Friday, June 15, 2012

KOMO News : 5 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Has A Shot In WA

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KOMO news carried an Associated Press article that makes the case that Washington state may end the winning streak of defending marriage against those who seek to redefine it.

They give 5 reasons why same-sex marriage advocates may win in Washington state.

After reviewing the loss of R-71, one of the 5 points makes the case based on the support of elected officials---particularly Republicans.

The article says,
"Lawmakers comfortably approved gay marriage earlier this year as political leaders such as Gov. Chris Gregoire talked about how their views on the issue had changed. However gay marriage opponents are not conceding anything yet. National groups have promised time and money to fight Washington's new same-sex marriage law via the referendum, including the Washington, D.C.-based National Organization for Marriage, which was involved in ballot measures that overturned same-sex marriage in California and Maine.

REPUBLICANS: Six Republican lawmakers in Washington voted in favor of the gay marriage legislation, and a leading GOP candidate for attorney general also declared his support. Republican Rep. Maureen Walsh, who represents conservative territory in eastern Washington anchored by Walla Walla, said she believes opinions on the issue are changing even there. 'My district is far more receptive to it than they've ever been in the past,' she said."
This story pretty well defines the narrative that we will hear over the next few months as those seeking to redefine marriage have their "conversations."

I have linked the story above. I strongly recommend you read it.

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  1. R-74 collected over 247,000 signatures, twice the number to stop same sex Marriage on June 7th and take it to a vote of the people November 6th. Washingtonians will vote to reject the Senate bill that would change the definition of Marriage. Oregon voted to keep Marriage between 1 Man & 1 Woman and 32 States have laws on the books that state Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman. When the signatures on I-1192 are turned in, we firmly believe Washington Citizens will vote yes that Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman.

  2. Of course there is nothing to read - because there is no issue. There is no homosexual marriage in Washington ("gay" is a misnomer - I am surprised a child of God would even use the word) - there will never be homosexual marriage in WA because God does not join homosexuals together. Period.

    What the State does is irrelevant to marriage regardless of the label they put on some type of partnership contract - a contract that requires a court appearance to be terminated (what they mislabel as "divorce" but it is simply the termination of partnership contract). God NEVER gave the State authority to marry a man and a woman - only HE joins a man and a woman together. Disciples of Jesus make a grave error when they allow the communism of State sanctioned "marriages" in their lives.

    Sadly, Gary fails to tell the truth and preaches anti-Christ doctrine in this matter rather than pure Biblical truth.

    It is GOD alone who joins a man and a woman together.

    In Jesus Christ

  3. Patrick, it is also God who first declared that killing some one is muder. As in the 10 Commandments. Should we not urge the state to enforce a law against murder, saying that is God's law not the state's law?

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    2 big differences between your example of murder and marriage.

    1 - God did not command a person to marry. It is an individual choice. For most of our history (all but the last 100+ years) marriages were simply recorded in the family Bible and/or the records of the church where they married. Patrick is right. The state has no business saying who can or cannot marry. Marriage is a contract between husband (male) and wife (female) before God and witnesses (wedding attendees).

    2 - God DID tell the government to deal with those who break God's commands. Thief, robber, adulterer, murderer---all were to be dealt with. In the OT judgement was often rendered by the city elders after listening to 2 or 3 witnesses. In our system of jurisprudence it's a trial in a court of law before a jury, with witnesses telling their story.

  5. Let's not be politically corect. It is not equality that the homosexuals seek. It is the Devil that is seeking to destroy centuries old MARRIAGE. Just like he tries to eliminate the word "GOD" from our money, the flag, and everywhere else in our society. Marriage is the union of the opposit sexes, even in the animal world. Do we want to be lower tha the animals?

    1. Do you mean the gay animals or the straight animals, because gay is normal throughout the animal kingdom, you know. You do know that, right? Also, not to be picky, but just where does the word 'God' appear on the flag?

  6. We live in a nation state that separates church from state. Most people here are bringing their religious beliefs (which is wrong) into what is right and wrong in this issue...completely overlooking the fact that Gov Gregoire said that it is time to give these people the same rights as EVERYONE else. This is a civil/human rights issue, and not a religious rights issue. It's not "whom" you's "how" you love. To me, this whole issue of trying to ban same-sex marriage is nothing less than harassment, bullying, and falls right in line with "hate".
    Shame on ANYONE who says one person should not have the same rights as the next in regards to this issue.
    By the way...your Gods are NOT the same as my stop referring to Gods Word as though it's the only one in this nation where we give religious freedom to all.


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