Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pro-Abortionists Praise Seattle Vandal

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Someone has vandalized a pro-life pregnancy sign on a metro bus in Seattle by pasting a sticker over the bus sign and are now being praised by so-called pro-choice activists.

How should pro-life citizens respond?

But first. I want to thank the many friends who wished us well and remembered us in prayer this week following my tumble down the stairs this past weekend. I was playing with our youngest granddaughter and tripped on the top step. During my trip down, I acquired three broken ribs, a couple of broken vertebrae and a broken left shoulder blade by the time I arrived at the bottom step---and two big round 22-month-old eyes wondering if that was part of the game we were playing. The doctor said I was very lucky---it could have been much worse. I didn't feel very lucky while lying in the ER, nor do I attribute it not being "much worse" to luck. I am thankful for your prayers and kind remarks, the support of my wife and family, and the goodness and grace of God.

The vandal posted a sticker over the pregnancy resource center sign that read, "Be advised: This is an anti-choice organization. They will not present you with all your legal & medical options. Call Planned Parenthood at [PP's phone #]."

So-called pro-choice people are condemning this act of vandalism, right?

Not exactly. So far Planned Parenthood is silent. NARAL is silent. But the pro-abortion bloggers are praising the vandal. Here's an example:

Vanessa of Feministing: “Bad-a** of the Day. Awesome.”

Kaye of Upworthy: “Something pretty awesome happened – it got sticker-bombed.”

Shelby of SK: “This is fabulous! Go random Seattle activist doing good in the world.”

Ironically, it's Planned Parenthood that regularly misinforms, distorts the truth and withholds all the options from women in favor of advancing their signature procedure--Abortion.

Live Action is suggesting several appropriate responses by pro-life people in Seattle:

The Seattle pro-life pregnancy center in question is Birthright. Their local chapter in Seattle is located at 9641 20th Avenue SW (Ph: 206-957-7790). I know, for instance, that they were looking for volunteers this summer. Let’s support this local pro-life pregnancy center!

The metro service this vandalism happened on was Metro Transit. I think we should inquire with them if they intend to investigate this act of vandalism (or compensate Birthright for their lost advertising use).
We should also contact Planned Parenthood and ask if they condone or condemn this type of vandalism of public property.

The fight for life continues in the streets of Seattle.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. And Be Careful when playing with grandchildren near the stairs.


  1. This is just horrible - OMG!! This is just horrible... I can't believe this is happening in America....

    Gary - You are stretching pretty hard here - though that is not at all unusual.

    Oh, I wonder how many times some evangelical religious nazi was involved in some sort of personal or property aggression and Gary did not speak out. COUNTLESS times - of course. Gary is a true partisan who does not and probably cannot judge righteous judgement.


  2. Gary, are you really sure you want to start quoting random bloggers to represent one side of the issue? Are you really, really sure you want to open that can of worms knowing what's out there in the right wing blogosphere?

  3. If the bus company left the sticker up for a while and didn't clean it, then the birth center may be due some compensation. It depends on company policies and contracts. Otherwise, vandalism happens and it isn't really the fault of the bus company. Vandalism is against the law; if someone breaks the law, are they responsible? Who covers the cost for repairs? Are they insured against damages? It's tax-payer money that goes to clean up vandalism. Vandalism in my area is usually cleaned, but not always right away.

    In general, vandalism damages are due by the vandal, if caught. {Which is why prompt reporting of an incident is so important}. {Or if they were a minor, their parent may have to pay the fines}. If they later find out who did it, that person will be charged with it.

    Although I think there has to be 500$ worth of damages or advertising loss for criminal damage, so it somewhat depends on how much they paid for that advertising spot on the bus and how much it cost to clean it, etc. It was probably over $500, but may not have been.


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