Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Dem. Convention: Celebration Of Abortion And Homosexual "Marriage"

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The Associated Press, quoting "Democrats" says, "This election is not simply a choice between two candidates or two political parties, but between two fundamentally different paths for our country and our families."

Indeed it is.

The Democratic Party platform stands in stark contrast to that of the Republican Party, and in direct conflict to the beliefs of many conservatives and most all biblical Christians. And to the beliefs of our Founding Fathers.

The Democratic platform is a celebration of abortion and homosexual "marriage." And socialism, with government as the source.

The Democratic platform, for the first time has removed the word "God," although they mentioned "God" seven times in 2008. They also removed the affirmation that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel.

It became clear last night that their plan is not "Forward." It is downward. Downward morally. Downward fiscally. Downward socially.

Two Different Paths. Two Different Worlds. Two Different Destinies.

I have included below, a link to the AP story which gives a quick summary of the Democratic platform, including an overview of their position on taxes, abortion, gay "marriage," immigration, medicare, campaign finance, healthcare and defense.

The Seattle Times carried another AP story yesterday, by Pauline Arrillaga, who makes the same point as she asks, "So how do two opposing world views look through the eyes of the voters who will choose?"

An ancient, inspired proverb tells us, "There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death." Proverbs 14:2 New Living Translation.

This election really is about 2 different paths. Two fundamentally different visions for America. Two different worldviews. Two different destinies.

One path clearly ends in death, not only for millions of unborn babies, but ultimately for those who are seduced into following it. History shows us that every failed civilization walked essentially the same secular, "progressive" path being offered to the American people as the "right" path.

Marcus Cicero, a Roman statesman and lawyer described a political and moral narrative of his time that parallels the words and tone of last night's Democratic convention. Government and more Government.

This is a link to the AP story and an overview of the Democratic platform.

Pauline Arrillaga in an Associated Press article published in the Seattle Times yesterday, asks the question, "So how do two opposing world views look through the eyes of the voters who will choose?"

Arillaga skips any pretense of being unbiased and immediately answers her own question, quoting an old, tired mantra often used by Dan Savage, Senator Ed Murray and other homosexual activists, trying to somehow correlate elements of the Civil Rights movement and the demands of the homosexual agenda, asking the reader to remember the past issue of school integration and "race mixing," adding the tired old line, "Imagine how stupid you are going to look in 40 years," she says to those who stand in defense of marriage.

She rightly notes that this election is not merely about issues---it is a battle about "underlying philosophies."

It is a battle of two opposing worldviews. One has God as the central figure---the giver of life and freedom. The other has man and government as the central figure---assuming the role of God, while not being God.

Jeremiah 6:16 projects a picture of a person traveling down a path---standing at a crossroads, deciding which road to take. One path is a wide, inclusive, progressive, "forward" and secular one---a path to dependency and bondage. The other is a tried and proven path that follows eternal moral and spiritual principles and values. An old path.

The prophet tries to persuade the traveler to chose the path that is the "good" way that leads to rest for your soul.

And the prophet Jeremiah says the travelers replied, "We will not walk in it."

America stands at the crossroads. The choices we make in the next 60 days will define a destiny.

It is written, "To whom much is given, much will be required." I believe people of biblical faith will be held responsible for the action we take or fail to take at this critical time in our nation.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Gary, if you read on in Jeremiah 6 you read of the consequences for choosing the wrong path. They are not pretty. Thanks. God bless.

  2. Ok, I've asked before and never gotten a real answer - where is birth control of any sort forbidden in the Bible? Ditto the union of two people of the same sex?

    Now I can understand some might find the 'icky' from some perspective just like those PETA people think all sorts of things I don't. But we know from the Old Testament that actions that interfered with a pregnancy was a property crime with a fine, not murder. We know from the Jewish side of the house that human life was considered to start 'with the breath' same as how God started it in Genesis. And God is all knowing, and as such knows exactly what Ovum will eventually be born and which ones won't regardless of the mechanism, so its most likely that all the miscarriages - silent and otherwise - which out number abortions by far, and all birth control methods all don't involve any 'innocent souls' - why would God put a soul in a vessel that isn't going to be born?

    And similar, where in the Bible does it say that God doesn't approve of same sex unions? As we know from John God is Love and He is where Love is. Since you can't magically get rid of gays and lesbians, isn't it better the be with someone than not? Doesn't Christ's Law mandate that Christians work to make other's lives better even if they aren't exactly the way you might want them to be? If they are going to have sex, isn't it better to be with a spouse rather than not?

