Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gregoire: "Thank You, Sen. Pflug--Here's $550,000"

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Earlier this year, Republican Senator Cheryl Pflug (5th District), broke with her Party and many of the 43,178 good people who voted for her in 2008 and joined Gov. Gregoire, Sen. Ed Murray and other homosexual activists in the legislature, voting to re-define marriage.

She stood before the Senate the first of February, asking them to vote for homosexual "marriage" saying, "And so I commend this bill to you today."

The homosexual community celebrated her---both her speech and her vote.

Seattle's "The Stranger" newspaper reported her speech was "absolutely the best speech of the night."

Eli Sanders wrote in the paper, "There is almost a Biblical cadence to the way Pflug delivers her remarks."

The video of her speech is linked here.

Senator Pflug was the first of several Republicans to stand against marriage.

On her 2008 election website, she referred readers to a story in the Everett Herald as a "good article" that "defined the differences in the upcoming [2008] election." 

In the story, Richard Davis wrote, "In November Washington voters will again face the classic choice: change versus more of the same."

Gregoire was re-elected and nothing changed, the state simply became more debt ridden.

Davis wrote, "Rarely have the contrasts been so sharply defined or the consequences so great."

I agree. Dino would have done far better and Pflug should not have been reelected.

And speaking of consequences.

We were excoriated, including by some within the faith community, for speaking against Pflug when she voted for domestic partnerships.

Indeed the consequences were great.

A few days ago Sen. Pflug registered for re-election as an "Independent Republican". She will now withdraw her candidacy.

Governor Gregoire (D) leader of the pack to re-define marriage, has said "Thank you" to Ms. Pflug, and appointed her to the Washington Growth Management Hearings Board---at $93,500 per year---for 6 years.

That's a $550,000 thank you.

There will now be no need to deal with upset Republicans in the 5th District next election.

Please look me in the eye with a straight face and tell me Pflug was the most qualified person available for the job.

I wonder what kind of thank you Rep. Maureen Walsh will get? How about Litzow? There are several Republicans who stood against marriage and their Party. Will they receive an "exit" reward or will the voters be required to dis-invite them to serve during the next term.

There is an election coming, and it will have "consequences."

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. It's good to see Pflug leave the Senate. Given her history, she and the Growth Management Hearings Board must be closely monitored, and opposed as necessary.

  2. Have you seen the poll just conducted by the Washington Post & ABC News?

    It finds that 53% think gay marriage should be legal up from just 36% in 2006.

    39% strongly favor while only 32% strongly oppose, the first time it tilted this direction.

    The tide has definitely changed and is increasing speed.

    While civil rights should never be determined by popular opinion, this is really good news for our country.

  3. WHAT A GREAT OPPORTUNITY!! Prayers answered!!! She's gone! Time for fun......spelled WRITE IN CAMPAIGN!! Ask current Spokane County Treasurer about it.....political pundits on all sides said it couldn't be was....WRITE IN !!!!!!!
    Ride the wave!!!! Cindy Z Spokane

  4. 10:26 Washington Post and ABC News have also found that Barack Obama is doing a great job as president and we are very near a complete financial turn around. Foreign relations have also greatly improved. "Forward"

  5. So glad Senator Pflug got this opportunity. She has shown integrity way beyond many of her colleagues. Perhaps her new position has a lot more to do with the fact that the governor has discovered that Sen Pflug is more willing to vote her conscience and work to do what is right rather than bowing to an ever shrinking group of people who would have hatred and intolerance rule the day and less to do with a "payoff". I'm happy that Sen Pflug has been honored with this new position and think she will do herself proud.

    1. Amen to that! I've come to admire Cheryl Pflug for not marching lockstep with her Republican colleagues and being one of the most thoughtful and intelligent members of the Legislature. She was appointed by Gov. Gregoire for her skills and merit as a state lawmaker, not because she broke party ranks and supported marriage equality for gay & lesbian Washingtonians.

  6. Why is Cheryl Pflug courageous, thoughtful and intelligent for breaking from her Republican colleagues? When Democrats break with their Party to vote pro-life or pro-marriage progressives see them as traitors.
    Pflug is also disengenious. She did not represent the majority of th people who elected her.

  7. Dr. John Koch. Would you have admired her equally if she had been a Democrat who stood with those who support marraige? The Democrats who stood for marriage, did not find that kind of admiration, in fact some continue to be threatened by their own party.

  8. She stood against prejudice not against marriage.

    My marriage is not undermined or weakened by granting gays and lesbians equal marriage rights. And people like Rush Limbaugh or Larry Stickney who get married multiple times are not under minding my marriage either –though they are hardly exemplary by your Christian standards you seem to not have a problem with spouse abusers and womanizers repeatedly marrying.

    Is that what God intended?

    1. The definition of Marriage has always been 1 Man & 1 Woman, any deviation from that is a perversion . Plain and simple wouldn't you say. Man is not designed to mate with another Man and A Woman is not designed to mate with another Woman. Facts you can not change. The law of nature!!!

    2. That's not historically accurate. Plus how many dudes had more than one wife in the bible?

      You can’t rewrite history and honestly expect everyone to accept your new narration.

    3. 10:48am

      Even if what you said was correct (it's not), big deal, the world had always been flat until it wasn't. Manned space flight was impossible until it wasn't. Certain medical conditions were incurable, until they weren't. It was impossible to exceed the speed of light until someone just recently did (although it's still being debated). Get the drift. Things change and progress is good.

    4. Anon 10:48 - genuine marriage may be the the marriage "sanctified" by the State has nothing to do with real marriage - they only provide a partnership contract that uses the word marriage - but isn't. Only God marries people ("that which God hath joined together..., etc.).

  9. God did not intend for any man to be a spouse abuser or womanizer. He did not intend that a woman be those things either. He also did not intend for people of the same sex to attempt to co-habitate sexually and pretend to be man and wife, when the yare same sex. If God is Creator, then we conclude that He intended for one man and one woman to come together in what is called marriage. If we throw out the idea of God, than why have any laws since they are nearly all biblically based?
    If your best case for gay marriage is Rush Limbaugh and Larry Stickney, I wouldn't admit it. Christian standards are not defined by how someone lives. They are defined by very clear biblical teaching. I know Gary well. He has been married to the same woman his whole adult life and all his kids are Christians. That is still not a reason for traditional marriage. The reason is biblical teaching, that btw, makes sense given the natural differences between men and women. You'll have to better than that to change minds.

  10. My point (my bad spelling aside) is that it seems hypocritical to align oneself with people like Limbaugh who express hate and anger or with others who assault people physically or verbally while railing against supporters of gay marriage. Pflug’s speech was compassionate. I don’t see much in the way of compassion from Gary in his writings, only judgment.

    Stating that being in support of gay marriage means being against marriage is a weak and false argument. Those who support marriage equality are not against marriage. I'm not against two committed adults marrying and remaining so for life. I respect that a person might have religious reasons for not supporting marriage equality but to spend so much time on the issue, trying to stop people who are in loving & committed relationships from expressing their commitment when there are so many real offenses against marriage out there is a strange way to focus one’s energy. I’m not questioning or judging Gary’s marriage or family life (as you suggested I might be) but I am putting into question the people he chooses to align himself with and stating that it makes a case for hypocrisy.

    Again, I know some people have religious reasons for not supporting marriage equality but if family values and faith are the basis for his reasoning why is he not consistent in his “work” to “preserve” the family structure? Could it be that Gary isn’t that compassionate? Or that he is judgmental? Possibly a bigot? I have not heard him condemn his alliances who are womanizers or wife beaters. But he does spend a lot of time and resources railing against gays. What are his priorities?


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