Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kirby Wilbur On The Marriage Issue. I-1192 and R-74 Petitions Available

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Recently, I have been getting feedback from our substantial grassroots network that some of our leaders have been hearing that Kirby Wilbur, Chairman of the State Republican Party, was not necessarily behind the effort to defend marriage--particularly I-1192.

So, I asked him.

The judge approved the final ballot wording for R-74 this week. Although it was not what the sponsors wanted, it is done and they say they will be making R-74 petitions available immediately at pick up locations across the state.

I have included their list of locations.

I've known Kirby for a long time. When people began telling some of our coordinators that Kirby wasn't necessarily on board--especially with I-1192, I had a conversation with him.

He thanked me for all you and I are doing in the state. After some personal conversation, he told me.....

"Gary, I personally plan on signing both [petitions] and will vote to oppose redefining marriage in November, be that one or two votes if both qualify."

He continued, "The State Committee meets in May and I anticipate the Party endorsing one or both, as we are committed to oppose redefining marriage in the State of Washington."

Personally, I would strongly encourage, if it has not already happened, the sponsors of both I-1192 and R-74 speak directly to him and the committee regarding endorsement.

A Thurston County judge approved ballot wording for R-74 this week.

Paul Lawrence, an attorney for the ACLU, argued that the judge should remove the phrase "redefining marriage," because he said, "it would create prejudice in the minds of voters."

Actually, it is the most accurate description of what the Governor and a majority in the legislature are up to. It would clarify exactly what they did in this session and what Christians and conservatives are asking the public to overturn.

They have, indeed, "redefined marriage."

In the end the judge ruled in favor of the ACLU and those seeking to redefine marriage by removing the words, "redefining marriage." He said it was for a purely technical reason.

"Because," he said, "he lacked space and needed to use a few words available to describe three key elements of R-74."

You can read the details on the link above.

The sponsors of R-74 have said they will begin printing petitions this week and make them available at a number of locations across the state. I have already been in contact with the area coordinators for Faith and Freedom and they will be in contact with our statewide network of circulating volunteers.

* Note to those involved with Faith and Freedom Network: Continue printing and distributing the I-1192 petitions as you are doing. Do not attempt to print the R-74 petitions. Use those available from the distribution centers that have been set up by the sponsors. I have listed the locations below.

This is a morally defining time in the State of Washington. The kind of culture and the content of much of the public education curriculum will be determined by the outcome of this effort to stop the redefining of marriage. Many definitions relating to gender and the family will be distorted and redefined if we do not prevail.

This concerted effort is not only about June 6---the deadline for petition signatures, and November 6---the election, it is about the next generation. Your grandchildren and mine who are growing up in this state. It is about what is right and what is wrong.

It is not about "equality". It is about "special rights" and redefining the oldest human institution in the history of mankind.

Thank you for standing with us as we all stand for marriage.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Active. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed. Be A Blessing.



Updated 3/15/2012; 12:38 PM:

We received a call from Joseph Backholm a few moments ago. The list of petition pickup points that we received from FPIW had not been fully confirmed. We have removed that list and will republish their revised list as soon as it is available.


  1. Most Republicans of course support Traditional marriage. The problem is Republicans are a minority in this state , and this is the least churched state in the country from what I understand .

    The GOP always has wanted the evangelical vote , but obviously it has not been only for social issues .

    Santorum does well in primaries , but nationally social issues always have been an issue . Just like Blacks are used by democrats " look at unemployment in the black community compared to any other with Obama in office "

    Expecting help from the GOP will be in name only . Running this attempt to protect marriage from a religious perspective only will not get the job done .

    The left has giant corporations coming on board their side , because they see the winning side , ya think corporations are people ? Listen to the liberals , they don't even want corporations in the political landscape , unless they can use them . ;0)

    For this to win , we need small businesses and organizations that do not just have a religious background .

    marriage is a institution that supports moms and dads . Kids benefit from a mom and dad . The fact our faith supports this is not a surprise , the surprise is our own lack of strategy think we can make someone believe in the same Faith at election time and not share that Faith when it is important , with non political issues . I'll sign a petition , but I will not promote one at my church .


  2. Hi Mick, you make some interesting points here and I do agree with much of what you say. It reminds me that this issue goes beyond a religious conviction. It is illogical and an absurdity for two people of the same sex to call their unions, holy matrimony. It is not holy and it is not matrimony but it is political more than anything else. That elected public servants even debated steps off the edge of reason. Morality cannot influence those who support it but maybe logic can snap them out of their stupor. I do not personally care what any of them do in their private lives, it is not my business. I do care that they have become aggressive and radical wanting to force others to believe as they do or else...... It's an insult.


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