Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New "Sex Development" Film Being Previewed In Schools Now

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A new so-called "sex development" film called, "What Do You Know? Six To Twelve Year Olds Talk About Gay Men And Lesbians," is being presented through the "Welcoming Schools" program in a number of cities, including Spokane, Washington.

While the Washington State Legislature inches closer to redefining marriage, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) the biggest homosexual advocacy organization in the country is introducing and advancing a new film intended to open conversation about homosexuality with young kids in the classroom. And ultimately, fundamentally change sex education in public schools. This is one more step in a process already under way.

The "Welcoming Schools" website says it is "currently being used in Welcoming Schools trainings across the country and playing in film festivals in Mobile, Alabama, Spokane, Washington and Barcelona, Spain."

The Welcoming Schools homepage says that it is "a LGBT-inclusive approach to addressing family diversity, gender stereotyping and bullying and name calling in K-5 learning environments."

The introduction film features kids from Massachusetts and Alabama discussing what they know about gay men and lesbians, wearing T-shirts with slogans like "Got Moms?" and "Tough Guys Wear Pink."

I am personally very concerned about this and encourage every parent and grandparent to look into it.

The new film is advanced on an old and familiar premise---have a conversation about the topic. Introduce the questions then provide the answers. All under the guise of "dialog" and "educating".


CNS NEWS has written an article on this with more information. Please take a moment to read it. I would further suggest you be aware and read other sources as well.

Each time the homosexual agenda is advanced, it accelerates this kind of information into the classroom because redefining marriage also redefines fundamental beliefs about parents, gender and the family.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.

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  1. INDOCTRINATION!!!!! Says the group that goes to extraordinary lengths to limit their youth's exposure to anything that would logically contradict their made up story.

  2. Gary, have you seen the film? Have you seen the promos for the film? From this comment:

    I am personally very concerned about this and encourage every parent and grandparent to look into it.

    I get the impression you haven't. This is NOT for children to watch, this is for parents and instructors. Its kids telling you what they hear in school about gay and lesbian. Its a way for parents and instructors to get a feel for what kids experience and tell each other without having to ask children yourself. Its to see how kids have processed and reacted to other educator's efforts to fight bullying and the like.

    Please, not just parents and grandparents but everyone reading go to YouTube and watch the promos for this film. This is a good thing whether you like gays and lesbians or not (unless you think gays and lesbians and their children should be bullied and 'shunned' of course)

    I know the impending vote for marriage equality has you going Gary but wildly inaccurate speech from your side is part of what changed legislator's minds in Olympia. Many reading your blog entry and then actually seeing the film are just going to decide not to listen to your side any more.

  3. This is what should be spoken to when when people ask how does gay marriage effect you or your family.

  4. This is what should be spoken to when when people ask how does gay marriage effect you or your family.

    Good example of what I was saying. This video is about bullying and kids perceptions of gay - it won't be any different if marriage equality passes or not - these issues stay the same.

    By holding up something that won't change, 'gay marriage' or no, as the boogieman thinking people just figure 'they don't know what they are talking about' and stop listening to you.

    If you are going to say things be accurate, be specific, you already have the 'emotive' vote, what you are trying to go for is the reasoned one and statements like the above will only undermine your case.

  5. 9-29 I think you underestimate Gary and over estimate your self. I bet he has seen the film. I have and have the same concerns he does. What would make you think he did not understand that the film was for teachers and parents? He said it was and linked the story that said it was. You are not only arrogant, you are misleading in your own comments. Would any of us who regularly read this site really believe that you are trying to "help" Gary by explaining how he can better communicate his thoughts. This is another ploy to indoctrinate children in the class room. Thanks Gary. Keep shining the light and sounding the alarm.

  6. How can a story to teachers and parents indoctrinate children? Again, what do the children say in the promo that 'concerns' you that has anything to do with marriage equality? One reason it was done in two states was to show how the problems are the same regardless of it. These exact same situations exist with domestic partnerships, or no licensed gay couples at all - there will still be children with two mommies and daddies, there will still be dealing with the issues of gay and lesbians with children of all ages.

