Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Renton Pastor: "Radical Shift" On Same-Sex Marriage

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Following President Obama's coming out in support of redefining marriage a few weeks ago, Rev. Leslie Braxton, pastor of New Beginnings Christian Faith Center in Renton, Washington gave a sermon titled, "What to Do About Same-Sex Marriage."

Pator Braxton told Crosscut's Anthony Robinson, "For the black church, gay and lesbian issues have long been tough ones."

"More often," he said, "black clergy have chosen to look the other way. 'Don't ask-don't tell' was invented by the church."

Pastor Braxton says he himself has made a "radical shift" in his beliefs about marriage.

He also says he is encouraged that many in his congregation agree with him.

He says, "The Bible passages condemning same-sex relations do not come from Jesus, but from Moses and Paul."

He said, "I am a student of Moses and Paul, but am a follower of Jesus."

The pastor told his congregation, "Jesus is our interpretive lens."

Indeed He is.

Let's look at marriage through the Jesus lens. How did He define it? What did He teach about it?

Mark 10 describes a setting where some who opposed Jesus and His teaching were essentially trying to set a philosophical and spiritual trap for Him and His teachings.

In that setting He explains why Moses "permitted a man to write a certificate of divorce" and send his wife away, by telling his listeners that it was because, "Your hearts were hard that Moses wrote you this law."

Hardened and rebellious hearts are generally the reason people turn away from God's plan.

Then Jesus made it very clear what His position is on marriage.

(v.6) "But at the beginning of creation God made them male and female,

(v.7 ) For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife,

(v.8) and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one.

( v.9) Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."

So looking through Jesus' lens, we find a clear message. He believed and taught that:

1. God created male and female.

2. God created the marriage model for one man and one woman.

3. Male is the husband, Female is the wife. One male, one female = a marriage.

4.. Marriage between one man and one woman has an element of the miraculous---two become one.

5. And because God created this model, man should not try to separate or change that model.

God's model of marriage predates any organized civil government. All successful civil governments have honored and encouraged this model because it is consistent with nature, pro-creation, productive and successful societies, sustainability and the best possible environment in which to raise and nurture children.

Natural marriage is the cornerstone for every successful culture in the history of the human race.

The Truth is quite clear. Our attempts to shape the gospel to popular culture becomes difficult and complicated.

The Truth of God's Word was intended to shape an individual heart to His Truth and a culture to successful principles.

America was founded on those principles and has become the most exceptional, free and blessed nation in the history of the world.

We are preparing to launch an intensive educational campaign regarding marriage. Thank you for standing with us financially at this time.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Faithful. Be Blessed.


  1. Suzie on Whidbey7:56 AM, June 12, 2012

    ..Powerful and timely article, Gary. In our bible study we are looking at the law and what Jesus says about the law and his relation to it. Sometimes we mortals forget that the trinity includes God...who spoke to Moses in person, and Jesus, who spoke to Paul in person, and the Holy Spirit who speaks and guides us...all are one.

  2. For Mr. Braxton and those just like him, Jesus never mentions the doctrine of Grace once, we are wholly dependent on Paul. If Paul is not reliable on his moral teaching why would we believe we have a right to preach his theology of "grace". Also Jesus condemns all sexual immorality with the Greek word pronea. This word is inclusive of homosexual acts in the Lexicons.

  3. A few verses later Jesus seemed to make exception for unichs, either born that way or man made. Was the implication that unichs were not to marry or that marriage laws do not pertain to sexual anomalies or what? Jesus ends by saying the original marriage law is for those to whome it pertains. The deciples respond with, "then why should we marry at all?" That question seems odd in itself. Is something missing in the translation?

  4. For those of you who are not paying attention - Jesus said that GOD joins them together - let's read it again - "GOD JOINS THEM TOGETHER". NOTE: NOT the State! The State is not in the marriage business - only GOD is in the marriage business.

    The State is simply creating a partnership contract which it calls "marriage" but it has the same effect of calling you a Christian because you live in a Christian state (as was common for many centuries in Europe and England as we well know). Did that make you a Christian???? Not exactly.

    Why are wasting everyone's time chasing after windmills and deception directly contrary to God's Word??? You all will have to answer before God for your disobedience.

