Friday, April 06, 2012

Pilate To Jesus: "What Is Truth?"

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Pilate, feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the trial, his wife pleading with him to step away from it and have "nothing to do with that man," looked at "that man" and asked, "What is truth?"

While looking at Truth face to face, he did not understand or recognize it. Failure to recognize would happen again a few days later, after the Resurrection, on the road to Emmaus .

And it continues to happen today.

Barna Research has found that, sadly, 72% of those aged 18 to 25 believe, "There is no absolute truth."

It has been said that, "We drift on a tide of uncertainty into a sea of unknowing."

Marilyn Monroe defined it a generation ago when she said, "I believe in everything a little bit."

In today's culture, to suggest that you might be right about your beliefs and that others might be wrong is the greatest social offense a person can commit.

To hold beliefs in absolute truth and to express conviction about those beliefs makes one a bigot, a regressive extremist or simply out of touch. Some thought Jesus was mentally deranged---delusional.

Poet Steve Turner in his parody poem, "Creed" wrote, "I believe that each man must find the truth that is right for him. Reality will adapt accordingly. The universe will re-adjust. History will alter. I believe that there is no absolute truth excepting the truth that there is no absolute truth."

When relativism has given each person their own truth, they become like a ship without a rudder or compass, battered about by the stormy sea of thoughts and ideas. This is not truth at all. It creates a culture of confusion. And a broken life.

So what is truth?

Who is Jesus?

To know the Truth, we must know the Man.

Who is He?

In my book, "Building Your Life," I wrote, "His birthday is observed and celebrated around the world. His death day sets the gallows of a cross against every sky line. His Resurrection still inspires sunrise services, gatherings in great cathedrals and churches great and small. But more important than that, He actually gives life and freedom...He is the Son of God."

He is the Truth.

He is the Life.

He is the Way.

"What is truth?" was a common question of the "enlightened" time of His birth and death and resurrection.

It had become somewhat rhetorical to even ask. Pilate could have been mocking the Man on trial. Or despaired that he could not personally discover the truth, or simply ambivalent about it all. Maybe cynical. Certainly he was politically motivated.

One thing is certain, he didn't even wait for an answer. He asked. He walked away, washed his hands and believed he had put the issue of Truth behind him.

But then Sunday came.

Word spread from credible sources---the tomb was empty. The gardener wasn't the gardener after all.

One simply cannot dismiss Jesus, because He is God. And He is not dead.

This weekend remember His death. Celebrate His Resurrection. Embrace Him as Savior. He is the Truth and the Truth will make you free.

Live in the power of the resurrection.


  1. "To hold beliefs in absolute truth and to express conviction about those beliefs makes one a bigot, a regressive extremist"

    Having personal convictions is not the issue. The problem is when you try to make everyone else live by them.

    We seriously wouldn't care what you believe if you just left others alone.

    Mark in Tigard

  2. Mark. The same can be said of you. If the gays wern't trying to change the culture by redefining family and marriage there would not be the public resistance. They are the ones trying to force their beliefs on us that is causing the issues.

    1. In Mississippi, 46% of republicans think interracial marriage should be banned. They think we've redefined marriage in a bad way.

      The general populace is increasingly perceiving your flavor of Christianity as we perceive Mississippi republicans.

      Mark in Tigard

    2. The Bible doesn't forbid interracial marriage, man did and he was wrong. The Bible forbids slavery as it was practiced in this country, man did and he was wrong. The Bible clearly defines the marriage covenant as between a man and women, not any two people.

      Craig in Lacey

    3. You'll need to explain this to the people in Mississippi.

      I do find it interesting that of all the discrimination that been based on the bible (and there's been a ton), of all the discrimination against women, against blacks, against others, of all that discrimination over history...

      they got it wrong....

      except for this time.

      All those people throughout history just didn't know how to read the bible like you do.

      But you do.

      This time, the discrimination, unlike the others, really IS what the bible says.

      Craig, I'm sure you feel good in your little world. But it's not hard to see you're just another in a long line using the bible to justify your personal bigotry.