    I'd love to hear any reasoned replies. (ones that just restate 'but they're icky and so are you' don't really add to the conversation but leave them if you must.)

    In the last 2 years I've met lots of real Christians and they don't talk like on this blog and can explain very clearly and rationally why they don't. They pray for the people who say the things I've shown them and hope they will find God's Grace, but they don't think they should negatively attack them - that's the thing that identifies those that do as not being very good followers of Christ.

    Any thoughts or is just demonizing the entire Democrat party ok for Christians in your opinion?

  3. Yes, definitely two different paths...

    We have one president who is honest about supporting equal marriage rights for same sex couples and the right to choose for women.

    ... And we have an opponent, who was for rabidly pro gay rights and pro-choice when he was running for election in Massachusetts, and now magically is not while he tries to appease the religious right in a national election. Dishonest and deceptive.

    I'm sure God can see through dishonesty, and I doubt he's rooting for Romney...

  4. Oshtur,
    Leviticus 20:13 expressly forbids gay sex. Just because it's in the Law of Moses does not mean it is no longer a sin since the coming of Jesus. Jesus said He came to fulfill the law, not destroy it. Therefore, gay sex and gay marriage are still sinful in God's eyes. The only thing Jesus did by dying on the Cross and raising from the dead, is to serve as a means of obtaining forgiveness for the sin of immoral sexual acts and the forgiveness and cleansing of all other types of sin. If it's a sin in thee eyes of God the Father, that means that Jesus also view it as a sin, because Jesus and the Father are one. Romans 1:27 says that men who burn with lust for other men are acting "unseemly" (sinfully). 1 Corinthians chapter 7 expressly says that men and women should marry each other. I hope that answers your question.

    With respect,


    1. No, Leviticus says it is toevah, ritually unclean, like eating shrimp, part of the purity code for as we know the Caanites and others had many sex rituals where men would do various sex related things with both women and men in their temples. Has nothing to do with anyone not currently a Jew.

      But you seem to think that the old Laws are still in place, they aren't. Jesus told us that the old Law would not pass until it had been fulfilled, and in the very previous statement had told us He was the fulfillment of the Law. Doh. Even Paul talks of the old Law and Christ's Law as two different things. I've read debates on both sides of these issue (a number of good ones on the internet) but the side trying to say the Law of Moses is still in effect always fails to make their case.

      Your view of Romans ignores that these were idolators turned over by God to these affections as a punishment - they were straight people acting in libertine fashions, again the sort of 'trendy' bisexualism that swept Facebook a year or so ago where all the girls were pretending to kiss other girls. Has nothing to do with people who are naturally gay.

      And that is part of the problem - if the Bible is true then it relates to this world no matter how much we know about it. We have learned a great deal about how sexual attraction is wired in the brain and how it develops in the fetus. If your assumptions were correct we would be finding that there was a mechanism that makes only women attracted to men and only men to women, but we don't - quite the opposite. We are biologically attracted to men or women and both sexes have all the genetic information they need to be attracted to either, and the way the fetus develops there most certainly could be men who are attracted to men and women to women. As I've quipped before if both sexes weren't supposed to be attracted to either sex the designer would have to have been incompetent and I don't think God is.

      Just as He gave us red hair, left handedness, the very short and the very tall, he gave us those men who are naturally attracted to men and women to women. The idea that he would even want us all to be the same is denied by the diversity of His creation both among man and nature.

      We are under the easy yoke of Christ's Law, and limited to righteous judgment - are they filled with Grace? Is what they are doing coming from a position of love? Christians who are obviously Graced have done this and said that marriage equality is a good thing, a Godly thing. It makes people's lives better, it brings them closer to God.

      Stop worrying about what sins someone else might be doing, it just tempts you to sin in a different way. Do as Jesus asked and don't do what He proscribed. Christian principles is what this blog is supposed to be about - I pray you can find and apply them in Christ's name.

  5. Faith and Freedom Staff3:10 PM, September 06, 2012

    Patrick. Your most recent comments have been rejected. This web site does not exist for you to sell and advertise your books, booklets or videos. Also, there are only so many ways for you to express your contempt for Gary. You have utilized all of them. He has been more than accomodating to your personal attacks.
    If you have something constructive to say please feel free to comment, other wise your repetitive expressions of contempt for him and all others who do not share your view will be rejected.


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