Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where is McKenna On Obamacare?

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Rob McKenna, who wants to be Governor and wants conservative Christians to vote for him, once again raised eyebrows and questions.

Most people know McKenna is "pro-choice"---the preferred description for pro-abortion, but many thought he was soundly behind the effort to repeal Obamacare.

Evidently not. Although he was part of the group that sued to overturn it, he told a news conference in Seattle following the Supreme Court ruling to uphold it, he "opposed congressional efforts to repeal the law."


The Seattle Times says his comments, "Angered some conservatives and put the GOP gubernatorial candidate at odds with many prominent national Republicans."

I'm told there are more than a few local Republicans that also feel at "odds" with the positions of Mr. McKenna.

Monday, McKenna was in Yakima where he seemed to be trying to walk back his comments.

Mike Faulk of the Yakima Herald-Republic reports:

“I wish I had been better prepared with a better articulated response than the one I gave at the press conference,” McKenna told the luncheon audience after an attendee accused him of changing his stance. “Frankly I didn’t think we were going to lose so I wasn’t ready for that question.”

McKenna insisted he was only asked whether Congress would go forward with repealing the act, not whether he thinks it should be repealed. But a recording of the June 28 news conference shows Seattle Times reporter Jim Brunner clearly asking McKenna, “Do you support it being repealed?”

“No,” McKenna said.

At the news conference, McKenna did say Congress should review parts of the act and that without more reforms it will ultimately drive up prices.

“We continue to have concerns on how much this is going to cost the state and how the heck we’re going to implement it successfully,” McKenna told the Chamber.

McKenna said his campaign intends to publish an op-ed on his policy regarding the Affordable Care Act now that it has been upheld, but did not say when that would be released.


Faulk is right. The recording of the Seattle news conference does show McKenna specifically saying "No" to the question of whether he supports the repeal of Obamacare. The link to the TVW recording is linked in the Seattle Times article I have linked above. Listen to it.

How hard is it to say "Yes" when asked if you support the Republican effort in Congress to repeal it?

Of course it's a complicated bill. It's disastrous, that's why the Republican Party is trying to repeal it---and will do so if they win the presidential election.

There is another interesting link in the Seattle Times article. Please check this out. The words "angered some conservatives" is actually a link to the "Hadian For Governor" website, although the Times does not mention his name.

Shahram Hadian has an incredible story of Christian conversion.

I'm sure the Seattle Time's motive is to merely redirect votes away from McKenna to Insley, but Hadian deserves an honest look.

Please take a few moments and review his story, his positions and his experience. It is very difficult to rise above the noise of the secular media that gives most all attention to McKenna and Insley. Unfortunately, there are also those within the Christian conservative community, even some pastors, who are saying, "At least McKenna is better than Insley."

Really? How do you know?

I believe it was Ron Paul who once said, "Voting for the lessor of two evils is still voting for evil."

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. "Voting for the lessor of two evils is still voting for evil."


    1. Not voting for Romney is voting for evil.

    2. YES, voting for Romney IS voting for the lesser of 2 evils !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gary, there you go again. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. No one is consistently identifying these kinds of issues as you do every day. Stay strong and keep doing what you do.

  3. Faith and Freedom staff9:08 AM, July 12, 2012

    Anonymous. Your post contained a link (ABC News). We do not post comments that contain links regardless of the content. Please re-post without the link and we will publish.

  4. Christians have some very difficult choices to make this election. With the media and some Christian leaders supporting McKenna I don't see how Hadian could win, but he more closely represents my personal views. I'm voting for him in the primary for sure.

  5. Pastor Fuiten has had McKenna speak at church at least twice recently. How can he support him? What is the rational? Is it the lessor of two evils you mentioned?

  6. 8:41 Anonymous,
    No candidate is perfect nor exactly like what you want. In fact God designed everyone on the face of this earth to be unique. So don't look for a clone, instead discover the unique differences in each person.

    Romney is Mormon and deceived by a religious system, so are many. Not defending him because he can stand on his own.....just sayin.

  7. While Hadian is a good man, I can't see him having a serious chance in the Governor's race. Will you be fully supporting the successful R winner after the primary? It seems to me that any disparaging remarks about McKenna will make it difficult for folks if he should be the one who wins the primary?

    1. I won't support any candidate who is pro-choice (pro-infanticide), even if they were a republican. Republicans like McKenna (and worse, Steve Litzow) need to be voted out now. Leaving around incumbents just because they are slightly better on fiscal policies is not going to help the state or America in the long run, as their actions are towards the dissolution of society, not its civilization or orderly function.

  8. Why is a governor's stance on repealing Obamacare a big issue right now? We need a more business-friendly, less regulated policy climate in WA, which McKenna will certainly pursue more vigorously than Inslee. Christians must be principled, yes, but not voting IS a vote for Inslee.

  9. Pastor Fuiten,
    Thank you for your comments on the governor’s race. I am supporting Shahram Hadian for governor. I have had enough of supporting the lesser of two evils particularly in primary races.

    I am also supporting Steven Pidgeon for Attorney General over Reagan Dunn who contrary to the Republican state platform supports gay marriage and abortion.

    The presidential race is a little easier if you believe that Romney will do what he says he will do. Many of the Mormon faith hold most of the moral values Christians do. On the other hand we know where Obama stands on gay marriage, abortion and a host of other evils.

  10. 10:55 I understand what you are saying, but should Gary not even raise any of the issues about McKenna, and there are issues for most Christians. He is not one of us and do we really know where he stands on other important issues. He oppossed Tim Eyman on the toll initiative. Does he oppose other tax control issues?

  11. I am seeing a pattern here. The people who are undermining Hadian in favor of the RINO McKenna are the same people who killed the real marriage protection initiative, I-1192, in favor of R74, which is little more than a sham.

  12. Hadian is the ONLY one in the race that would listen to the likes of Douglas Wilson when he called the Idaho Governor and Legislature to nullify Obamacare on scriptural grounds. The Church needs rise up and stop being so timid, our God is the King of King and Lord of Lords!


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