      Mark in Tigard

    4. First of all, many more people have used the love of money or power to justify their behavior than the Bible, you can use anything to justify anything if your dead set on doing it. I make no excuses for the past, those people will have to answer to God, as I will and as you will.

      The Bible is clear on kidnapping people for slavery, especially if they would claim to be a child of God. (Deut. 24:7)

      Ruth was a Moabitess who married Boaz and God blessed this union, King David and Jesus Himself are descendants of this line. So much for the proscription against interracial marriage by those who expouse it.

      Debra was a Judge in Israel, a position of power and influence, ordained by God. Lydia, a businesswoman, a seller of purple cloth, was an important part of the early church.

      Certainly, Jesus himself, honored many woman for their faithfullness and told husbands not to be harsh or lord it over their woman. So much for any biblical basis for mistreating women.

      Gen.2:20-25 is clear on the purpose of man and woman and the union thereof, you can't get Steve out of that no matter how you spin it or Sue either, The marriage covenant has always been and will always be a man and a woman.

      It's not that I am right or my interpretation is right, the Bible speaks for itself. Don't believe me or any man, read it for yourself.

      Craig in Lacey

    5. Yikes Mark, cool down . The white folks in Missippi have been as deeply effected by slavery as black ones. culture and history reflects their views , not Jesus Christ or the Bible . What an insidious institution was and is slavery . Reminds me of big government in some ways but them actually regulating your every move . Of course people rationalize their sins by religion , its nothin new .We rationalize being rude because of what someone else says . But please consider do we measure you by the millions Stalin murdered . Slavery of course is different then homosexual and inter racial marriage . Yur point is like saying homosexuality is similiar to those who have sex with children .

      Mariage has long been an instituion that has helped children grow up better and safer . It allows them to be exposed to both genders in a nurturing and loving way . Natural law speaks to this , man made laws do not change that . Male Homosexuals who fathered their children or Female lesbians who gave birth are better suited in the long run to parent their children then adoprtive parents or foster . Not to mention the incredible hurt and bondage that children from divorced children have to deal with . Saying your concen for kids is to have a system that promotes what you to believe is the best way for kids to end up with their moms and dads is not bigotry. Neither is disagreeing with that position , but your comments in how you stated them are bigoted and insensitive . You really should not blog here , because you fit the stereotypes the religious right has to offer to encourgage the way they fight these issues . As Gary so often fits the negative stereotypes Homosexuals speaks to .


  3. Gary

    I hear a lot of self righteous and self serving words - all, of course, wrapped in the precious name of Jesus to try to obscure the real nature of it (sad, that you use the Lord of glory for your own personal agenda - I think you will have problems at the judgement). Sorry, genuine disciples see through you like a glass window. I sincerely hope none of your readers are as gullible as you seem to think.

    I have given you the reality of the Word of God - and you don't care two cents for it - you are are the one who rejects the God's truth - you reject the call of Jesus Christ and insist on your own humanist religion wrapped in the Christian concepts to deceive the new-born.

    To briefly re-state for your readers - the state is NOT in the marriage business - the state ONLY creates legal partnership entities (and accounting or legal professional will tell you this). The state's use of the word "marriage" is meaningless. Scripture is clear it is GOD and GOD ALONE who puts a man and a woman together - NOT the state. Don't be deceived by the state co-opting the term "marriage" - they can call it whatever they want - it is NOT a genuine, God recognized marriage. You are battling windmills and calling them giants - though I expect it is for a different reason than Don Quixote.

    FURTHER scripture is clear - ICor5:12,13 tell us we are NOT to be judging the world. This battle is NOT the battle of the disciples of Jesus Christ. The battle of the disciples is limited to within the church - which is the battle I am fighting against all those silly people who fight windmills and drag the name of Jesus through the mud for their own self serving purposes.

    I realize you have other agendas - but I hope your readers will respond to the clear Word of God and turn away from the self-righteous aggrandizement that you and the rest of your cronies have chosen to make a living at... (yup, it is all about the money as though donation pleas come forth).

    In Jesus Christ

    1. It is those within many churches who are deceived into thinking God would want same sex 'marriage', would you advocate silience in the face of this per 1 Cor.?

