Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Silent Proclamation

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This Friday, the 20th, your child will be asked to remain silent in public school.

Thousands of kids and local schools will be indoctrinated with taxpayer funds under the guise of "silence".
More on that in a moment, but first a quick update on Spokane, Washington. Councilman Mike Fagan carried the banner. The resolution to show the City of Spokane in support of so-called homosexual "marriage" was tabled after a very lengthy meeting. Note the obvious bias tone of reporting by the local Spokesman Review reporter.

You may also be interested to know that 8 pastors testified at the City Council meeting. Five of them testified in favor of redefining marriage, 2 of them opposed it favoring traditional, biblical marriage and one opposed it, but did not identify himself as a local pastor.
What is called the "Day of Silence" is actually a proclamation of support and advancement of the homosexual agenda, amounting to indoctrination in the public school classroom.

The "Day" is carefully shrouded in deception by its most avid supporter and facilitator, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Network (GLSEN), as a day for students to remain silent during non-instructive school times, thereby standing in solidarity with kids engaged in homosexual practices as well as those kids who are "questioning" their sexuality. This day they say is dedicated to those kids who, because of their sexual behavior, are bullied and harassed into silence.

No child should ever be bullied or harassed for any reason, anywhere. Including those kids who hold biblical beliefs on sexuality and marriage.

That's why there are laws that specifically target bullying.

Why then, one could ask, does the public school need to designate a "Day of Silence" to make this proclamation? Is there more to the message? Is the bullying message merely a vehicle for a greater cause. I hope not.

The "Day" is not only shrouded in deception, but is also shrouded in hypocrisy.

Pro-homosexual materials are often sent to teachers and students in advance of the "Day". The "Day" is not really about solidarity, it is about the message. Not all schools distribute the materials, but many do. All schools, however, tell parents it is a student led event, not a school sponsored event. Publicly, they take a hands off posture to appease parents who express concern, while in fact this is not the way it often plays out.

The "Day" is also shrouded in intolerance.

The champions of tolerance will not tolerate any message other than their own.

Remember Kevin Jennings, the founder of GLSEN and former Safe Schools Czar for President Obama?

Dr . Michael Brown points out that the group, Parents and Friends of Ex gays and Gays (PFOX) who believe that there are kids who have become involved in homosexual behavior and want out of it, and should also receive help, have asked to make information available on campuses on the "Day."

Jennings has made it very clear that will not be tolerated. Brown points out Jennings' response: "Ex-gay messages have no place in our nations public schools."

Really? Why then is there place for pro-gay messages?

Jennings says, "A line has been drawn. There is no 'other side' when you're talking about lesbian, gay and bi-sexual students."

Oh, the voice of selective, hypocritical tolerance.

Good news. Focus on the Family advocates and supports a "Day of Dialog" each year the day before the "Day of Silence." This year it is tomorrow. I have linked the site. Check it out.

So, what should parents do?

First, I would be sure you and your child take a look at the "Day of Dialog" site. How much dialog happens in a specific local school often depends on the local strength of youth ministries such as Young Life, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, etc. and the strength and involvement of local church youth ministries, particularly their presence in the local schools.

There are those who read this blog who were involved with me in youth groups in Seattle, Salem, and North Hollywood, CA. You will know that something like this " Day of Silence" and "Day of Dialog" would have provided a terrific opportunity for us on campus.

If there is any effort in your local school, encourage your child to participate in the "Day of Dialog."

Not all will agree with me, and I realize that there are always unique circumstances in every situation, however, if the "Day of Silence" appears to dominate the school day in your school, I would keep my child out of school that day and do something fun, constructive and truly educational.

I would personally take this action not to shield my child from the aggressive agenda of the homosexual activists. That's impossible and unnecessary, if you are" training up your child in the way he should go."

I would do it to make a statement to my public school whose leadership probably doesn't really care and will deny any school participation or support, but more importantly to help my child see a demonstration of taking action because of deeply held spiritual beliefs.

Jennings is right in this regard. There is a line drawn on the issue of advancing homosexuality.

This is not a time for people of Christian faith to simply turn away out of apathy or fear of publicly identifying with biblical teaching.

In fact, in today's cultural environment, it is impossible to turn away. Homosexual activists demand you embrace and affirm their lifestyle and cultural demands, or you are publicly tagged a bigot, hater or worse.

Unless parents, Christian teachers and students demand better from public education, the silent proclamations will continue and the volume will increase.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Thanks Gary. Thanks much.

  2. "No child should ever be bullied or harassed for any reason, anywhere. Including those kids who hold biblical beliefs on sexuality and marriage."

    Can Gary point to a single documented instance of a child being bullied for holding anti-gay marriage views? There are countless examples of children who have been subjected to anti-gay bullying, many have successfully sued their schools for failing to provide them with a safe learning environment. It's telling that Gary shows more concern for a hypothetical problem than he does for the countless kids, whose lives are made a living hell, due to anti-gay bullying.

    1. No, and he never admits false information when inarguably corrected. He just lobs grenades from behind the fence and lets them cause whatever damage they might.

    2. I can say of course children get bullied for traditional marriage views , or having Christian views, Jewish Views or being gay . You have to be quite selective in your understanding of human nature and lack a life that has honestly been shared by different kinds of people .

      One example was my son shared with me in Middle School . The Teacher asked the question if marriage should be allowed for gays . One child raised his hand and said no , he was called a bigot and called other names such as intolerant and compared to racists . The teacher did nothing . In fact added he thought gays sghould be able to be married , and the teacher did end the conversation saying we should respect other views . My sone talked to me about it becaUSE HE SAID HE WAS ASHAMED FOR NOT SPEAKING UP , but he did not was to be called a bigot like the other kid . This was a public school class in a program called Options . The Teachers were quite liberal , but obviously had no clue . If I was holding a class , and students started calling homosexuals name , it would be no brainer to discipline the name caller , and obviously stop the conversation right there . The double standard is obvious .

      Those who are concerned about true tolerance and equity I have found are very few in the gay movement . But only a few .

    3. Mr. Jennings is doing precisely that, in violation of the 1st Amendment I might add. Bravo to PFOX for showing the hypocrisy of the of the so called 'enlightened ones'.

      Craig in Lacey

  3. @Craig

    How is Kevin Jennings bullying kids for holding anti-marriage equality views? You seem to confusing assertions with evidence.

    08:14 PM

    Are you seriously comparing a single instance of allegedly being called a bigot (are we certain someone didn't call the anti-equality position bigoted?) to kids, whose lives are made living hell by non-stop verbal and physical anti-gay abuse while authorities look the other way, and some like Gary and his ilk are concerned about indoctrination and harassment of anti-gay kids. Should we hold the same concern over harassment of kids, who hold anti-Semitic or racist views?

  4. 1:08 A.M.

    Restriction of free speech rights is bullying. He's telling them they can't talk about those views in school
    i.e. ' a line in the sand'. As 8:14 said, his kid was brow beaten into not speaking up after witnessing the teacher abuse the other kid. I'm sure others were as well. Like I said before, bravo to PFOX for showing kids there's a way out of sin, that being the redeeming power of Jesus Christ.

    Craig in Lacey


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