Friday, March 02, 2012

Caucuses and Initiative 1192

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The final version of the I-1192 petition is now available to us. I have included a link and instructions below.

Tomorrow, Republicans will be attending caucuses across the State of Washington. Normally Washington does not play a particularly significant role in the presidential primaries. This year is different. The results of tomorrow's caucuses will play a very significant role in shaping who the GOP presidential candidate will be.

I've received a good number of inquiries from people and some pastors as to who I am endorsing or leaning toward personally.

I am not making any endorsement in the primaries.

However, I and my wife are personally praying specifically for God's leading in the matter. I would strongly encourage every person of faith to do the same, then act. I believe God will give us direction.

So very much hangs in the balance at this time in our country.

I have the final version of the I-1192 petition form. The petition form is not yet available for R-74.

I-1192 petition form is linked here. There is also a link on the front page of our website.

If you filled out a Faith and Freedom form volunteering to circulate petitions, one of our Faith and Freedom area coordinators will be in touch with you to assist you in getting a petition printed or to provide petition forms that Faith and Freedom Network will be paying to have printed for distribution.

If you decide to print your own petition, which is fine, be sure to follow the instructions below.

It is very, very important we follow the directions, otherwise we could gather signatures on a petition that would be disqualified by the Secretary of State's office when they validate the signatures.


Print on 11x17 paper ONLY.
Print page one on the front, and page 2 on the back.
Print page one top to bottom, and flip the paper over calendar style to print page.
When completed, mail petition to address on the back of petition. Or, return it to the Faith and Freedom coordinator in your area and we will mail it in for you.
Be sure to sign your name on back space for person who circulated the petition as well as signing one of the 20 petition lines on the front.

The Initiative 1192, if successful, will be a long term protection of marriage in Washington State. This is our time to stand for marriage.

Your financial support is needed to help in educating and informing on this issue.

Thank you for standing with us as we stand for marriage.

May God help us.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Fearless. Be Blessed.


  1. Unfortunately, I am not able to circulate a petition myself. So aside from driving around looking for someone with a clipboard, how can I find a petition to sign?

  2. I'm sorry if this a off topic but I just read that the Mormons have postumously baptized Jesus Christ. I'm kinda freeked out here! Can they really do that? Doesn't that change everything I've believed?

  3. Anon 7:54

    Mitt Romney - the person Gary will be voting for President of the United States - is anti-Christ along with every other mormon in every sense of the word. This shows vile nature of partisan politics that Gary practices as standard operating procedure is the result of abandoning a Biblically mandated lifestyle.

    So in answer to your question - YES, it would - it there was any meaningfulness to it. Gary obviously okay with joining politically with Satan's emissaries.

    As scripture states, "How far are the might fallen".

    1. You don't think this is meaningful??? They are BAPTIZING PEOPLE! This affects them for ETERNITY!

  4. "Be sure to sign your name on back space for person who circulated the petition as well as signing one of the 20 petition lines on the front."

    Gee, Gary, why don't you just sign all of the petitions, affirming that you were the individual who gathered the signatures? I mean, that would be false, but it was your practice for R71, wasn't it?


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