    Your ad hominems and snide remarks aside, what is it about this that has anything to do with marriage equality? As I pointed out, it is these off topic approaches that drive people away from your point of view. i.e. you can't convince people you are right about apples when you keep using oranges as your examples all it does is convince the listeners that you don't know much about fruit at all :).

    1. Really!!? Indoctrinate the parents and the teachers, then you won't need the film. Duh.

  7. 1:25

    I can tell you that I read this article and came away with the distinct impression that this film was being shown to kids. I would bet most readers had this same impression.

    One of Gary's favorite ploys is to spread misinformation in statements that while not technically incorrect are intentionally designed to give a certain incorrect negative impression. Many times, it's the important information he leaves out that causes the spread of misinformation.

    No where in this article did Gary mention that the film is for teachers and administrators.

    Gary's smart. He's knows what he's doing.

  8. In every school district, parents need to know this is being shown and taught to there children and they must force the School Principles and Teachers to stop this endoctrination.

  9. "By holding up something that won't change". How right you are! 'Married' or not, an abomination is still an abomination. Gary knows precisely what he's talking about, the attempted corruption of the next generation.

    Craig in Lacey

  10. @940 Well said. The film the teachers are trained on promote homosexual love as a good thing . Its says it in film.

  11. "hat Do You Know" Just google it and you can see it on utube. It specfically is geared to bullying homosexuals and using homosexuality as a positive lifestyle as a means to stop the bullying. No wonder it does not worse, it tells the bullies who to seek out . Bullies don't listen or care if gays are positive , they see them as weak and different . Its the same reason a religious kid , a black kid , or any kids in the minority are bullied .

    It obviously has not worked in this culture , but it has defintely helped legislation . The pathetic use of hatred used by both sides of this issue is proof of that . Pro Gay political propaganda at my school district uses Tolerance Org , it speaks to denominations as being anti gay . 30 years ago they were called churches , Catholics,or Baptists . The gay anti bullying use of information is derogatory and adding to the problem of us and also to gay kids. As gay marriage does , it hurts all of us .

  12. If other kids don't tell kids that God will punish them for acting querr how will they learn. They won't learn at home.

  13. Gay marriage caused this film! It only stands to reason. After all, it was traditional marriage that caused sex education films.

  14. Open questions:

    Do you think gay bullying is acceptable?

    If you answered no, then how would you slow it down w/o a film and effort like this one?

    Keep in mind that a lot of gay bullying is against straight kids who are just labelled as gay because they are different in some other way and calling them gay is perceived as a big put down by some kids.

  15. I think we need to take sex education out of the public schools entirely. We need to relocate sex education to off campus education centers at the place of choice of the parents. Local churches, synagogues, approved community centers, etc. That way parents could have their children taught in the context of their own values and what they consider appropriate for thier age.
    Obviously, there never will be agreement with people who use the Bible as their standard regarding what is moral and those that don't use the Bible as their standard for morality. Sadly, there can never be compromise by either party on that. But there can be a respect by both sides for each other if neither imposes their values on the other. That way all parties would be able to have their children taught the way they want.
    Unfortunatly, as it stands, the 90 percent who don't practice homosexuality and the majority who don't approve of homosexuality are being forced to have their children indoctrinated. That's not how a democracy is suppose to work. I am not advocating hate here. However, I don't believe that the majority should have to call marriage something it is not or approve of homosexuality just because five percent of the population wants it to be so.
    I've been reading a lot of history lately. Time after time those that have been persecuted under the control of either a government or a religion, etc. turn right around when they get their freedom and persecute just as violently those that disagree with them.
    We see the beginnings of this now with business owners being told they have to decorate for homosexual weddings and events whether or not they want. So their freedoms are being taken away because of Washington's new legislation.

    Respectfully, from a concerned citizen in Snohomish


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