      Craig in Lacey

    2. You remind me of the person who claims to be tolerant of all views except the ones he disagrees with .

      Speaking of judging? Christ judging gary because his politics and views differ. Perhaps he is just walking a different path , but I happen to respect gary , totally disagree with his methods here . But putting Him before the Cross and How much that took for Our Forgiveness , well I would be careful if I were you who you think should be concerned judgement day . I amyself figure I better concentrate on myself , and encourgage those I can . I know I need it.

      By the way how many people have you led to the Lord this week ? How many have you rebuked for not being righteous enough ? Think about it . How would Jesus want your heart to be concerned about more ?


    3. Hi Craig - I am uncertain of your point - the English is not quite edited at the beginning. Regardless, ICor5 calls us to judge within the church. We are to be instant in season, etc. with teaching so our teaching would naturally be maintaining the Biblical pattern of one man and one or more wives/concubines.


    4. Hi Patrick

      My point, brother, is that those within the church are advocating for these unions and the homosexual lobby says "see, you can be a Christian and homosexual advocate, even a homosexual Christian". This deceives the weak in Spirit among the brethren and causes many to fall, not to mention the damage done to children, they're confused enough already.

      Jesus spoke truth to the culture of His day, we need to do the same, to the world as well as the church. We aren't supposed to wash our hands of the world. Who would be saved if we did?

      Best regards
      Craig in Lacey

  4. Anon 7:52 - There is no redefinition of marriage - the State doesn't do marriage God does. You need to return to the Word of God.


    1. Patrick,
      Of course the state gives liscense to marriage patrick . Because non believers are better off with Marriage between a man and woman also .Marriage is beteewn a man and a woman now. Our culture and all cultures perform better that way . The divorce rate proves how much more dysfunctional the world and neigborhoods become when Moms and dads are not the status quo . When we changes to easy divorce , no contested , divorce rates zoomed . It changed outr culture drastically . Neiborhoods were safer , Man and Woman Marriage is the ideal, everything else is patch work . Perhaps turning out beautiful at times , just as some gays are perhaps better parents then some natural parents, in the long run, kids are the better off with a Mom and dad . Making it impossible for a family to have a Mom and Dad from the beginning is on trial ground , and against natures law . Many reasons besides religious dogma why moms and dads are better , just like many reasons we do not allow all people to have driving liscense .

      I don't say you don't have a right to state homosexual marriage isa good thing , I could debate it better then you have I believe . How about Marriage benefits helping gays gain benefits that will help when they do adopt if they choose to . That makes much more sense then your ill stated and bigoted comments . We have laws against murder , just because it agrees with the bible that Murder is a sin does not make our Laws against murder wrong . Just because the Bible teaches us to Honor the Marriage Bed , that man and woman were created for each other , does not make the argument less valid .

      Shame on you , you say your a christian ? Just because some believe God's Love for us in helping us lead happy lives gave us marriage and sex , does not mean we have to change marriage laws for what ever special interest group screams bigot the loudest .

    2. Interestingly in countries that always had relaxed divorce laws the increase in divorces happened at the same general time as it did in our country. A study showed it was both parents working that lead to more divorces and it makes sense. It used to be only one person was the bread winner, now with dual incomes both can easily make do on their own.

      As to 'special interests' this is about getting the government out of the special interest business. All citizens can license with their spouses, be they a husband or a wife equally. That's why its called marriage equality.

      Does make me chuckle though when some titter about 'traditional marriage' I 110% support traditional marriage, but I also support marriage equality - the two concepts are not incompatible.

    3. That is interesting . Also of note that single women tend to vote for democrats compared to married women who tend to vote for republicans . Those who feel they have nothing or no one to believe in for support look to the government . Not surprising actually with the break down of marriage we see homosexual marriage and increased reliance on government programs with increased poverty and other social ills.

  5. Anon7:52

    You could use your same reasoning to defend the institution of slavery as well as the denial of the right to vote for women, etc. Is that really the level of "thinking" that you want to work with??

  6. Thank you Gary ffor your strong biblical stand. Happy Easter.

  7. Great homily. Thank you.

  8. Yes Happy Easter ! And I disagree with the tactics of this web , but Gary is my brother in Christ . I love Him and respect him .


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