    In Jesus Christ

    1. And Patrick you forget an important aspect of this . Just because the Bible teaches homosexuality is a sin , does in itself not have anything to do with marriage being kept between a mann and women preferable in the interest of all of us . Because it is Bibically understood that murder is a sin against God , does not mean murder laws are wrong . Your argument is flawed logically . Traditional marriage is best for everyone from my view , Including gay kids . Science teaches the difference between women and men . Not just the Bible . Science teaches of different brain patterns , size , and even different natural methods of bonding . To suggest Fathers Day and Mothers Day suggest inequality because we see them equally important is a world view that fails to make a convincing argument . The state has a vested interest in who it contracts with to have a liscense .

      I would like to hear your argument based on secular reasoning for same sex marriage . Because when I debate it among the secular left , homosexual activists , the only points I generally get is religious people are bigots and equality . The equality is chosen selectively and culturally acceptable . No concern for moms and dads being equally represented , gender is only important to the sexual act not the whole aspect of the family that many of believe marriage should support . Bi sexuals are forced to choose one of their preference only , no thresomes allowed . Polygamist are considered a strawman argument because their equality is not important. Even recently the gallup showed what has happened to change this debate , they younger the voter the more likely he is to vote for same sex marriage . They found also the average voter in these younger age groups believed homosexuals made up 25 percent of the population . What kind of dogma and made up propaganda pulled that off . The media news and entertainment , schools , etc . The correct number as you most likely know is about 2 to 4 percent .

      If your concerned about equality in the secular perspective of liberalism why leave out other minorities and combinations ? If your concerned about equality and what is best for kids why shut up ? We may loose the fight ,my take is it should not be a religious argument , that is where we agree. But I think marriage is a good idea for moms and dads , and I am not ashamed God thought of it .

  5. Actually Patrick, those who sit silently as God is mocked and His Word blasphemed will have to answer for not speaking the truth about God's intention for marriage. For people who know to do right and do not do it, it is sin.

  6. Mick, Anon 9:45

    You are not even spending one second reading what I wrote.

    I stated - and the truth is - that the State has NOTHING TO DO WITH MARRIAGE. There is NO marriage granted by the state. It is simply a specific type of Partnership Contract between two people that the State chooses - incorrectly - to call "marriage". And you are silly enough to believe Satan's system of words???

    The reality is the homosexual are citizens of the state and offered equal access to the law including all partnership contracts - just like you and I. You are fighting a windmill.

    BUT you need to T-H-I-N-K - just like God's Word tells you in Proverbs - repeatedly (not regurgitate silly wives tales that some preacher tells you).

    A marriage is Biblically defined as that which GOD has joined together...

    Gary defines marriage as that which the STATE has joined together - that is why Gary is much more of a socialist/communist than anything else - he sees the State has having authority over this area that is God's providence alone.

    Are you guys socialist/communist also? That is anti-Christ - isn't it???


    1. You gave an incoherent answer . Of course the state issued liscense which allows tax benefits and other components should have reason behind it . The entitlement mentality that giovernment just gives things away willy nilly is not what I support . We do not just give a DL to anyone , they have to past a test , be a certain age , they have to have reasonable eye sight . The state has a right to make sure the DL will be used in a manner that will cause other drivers problems and property damaged . You selectively support mariage liscense for only gays and hetros and not other possibilities . But be clear , discrimination remains even if same sex marriage passes, I am voting for the tradtional standard because I believe we as a culture should always put the least protected and most vuleranble , our children first ! They are the next generation and we as a community should make sure we left this nation to them better then we found it . That is in married households kids have a mom and a dad . Do you just don't care to have a vote in the affairs of the country the good Lord put you in to ?

      I take you will not vote ? If all things being equal , two men or a man and women and they were seeking an adoption , you believe no preference or interest in our communities , the interest of the child , should allow that the child to have a mom and dad ?

      Thats your call , even not voting but you are responsible for making a decision and thinking about it as voter ,Just as if they wanted to change the drinking age, DL requirements , or taxes . It effects us , it effects families , how much is anyone's call .


  7. Mick - You are still not paying attention - the State is NOT in the marriage business - they are legitimizing a partnership contract which they call marriage - but is not. Further you are advocating communism by allowing the state to take the right of marriage away from God and the church and take the authority for itself. The State has NO authority to marry anyone - and never has. Only God has that authority.



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