Thursday, January 19, 2012

A State Of Moral Vertigo

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ver·ti·go (vûr t -g ). n. pl. ver·ti·goes or ver·ti·gos. 1. a. The sensation of dizziness. b . An instance of such a sensation. 2. A confused, disoriented state of mind.

*A Confused, Disoriented state of Mind.

There is a voice, some say it is a prevailing voice in the state that says "This is the right time" politically, to redefine the oldest human cultural component. The building block of every successful society in history: The union between a man and a woman. Marriage.

The talking points are pretty much the same. The Governor, the homosexual activist legislators, the press, the homosexual community and a few church leaders, with one voice, call for the redefinition of marriage, citing long term loving relationships, fairness and equality as the reasons.

Those who oppose are challenged, mocked and marginalized by the voice. They are said to be out of touch.

Gov. Gregoire has recently conceded that she has suffered a "grieving" process, and found herself conflicted between her faith and the push to redefine marriage. She said it took her 7 years to decide what she believes about marriage and 3 months to write her explanation.

Joel Connelly, a long time columnist for the Seattle PI, wrote earlier this week that the opposition by his church---the Catholic Church, toward redefining marriage left him "perplexed," asking, "is marriage only for procreation?" And he agrees with homosexual Senator Ed Murray who told the press his church's position is "hurtful" and is a "contradiction."

A contradiction of what? Of whom?

Connelly explains it is a contradiction of Jesus. "Jesus" he says, quoting Justin Cannon, "Befriended those who were marginalized because he knew it was only in the security of loving, unconditional relationships that hearts and lives are healed."

Of his church leaders he says, "These guys are losing touch, and costing the church credibility."

The problem with Justin Cannon is that he is out of touch with the truth. Jesus actually taught that it is in a relationship with Him, the Son of God, that broken people are healed.

The Bible clearly teaches that homosexual behavior is sin and that same-sex relations can never equal "marriage." My blog titled, "What is Marriage. Why Should We Defend It?" gives verse references to the biblical teaching on homosexual behavior, the blessing on heterosexual relationships in marriage and Jesus' confirmation of that truth.

Indeed, Jesus befriended the down trodden and marginalized, offering restoration and redemption. His path to completeness, however, was not to affirm the sin, but to identify the sin and then empower people to "go and sin no more" through His wonder working power of redemption and restoration. Jesus was never about affirming sin, to prove His love or to "relate" to those in need. His love transcends the need to do that.

Vertigo is a Latin term- "vertere"- which means "to turn."

Eliminating God from one's thinking, His Truth from one's belief, causes a person to turn to other sources for guidance. When there is no fixed point of reference---absolute moral truth--- life becomes confusing and conflicted. Depressing.

Moral vertigo.

With the elimination of God and His eternal truth, we can only turn to a belief system that is sited on the sinking sand of secular, humanistic moral relativism.

This results in a state of moral vertigo. Dizziness. Stumbling. Staggering out of control. Confusion of the mind, conflict of the heart, and a crumbling culture. And broken people.

Gov. Gregoire has explained she moved away from her faith in regard to marriage in incremental steps.

Connelly and Sen. Ed Murray found the biblical position on marriage "hurtful" and "contradictory." Contradictory to what?

Moral relativism.

Connelly's defense of redefining marriage comes down to this: "Follow Jesus. Don't act on your fears. Render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's."

But marriage was created by God in creation and predates all civil government. Civil governments later recognized the irreplaceable value of marriage as defined by God and took steps to protect, honor and reward it.

Caesar didn't come up with the idea of marriage. God did.

Hearing loss is most always associated with vertigo.

Moments before Jesus Christ was executed, a conflicted Pilate turned toward Him and infamously asked, "What is Truth?"

Pilate never heard the truth, but billions of other people have heard Him. And followed Him and His teaching.

Who will the citizens hear? Who will the Legislators hear? Who will have an ear to hear?

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.


  1. Haven't we been down this road too many times before? I am suspicious of anyone who claims to know the will of God, especially when quoting a book as literal truth, even though much of the "truth" in the Bible is no longer acceptable today. Previously, slaves, blacks, and women have been the victims of this tactic.

    The Rev. Gene Robinson put it best:

    "Not even the strictest fundamentalist or Biblical literalist gives the same authority and moral weight to every word of scripture. Few of us would hold Paul's injunction against women appearing in church with their heads uncovered to have the same moral weight as Jesus' injunction to forgive our enemies. Few of us are willing to be bound by all the commands given to us in the Biblical text - otherwise, we would give all we have to the poor to follow Christ, redistribute all the land every 50 years, refuse to charge any interest on our loans/investments, share our worldly possessions communally as did the early Church, and refuse to support our nation's defense budget in accord with Jesus' commandment not to resist evil. We have come to understand certain things as acceptable in the Biblical culture and time, but not in our own - among other things, polygamy and slavery - which few Christians would promote despite their acceptability in Biblical times. As we approach the Biblical texts about homosexuality, we must not conveniently change our stance to one of asserting that every word of scripture is inerrantly true and universally binding on all people for all time."

    Condemnation, hatred, and discrimination in God's name is not a cycle we should wish to repeat.


  2. Great job Gary. Right on as usual.

  3. The pro-marriage side just picked up vote #24. Only one more to go to legalize marriage equality!

    1. Actually partnership equality... but call it whatever you will. However, clearly all peaceful tax-paying citizens s/h partnership equality.

    2. I believe we are the pro-marriage side because we want marriage for more people. The anti-marriage side wants to keep it from some people.

  4. I trust there is no reason that the following very civil statement can be printed as it directly pertains to the subject that Gary is continuing to address.

    With all due respect, a genuine marriage is a relationship that is joined together by God. The laws you are spending so much time and so many of God's resources fighting is nothing but a relationship that is joined together by man and simply called "marriage" but can never be regardless of the genders involved. In fact, this man-made relationship is simply a specific type of partnership contract to form a partnership entity. Ever wonder why the two people have to go to a court to get "a divorce"? Because they are unbinding the man-made partnership contract just like any other partnership contract that is in contention.

    I trust you are easily intelligent enough to see these obvious facts. Thus you and your colleagues are battling something that both does not and, in fact, cannot exist. Frankly, you have nothing to worry about - God will not bring homosexuals together in marriage - ever. What man does is irrelevant - it is NOT marriage regardless of what they want to call it. Be not deceived in this matter - Jesus called us to judge righteous judgment - and NOT to judge according to appearance.

  5. To say that God changes His mind as time goes on is hypocrisy. God is unchanging. So is the meaning of His Word. The Bible IS inerrantly true and binding at all times. Christ came to fulfill and end the law and make it nonbinding on His followers.. Why do you and all others without God's Spirit keep insisting that we must obey the Old Testament law? It is obvious you do not understand God and the Bible. No one is condemning, hating and discriminating in God's name

    1. If God never changes his mind, then what's the point of praying?

    2. I posted a couple days ago and raised the question that if God never changes his mind, then what is the point of praying. You apparently chose to censor that. Interesting. Was that question more than you thought your readers could handle? What you censor tells me more about you than what you write.

  6. Faith and Freedom Staff4:56 PM, January 23, 2012

    11:03 Your post was not rejected for questionong the value of prayer.

    1. Sorry, didn't realize you were just slow in posting.

      So, does anyone have an answer?

      Does God change his mind? Or is prayer pointless? It's one or the other.


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