Monday, October 15, 2012

John Koster--Paul Ryan, Define "Extremism"

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"Extremism" seems to be the "new truth" of the secular progressives---becoming a tool more used than the old, new truth of "tolerance."

As the marker for "normal" continues to be moved further and further toward perversion, deviant behavior and barbarism, "extremism" is constantly being redefined.

The word extreme or extremism is showing up more consistently in news stories than in the recent past. And it is most often attached to a conservative who believes in traditional values.

Wikipedia, for example, says that extremism is "an ideology or political act far outside the perceived political center of a society."

"Perceived" is the key word. It is the hinge on which the definition of extreme swings.

The media has referred to both WA Congressional candidate John Koster and VP candidate Paul Ryan as "extreme."

Extreme compared to what?

Well, they say, the perceived political and social center.

There is a minority of activists in America who have colonized the news media, entertainment and public education. And have proclaimed a "center" that is continually moving toward the left, declaring that perversion and barbarism is "normal." This gives the perception that the majority of people agree. When often they don't.

And this is taught to each new generation in the public classroom, the news media and through entertainment products such as movies, etc.

Evolving truth rooted in relativism is a constantly changing truth. It authenticates and affirms the new "normal" which defines the newly established center, which is how we are told to measure ourselves, our politicians and our culture.

Moderate people are good, extreme people are bad. Right? So change "moderate" to mean what extreme used to mean.

Koster, Ryan and other candidates who believe in absolute Truth, are beginning to respond to this slight of mind tactic.

Here are a couple of examples:

On October 4, Q13 Fox television's C.R. Douglass interviewed John Koster.

In the first publication of the news story from the Q13 interview they gave the text of the interview, which included Douglass asking Koster if he is "too extreme on his social beliefs," however the printed link I saved has now been revised with that part taken out. However, you can see and hear the interview on the YouTube link above.

My point is that Koster was specifically questioned because of his conservative social beliefs. He believes marriage is between one man and one woman and believes in life. He opposes abortion. He may be "too extreme" according to the media.

Koster's response was that he doesn't think he is too extreme. He thinks his opponent, Suzan Delbene, is extreme for believing in abortion and calling it choice. She is also a vocal advocate to redefine marriage.

Paul Ryan did essentially the same thing during his debate with Biden. Because he is a national candidate, the national media is using the same "is he too extreme" narrative used locally against Koster.

You will recall that Ryan said something close to what Koster told local Q13 in the debate last week; that abortion on demand is extreme, believing in the sanctity of life is not extreme.

Immediately following the announcement that Paul Ryan had been picked as the VP candidate, the New York Times (August 26) ran this article, "Paul Ryan's Social Extremism." 

The New Yorker Magazine ran this following the debate; "Biden's Faith, Ryan's Extremism."

If you follow headlines, you will see a growing drumbeat to cast people who believe in biblical values in relation to life, i.e., opposing abortion---- and marriage, i.e., opposing homosexual "marriage" and the redefinition of marriage, as not only intolerant, but now "Extreme."

If we continue on this path we will see an escalating erosion of religious freedom for evangelical, biblical Christians.

This path, left unchecked, can lead to a place where portions of Scriptural teaching could be declared extreme and socially unacceptable.

Please be vigilant and informed on this issue.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Excellent. Thank you.

  2. Ryan believes that the children of rapists should not be executed for their fathers' crime. Yep, that's pretty extreme.

  3. Extremism isn't just opposing abortion. It's wanting to ban it even when birth might kill mom. It's banning it even in cases rape (cuz the rape might not be forcible, you know). It's disavowing science any time it conflicts with your religious or let corporations do anything agenda.

    If you want an idea of how far the republican party has moved to the right, just think of your hero Reagan. In his day, he was considered very conservative. He wouldn't make it through a primary nowadays. He raised taxes. He not only spoke with Democrats, he worked with them.

    Now you have tea partyers wanting to default on the national debt and getting our credit rating reduced. That's not extreme? I could go and on. But this hard move to the right is beginning to cause some serious problems for the party and the national party will be trying to move it back toward the center after this election.

    1. Only disavowing science when it's not science at all, such as evolution. It's a man-made religion without one iota of scientific proof. Science must be provable in a lab thru observation and be repeatable. Your science lesson for the day.

      Craig in Lacey

    2. Sorry Craig. Refusing to believe in something real doesn't really make it go away.

  4. "It's wanting to ban it even when birth might kill mom."

    Nobody has argued for that. Ryan's position is in line with the Catholic Church's, that abortion is only acceptable to save the mother's life.

    "It's banning it even in cases rape (cuz the rape might not be forcible, you know)."

    What's extreme is believing that a rapist should not face the death penalty but that his child should.

    1. "Nobody has argued for that"

      Really? How about having Gary make his own position clear right now.

      Gary, the balls in your court to clear this one up. If you could write the law, would you ban all abortions, no exceptions? Or would you allow abortion when birth would likely seriously hurt or kill mom?

      Maybe nobody is OPENLY arguing for that, but I believe your side would make it law if you could. And that's extreme.

    2. Gary's not going to reply, so how about one of his followers.

      Is there anyone following Gary that would write an exception into an anti-abortion law that would allow abortions when birth would likely seriously hurt or kill mom?

      Would anyone here write the law like that? I really doubt it.

    3. No one?

      This proves that the 'extreme' label does fit.


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