenging to have been taught the truth, then to walk away from it.

It is also emotionally and spiritually conflicting to say you believe something, then advocate against it, while washing your hands of the consequences. Pilate discovered that truth.

I pray that the Governor will reconsider the teaching in her home and her church when she was a child. And rediscover the truth. And be free.

And not sacrifice the sanctity of marriage on the illusion of equality.


  1. So continues the parade of distortion, that is this blog. If you watch the video of Gregoire announcing her support for equal marriage for same-sex couples, in no way does she say she believes one thing and is doing another. She struggled with the moral questions surrouding this issue an came to her conclusion...

    But somewhere, mysteriously, "it is written" (by whom??) that this journey will make her "unstable." Well, get ready, because millions across the country are becoming "unstable" as they explore this issue and join the side of fairness.


    1. Fairness? What has that got to do with homosexual marriage? If you really want to go down the path of fairness, then let's discuss the fairness of the unintended legal consequences of allowing two men or two women to somehow "cleave" to each other and become "one" (how I do not know) on those who respect others but cannot support the so-called "marriage" of men to men and women to women. What I continue to find fascinating is that the homosexual community continues to pitch messages that they are denied benefits legally that are provided them under civil unions -- which when legalized they laud and then immediately begin pushing for marriage. It's not benefits that are really being sought -- I've concluded. Instead, it's the normalization of a sexual relationship between two men and two women that is being sought. If it was normal, we wouldn't, quite frankly, be physically built the way we are built.

  2. I beg that everyone will keep her (and all of our leaders) in prayer, that they will open their hearts to God's will.

  3. Tony, Tony, Tony. You would not know, but Gary is quoting from the Bible. Check out James 1:8 and James 4:8. You may not want to read Psalms 119:113.

  4. Thanks Gary. I think other lawmakers may be going through some of the same conflicts. This is very well said. Thank you. Keep the faith and keep telling it like it is.

  5. I can understand the governor feeling a conflict between her own faith and the duty she owes her constituents who don't share that faith. That's a thorny problem that just about every elected official has to face: do I follow my own conscience or that of the people who elected me?

    However, it seems to me that if Governor Gregoire actually gave a rat's patoot about her church, she wouldn't have fought tooth and nail to make it illegal for pharmacists to be Catholic.

  6. How I wish my Catholic Church would excommunicate Gregoire from the church for her political behavior that so strongly conflicts with Church teachings and advances in society values and beliefs that she allegedly supports every time she steps into Church on Sunday (or does she?). To practice a faith that believes that life begins at conception and then to support abortion; to practice a faith that believes in respect for all people but believes that homosexual sexual acts are immoral and then to support homosexual marriage -- how can that possible be the behavior of someone who is living their life as a Catholic?

    The public behavior of Catholics (and I am a Catholic) teaches non-Catholics who we are and what Catholicism is all about. What's being taught by Gregoire should give her pause.

    At the very least, I encourage her to join a different faith group.

    1. What you seem to be saying is you think that people who don't agree with Catholic positions shouldn't vote for Catholics because they can't trust them to govern except for the advancement of Catholic views?

      Works for me but do you really want to purge Catholics from the political system?

      Oh and just a gee whiz - did you realize that now in Minnesota it is illegal to cause threaten or advocate 'spiritual injury' to someone for their political acts and views? Its a misdemeanor. Probably unconstitutional but just a fun fact about how far the US is really sinking for reasons Gary and all of you are more the cause, not the solution.

    2. Oshtur, Oshtur... I wonder how old you are. Your comments and relentlessness posting with nothing new to say at all is tiring and mundane. But I guess you are assigned to Gary by YOUR religious group.

      Don't pay any attention to him folks, you wouldn't believe how long he has been singing this song.

    3. ah yes the standard 'ad hominem' will addressing nothing that I actually discussed.

      You seriously think people can tell the difference between a message with actual issues and your empty 'please don't think about what he posts' responses?

      Seriously, you have no problem with Catholics being campaigned against because they are Catholic?

  7. Just read about another gay teen taking their own life. Eric James Borges committed suicide just one month after making an It Gets Better film.

    Gosh, I wonder why he didn't feel comfortable with his natural instincts?

    1. Because of abusive Christian parents and people just like you I would guess

      “My mother knew I was gay and performed an exorcism on me in an attempt to cure me,” he said in his video. His family told him he was “disgusting” and “damned to hell.”

      Borges also described growing up bullied and eventually dropping out of high school. “I was stalked, spit on, ostracized, and physically assaulted,” he said. “My name was not Eric but faggot.”

    2. The who told him the truth had nothing to do with it. If he couldn't take the heat, he shouldn't have chosen the gay lifestyle.

    3. I have just shared your response with my partner who is active in his church. He said it makes him sad. He asked me about the Bible verse that says that if you cause another to stumble it would be better that a millstone to your neck and cast to the bottom of the sea.

