Friday, June 22, 2012

George W Bush is Responsible

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It's going on more than 5 years now since we began to hear that everything---I mean everything wrong in the world was Bush's fault. Everything from the devaluation of the Tu Tu, to the traffic jam on the Hollywood Freeway has been laid at his feet by our current President.

Now we've caught Bush cold. He is partially, maybe primarily responsible for results recently revealed in a new government study.

During the past 18 years, the government says abortions, overall, have been going down. In fact, among women in their 20s, the abortion rate has plunged 32%.

Family Research Council points out that liberals tend to chalk up this swing toward life as a result of Planned Parenthood style birth control. However, the statistics, taken with a recently published report from the Center for Disease Control, indicate abstinence seems to have been a major factor.

President Bush took a very strong pro-life position, supporting pregnancy centers and funding abstinence education programs as part of a healthy and moral personal philosophy.

After 8 years of President Bush prioritizing abstinence, we are now likely seeing the results of his program.

Fewer abortions.

This policy stands in stark contrast to Planned Parenthood's style of free-for-all 1960s sexual behavior--- do whatever you want and take a pill lifestyle--or we can extract the baby and kill her if necessary, policy.

Yes, President Bush, you are responsible. And yes, we miss you.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for your support.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. It's great to learn that you believe W's policies can come to fruition 3.5 years into Obama's first term.

    That casts a refreshingly honest light on the causes of our financial crisis.

  2. Puyallup

    Like all leaders, President Bush made both good and bad decisions. So thankful for those he made supporting LIFE...

  3. Puyallup

    Like all leaders, President Bush made both good and bad decisions. So thankful for those he made supporting LIFE...

  4. It is so hard to put faith into our current executive federal level administration. I pray for them and don't feel secure or confident with this current administration, I felt confident and secure with during the Bush era. I feel like Obama is like King Hezekiah that revealed everything to a visiting entourage disclosing all of our nuclear secrets, weapons, reserve and such that can jeopardize the USA.

  5. Gary,

    Thank you for some positive finger-pointing. It's wonderful to hear good news.

  6. The measure of an ideology is success .
    We have had 30 years of the ideology of Reaganomics .
    Where is the success?

    Is low manufacturing success ?
    Is our job going over seas success ?
    Is targeting the sickest of our seniors
    with the Medicare Donut Hole success?

    Where is the success of the ideology, Reaganomics?


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