Monday, October 01, 2012

Who is Responsible for the Gay "Marriage" Law in WA?

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Larry Stickney and I were talking about some of our experiences with R-71 while having lunch the other day. That naturally led to a conversation about R-74 and the WA Legislature's vote to redefine marriage.

Who is responsible for this law?

Those who opposed and undermined R-71? Ed Murray? Or conservatives and people of faith who simply were not pro-active soon enough? Or does redefining marriage really reflect the true sentiments and beliefs of the state?

Here's the names of those who made it happen.

The bill to redefine marriage easily passed the House. It was the Senate that could have and should have defeated it and sent it back to Senator Ed Murray.

There were 4 people who broke with their colleagues in the Republican Party, stood against the State Party platform, violated the trust many voters had placed in them as Republican candidates and in some cases denied the values and teaching of their own religious faith.

This is how the Senate voted. Particularly note that it was 4 Republican senators who gave us homosexual "marriage."

Andy Hill--- Redmond

Joe Fain---Auburn

Steve Litzow---Mercer Island

Cheryl Pflug---Maple Valley

Also note that 3 Democrats stood with us for marriage.

Paull Shin---Edmonds

James Hargrove---Hoquiam

Tim Sheldon---Potlach

Cheryl Pflug has been rewarded by Governor Gregoire for her betrayal. She has been given a 5-year committee contract worth about $500,000.

Republican Senators Hill and Fain are not up for re-election this year, a fact that I'm certain played into their so-called "courageous" vote last year.

Republican Senator Steve Litzow (Mercer Island) is up for re-election in the 41st Legislative District.

I'm a life long Republican, however, I cannot in good conscience vote for someone simply because they are Republican.

On the historic marriage vote this past year, 4 Republicans betrayed us while 3 Democrats shared our values on marriage and stood with us.

There are lessons to be learned. May we learn from them before we cast our votes.

The following is the Senate roll call vote on redefining marriage:

Here's a look at how the 49 Senate members voted Wednesday on legalizing same-sex marriage. The measure now heads to the House:
Name Party Hometown Vote on gay marriage bill
Brian Hatfield D Raymond Yes
Paull Shin D Edmonds No
Andy Hill R Redmond Yes
Joe Fain R Auburn Yes
Doug Ericksen R Ferndale No
Lisa Brown D Spokane Yes
Maralyn Chase D Shoreline Yes
Steve Conway D Tacoma Yes
Tracey Eide D Federal Way Yes
Karen Fraser D Olympia Yes
David Frockt D Seattle Yes
Nick Harper D Everett Yes
Mary Margaret Haugen D Camano Island Yes
Steve Hobbs D Lake Stevens Yes
Jim Kastama D Puyallup Yes
Karen Keiser D Kent Yes
Derek Kilmer D Gig Harbor Yes
Adam Kline D Seattle Yes
Jeanne Kohl-Welles D Seattle Yes
Rosemary McAuliffe D Bothell Yes
Ed Murray D Seattle Yes
Sharon Nelson D Seattle Yes
Margarita Prentice D Renton Yes
Craig Pridemore D Vancouver Yes
Kevin Ranker D Orcas Island Yes
Debbie Regala D Tacoma Yes
Christine Rolfes D Bainbridge Island Yes
Rodney Tom D Bellevue Yes
Steve Litzow R Mercer Island Yes
Cheryl Pflug R Maple Valley Yes
James Hargrove D Hoquiam No
Tim Sheldon D Potlatch No
Michael Baumgartner R Spokane No
Randi Becker R Eatonville No
Don Benton R Vancouver No
Mike Carrell R Lakewood No
Jerome Delvin R Richland No
Mike Hewitt R Walla Walla No
Janea Holmquist Newbry R Moses Lake No
Jim Honeyford R Sunnyside No
Curtis King R Yakima No
Bob Morton R Kettle Falls No
Mike Padden R Spokane Valley No
Linda Evans Parlette R Wenatchee No
Pam Roach R Auburn No
Mark Schoesler R Ritzville No
Val Stevens R Arlington No
Dan Swecker R Rochester No
Joseph Zarelli R Ridgefield


  1. In other states like New York, angered voters ran candidates against pro gay marriage Republicans and took the traitors out of their seats. Who is running against the very "liberal" Litzow?? A liberal Democrat. Pflug was backed by the leadership of the GOP all the way to her appointment from Dem Gregoire? Hmmmm..sounds like we conservative Republicans need a change in the leadership at the top of the WSRP in January!!!

  2. 9:59 You are absolutely right. Is there a leader in the party who can rise and defeat the current leadership? I know the state party has fought John Koster all the way telling him he is too conservative. The present party leaders want McKenna and Dunn type candidates. We will see how that works out next month.

    1. The state repblicans have always taken you have to be pro choice to be electable on a state wide election . Same folks had problems with Reagan when he was overwhelming elected twice for President . They held their nose and waited .

  3. Hopefully our efforts will not be wasted on the state level as the Supreme Court goes to tackle same sex marriage at the federal level the fall.

  4. We need to send a message to these people that if they even talk to the other side, they're out! They are either with us all the way, or bye bye.

  5. I certainly do not blame conservatives , perhaps some our tactics have not always been right . I often critize this oganization because of its tactics , not its concern or views. Combining religion into the debate has limited the ability of the conversation on the pro traditional marriage side in many ways .

    In my opinion Academia and its liberal take over in the 60s has been the culprit . Facts V Theories and the left will use its theories over facts . People are taught theories . Taught to go against basic common sense , as if a mom and dad are interchangeable. The pro homosexual marriage is built on image and a concept of equality that limits the ability of kids to have a mom and dad in a married family .


    THE HISTORY IS NOT GOOD,i.e., party spending our funds the
    wrong way, RINO CANDIDATES, losing elections and making no
    real chanage in what we are doing, is truly a frusteration to be a conservative and have NO voice in anything in the state of Washington... it does not have to
    be that way...but we must WAKE UP and get busy.

    We have allowed ourselves to be outsmarted, outhought and
    outwitted to our own detriment and that of our state.

    Do you know someone with new ideas, intelligence and energy
    then talk to that person about joining us and even taking
    leadership roles.

  7. One person who bears a lot of responsibility is the same fellow who is running the Reject R74 campaign, Joe Fuiten. Here's a man who has undermined the pro-marriage movement at every turn. First, he opposed the R71 effort. When he succeeded in undermining that effort, leaving WA with gay marriage in all but name, he then publicly attacked the competence and candor of the men who actually stood in the gap and fought - Pastor Randall and Larry Stickney. Fuiten charged on his blog that they failed to run radio ads and a competent campaign. This is a blatant lie. But many read the charge and were believed it.

    Now Fuiten has hooked up with the slick political operator, Joseph Backholm. Their first act was to undermine the real marriage protection effort, I-1172, which was being run by a solid Christian citizen. These 2 characters saw I-1192 as competition for their own weaker, flawed referendum, so they discouraged people from signing and it died. Now they have raked in over $1 million from Christians, and it is not clear what this enormous sum of money is being used for. All we know for certain is that if Christians give their money to these 2 characters and even if we should win, the legislature can re-enact gay "marriage" the very next day. R74 is a scam designed to build the political stature of Fuiten and Backholm, not to protect marriage.


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