Tuesday, June 19, 2012

General Mills To Traditional Marriage: "Cheerio"

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Last week General Mills, who stocks at least 40, maybe more, feet of shelf space in nearly every major grocery store in the country, issued a statement saying they opposed the Marriage Amendment that is on the ballot in their corporate home state, Minnesota, this November.

Minnesota, like Washington State, has a Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in their laws, however it is being challenged in court and Minnesotans, who believe in marriage, have placed a marriage amendment on the November ballot to further protect marriage from predatory legislators and activist judges.

Washingtonians have learned a little about that this past year. Their amendment is not the same, but is similar in affect to I-1192 here in Washington.

But why would General Mills, a company built on serving families, wade into the battle to redefine marriage when stable homes, families and marriages are core to their business? Particularly in that homosexuals make up such a very, very small part of the market place.

Ken Charles, General Mills vice president for diversity, says it is a business decision.

He says if this Amendment is not defeated, it will make it hard to retain good, talented employees. And he said it with a straight face.

If this is the real reason, it has got to be one of the worst business decisions ever made. Worse than J.C. Penny installing Ellen DeGeneres as face and voice of the company. Penny's substantial loss of business was well documented last quarter.

How many of us think there may be other dynamics at work in this decision, regardless of what it may cost the share holders?

Charles, speaking at the Minneapolis "Gay Pride" event last week, extolled the decision of CEO Ken Powell and told the revelers, "If defeated, Minnesota voters would be sending a strong message about our state's view of the importance of inclusiveness and diversity."

What Powell, Charles and others are ignoring in their leap toward diversity, is that if the Amendment succeeds, it will also send a message to General Mills that families not only reject redefining marriage, but perhaps will reject those who try to advance the idea.

So the company that gave us Lucky Charms, Total, Trix, Lucky The Leprechaun, Wheaties, Honey Nut Bee and yes, Cheerios, has stolen a line from the British, which means "good bye."

General Mills is saying to all those who support traditional marriage and family, "Cheerio."

I am not aware of any organized boycott at this point, but can assure you, I will not be the only person in America who knows there are other brands of breakfast cereal.

So, to the company who has been making them for over 70 years, I say "Cheerio."

Your support is essential for us to continue to shine the light in darkness and call people to action on important moral issues. Thank you.

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Active. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. Kellogg's: All-Bran, Apple Jacks, Cocoa Krispies, Corn Flakes, Eggo, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Nutri-Grain, Raisin Bran, Rice Krispies, Special K, Kashi

  2. Sadly, Gary is more into Traditions - rather than the Word of God which teaches that He joins people together NOT the State -

    In regards to this private matter, Gary advocates communists turning our private lives over to the authority of the government to determine how we live. How irrational!

  3. Mr. Charles position as VP of Diversity says it all. His entire professional life is based on confusion. The big "G" obviously stands for something other than "goodness" in his mind. Diversity does not foster strength, if it did the military wouldn't wear uniforms (wording tip) and walk in straight lines. I will enjoy the diversity of the human palate but never celebrate it. Cheerio General Mills.

  4. So they support traditional marriage and more, big deal.

    That is the thorny truth for you isn't it? No one is actually against traditional marriage, no one is saying that men and women shouldn't be able to license their marriage. One side is saying all married citizens with husbands and wives should be able to license with the state and your side is saying, no only some married citizens should be able to.

    'Traditional marriage' isn't under attack, its just your side attacking some marriages.

    That's what my bumper sticker says 'Support Marriage Approve R74'

  5. Indeed. Cheerio Cheerios!

    My bye-bye list:
    "Betty Crocker" baking products
    "Big G Cerials"
    "Cascadian Farm"
    "Fiber One"
    "Haagen-Daz" ice Cream
    "Good Earth"
    "Hamburger Helper"
    "Old El Paso"
    "Wanchia Ferry"
    "Green Giant"
    "V. Pearl"
    "Macaroni Grill" Restaurant at home meals
    "Food Should Taste Good"
    "Muir Glen"
    "Frescarini" pasta
    "Totinos" pizza
    "Jenos" pizza
    "Fruit by the Foot" snacks
    "Nature Valley" granola snacks
    "Gardetto's" snacks
    "Progresso" soups
    "Mountain High" yogurt
    "Yoplait" yogurt

    There's plenty of other choices, many healthier anyway.

  6. "stable homes, families and marriages are core to their business"

    Duhhh! And they want to see MORE stable homes, families, and marriages! It's a very logical move.

    "homosexuals make up such a very, very small part of the market place"

    Their marketing people see that support for equality extends way beyond the homosexuals themselves. Opposition to equality is a bigger negative now than support for equality.

    Since you boycott companies who support marriage equality, I'm curious what kind computer operating system you use? A tea party distro of linux? You can't use windows or osx. Tough.

  7. 10:48 Which comanies has Gary boycotted in the past? I see no call for a boycot here. He is personally saying "Cheerio" to them. You are blinded by your hate of those who do not share your views on redefining marriage. If "Opposition to equality is a bigger negative now than support for equality" why has redefining marriage been rejected every time (33)it has been on the ballot?

    1. OK, ya got me on that one. Technically, he didn't call for a boycott. He just let you know that while he's not aware of an official boycott, he and others will be conducting one. It's not as if he's implying that it's a good idea or anything like that. Or that he's a leader to you folks. Wow, I guess I was really was blinded by rage.


      And, in answer to your last question - slavery was the law of the land, until it wasn't. Things change.

  8. OV- How is it that we are attacking marriage by defending it? There was no issue until you guys started trying to make it something it has never been or can become. Same-sex people will never be "married" regardless of what the state says and how much they care for one another. They didn't create marriage.

    1. How can you defend something that isn't under attack? Married men and women will still be able to license with the state how ever this goes, traditional marriage will still exist either way.

      And you are entitled to your opinion on religious marriage as long as you don't try and say everyone has to pretend you are right and neither does th state. My husband performs religious marriage ceremonies for couples of all gender combinations - you are no more right on this subject than he is and the state is required by the state constitution to either consider you both equally as right or wrong.

      You have the ability to license your marriage with the state so does every other citizen. You can license with a of age, unrelated, unmarried spouse so does everyone else.

      Marriage equality - everyone should be able to do what some can already do.

  9. So- called diversity and political correctness is choking the country and it will choke the corporations. Thanks Gary. Keep writing. We're reading.

  10. Lots of weird stuff seems to be coming out of Minnesota in the past couple of weeks. Target, General Mills. Now this video about "white privilege" from UMD. Kinda wondering what's being put in the water up there:)Two of the top pastors, Leith Anderson and John Piper, apparently don't want to get involved. Is there any conservative leadership up there?


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