      Are you not taking any responsibility for your harsh words? Have you forgotten that the God who cares about sparrows cares for all his children?

    4. He reaped what he sowed. You dance with the devil at your own peril.

  8. Anonymous (the last one), bishops are understandably reluctant to issue formal excommunications to politicians over their handling of their office. The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is not a political party and bishops don't want to use their authority as a weapon in secular politics.

    I rather imagine Gov. Gregoire would find the Episcopal church more in line with her opinions, but I've also noticed that cradle Catholics are much more reluctant than Protestants to switch churches even when they cease to believe in Catholic doctrines. I'm a convert to Catholicism myself, and I've been surprised at how long people will continue to identify themselves as Catholic simply on the grounds of membership.

  9. Oshtur. You're kidding, not trying to deceive, right? Those laws in Minn. came about because of Christians being targeted due to sharing their beliefs and acting on them in public. If you target Christians as the problem, not the solution, you are standing against the Founding Fathers and American history. When Christian values prevailed, America excelled and led the world. When secular progressives seized education then the country, America began to lag on many fronts. I think you know that.

    1. You are right of course, but Oshtur doesn't care what is right. He focuses only on his agenda and then twists reality which ever way necessary to make it fit his perceived goals. don't confuse him with the truth or facts.

  10. So funny, Benjamin Franklin warned us about those who would trade security for freedom - they deserve neither. You realize that the threat of excommunication is. Ow a crime? Telling some one they will go to hell is a crime?

    Again you and yours are the ones driving this country into the ground because you can't deny other people their rights without doing the same to yourself.

  11. Interesting post . The conflict Gregoire has , or at least she says she has. Hard to tell.

    But ending a life appears such a higher importance then marriage is . This should have been an issue debated without religious dogma in my opinion . Non religious can get married , and in fact homosexuals can marry lesbians now if they so choose . Religion supports a mom and a dad marriage , which is a good thing .

    i believe Marriage is mre then a contract , its a commitment to the whole family . Homosexuals by the very defintion do not have children together . The whole concept of homosexual marriage is a counterfeit .

    Important note , in NYC the Supreme Court upheld the NYC school boards kicking religious groups from renting their school buidings on Sundays . They still rent them to basketball clubs , Farmer Markets , if your a political party,gay group etc . But not a church . This is what happens when liberalism invades our communities and institutions , NY the state that is so tolerant it allowed gay marriage , just kicked out the only source for many of these neigborhoods to provide any chance for the kids and familes . In some places in NYC where these churches met , kids have a higher chance of going to jail then get a Diploma .

    This is liberalism and tolerance . Equality ?

    Anyway Pastors protested just recently , some arrested . I find it sad that Martin Luther King Jr would not be allowed to Give His I Have a Dream Speech in a NYC Public School On a Sunday Morning because of thewhat the modern liberal considers equality . The modern liberal hates God more often then not . 50 years ago pastors and men of God walked with liberals to stand up for equality.


  12. He reaped what he sowed. You dance with the devil at your own peril.
    See Gary? These are the kind of people who 'follow' your lead. I think Anonymous needs to read Matt 25-44-46 to find out what their 'dance with the devil' is going to reap.

  13. This is what happens when liberalism invades our communities and institutions
    Mick this started over 16 years ago and was because religious minorities complained that some schools were being used for churches every single weekend. This wasn't about some church renting a space occasionally for s swap meet, or a bible study, or anything like that.

    They were basically turning a public space into a private one for their own followers on such regularity that it prevented others from using the space.

    No 'liberalism' no 'anti-christian', just if you are going to do something that is like this every week there are plenty of non-public spaces you can rent so the public ones can be available for the entire community and more diverse usage.

    That's why the feds said such a decision was ok, that's why the very conservative Supreme Court declined to review the decision, because it was right one that the city has every right to make and shouldn't inconvenience anyone - again, lots of rentable venues in NYC.

  14. Very very well said Gary. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  15. Obviously Governor Gregoire does remember the teaching of her youth. Thank you Gary for remaining steadfast with the truth. I pray she or her staff read this. I wonder how her parents feel about her departure from the teachings of her church.
    We support you.

  16. Actually “marriage” isn’t being redefined – that is a false concept. “Marriage” has been defined from eternity as “that which God has joined together”. The legal entity created by state – called marriage – and which small religionist minds actually believe is marriage because they hate God and despise His Word – has nothing to do with marriage because it is “what MAN has joined together” – an eternal difference.

    You are wasting everyone’s time and energy and despising the name of Jesus as you rail against a simple partnership contract rather than true marriage. Shame on you!

  17. What is especially tragic about Gary is that he has departed so far from the faith of Jesus Christ that he is now used the Vatican, arguable the single most corrupt institution every to be foisted on mankind, as his moral compass.

    Why not just through off the lambskin and call us to worship Satan directly Gary???


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