Thursday, November 08, 2012

An Unrestrained President--A Morally Conflicted Electorate

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My friend Franklin Graham told CNN that he believes America is on "a path to destruction" due to the election results.

He said, "If we are allowed to go down this road in the path the president wants us to go down, I think it will be to our peril and to the destruction of this nation."

A majority of the electorate did not agree.

Did this election happen according to God's will?

If so, why did He allow it?

Last March, in what he thought was a private moment, the President leaned over, tapped Russian leader Medvedev on the arm and whispered, "This is my last election, after the election I will have more flexibility."

Medvedev whispered back, "I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir."

Russia gave him some space and now the electorate has given him flexibility.

Hopefully we will all eventually "understand."

An Unrestrained President, A Morally Conflicted Electorate: Can any good come from this?

An Unrestrained President

An unrestrained US president, influenced by the likes of Saul Alinski, Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright, is a dangerous man. President Obama has promised to fundamentally remake America. That process is under way.

President Obama has already begun deciding which federal laws he will defend and which he will not defend.---"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the federal Defense of Marriage Act were the first to fall.

Obamacare tramples on the religious right of conscience.

An unrestrained president who claims to be "Christian", yet actively stands against the most fundamental beliefs of the faith and even disagrees with Jesus Himself by publicly professing to believe Jesus is NOT the only way to God, is a dangerous man.

His far left secular progressive agenda will be accelerated in the coming months.

A Morally Conflicted Electorate

Ironically, a majority of the US electorate consistently told polls and surveys they did not agree with the direction the country is headed, but re-elected the person who has set the course.

In every case where biblical values were up for a vote, they have been rejected. At least so far. Some issues are not yet called.

From marriage to marijuana to euthanasia, people have voted against biblical values.

Is this God's will?

It is true. God is sovereign. Nothing can happen that He does not allow.

While I strongly believe God is in control of all things, I also realize that he often chooses to limit Himself, to a great extent, by what He and the Holy Spirit can do through His people.

The pain of this past Tuesday will lesson with time, but we must not ever allow ourselves to return to the complacency that got us here. Or to forget the emotions of this tragic election.

This election ran deeper than a political party and political issues.

We are seeing less moral gray and more black and white in our culture. Not because the church has faithfully spoken biblical truth to the culture---statistics show we have not, but because the secular progressives---the religious left, has redefined good and evil, right and wrong, have through public education indoctrinated our children and are now acting on this relative, inverted "truth."

What was once sin, is now accepted and celebrated.

The near future will reflect a culture more like Sodom and Gomorrah, then the "City on a Hill" envisioned by Founders John Winthrop and William Bradford.

Persecution of those who practice biblical Christianity will increase and move from the virtual, social prison of being called intolerant, bigoted, a bully and hateful, to actual charges being brought against those who act or speak against the new truth. Including the teaching of biblical principles that conflict with these new truths.

Those who are not charged, will be labeled as extremists and will be marginalized as part of societal fringe.

In the name of being relevant or relating to the culture, some church leaders and pastors will advocate for those political leaders who embrace some small part of the truth, while actually standing against the "Truth" of God's Word.

And some people will follow.

And the darkness will expand. But it is written that the darkest moments are those just before the dawn.

I personally believe that in that persecution is the hope that awaits America. As the persecution grows, the Church will be forced to return to God's principles of love, obedience, justice, holiness, compassion, truth, and faithfulness. The Church in America will once again become the salt and light that Jesus told us we are supposed to be. And when all is said and done, I believe that revival will come to America. And that revival can spread to the world.

We must not curse the darkness. We must thank God for the mercy and grace He has shown us in allowing us to see this darkness and shine His Light to the world. As the Apostle John wrote, "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." (John 1:5 ESV)

Some have asked if I feel God is through with America. The proper question should be, "Is America through with God?"

I personally believe a great spiritual revival is in the making for the greatest nation in the history of the world.

And God will work through His people.

Be Prepared. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Was this election God's will? It was God's will for the Israelites to enter the promised land but they rebelled and died in the wilderness for their lack of faith. I believe it was God's will for individual Christians and the church to rise up and influence the culture and the election to bring about the needed change. Due to our rebellion and apathy we did not and many will die in the wilderness. I, for one, will fight.

    I live in either Seattle or Gomorrah

  2. The increase in the severity of natural diasters, storms, gay exaltation, hostility towards the people of true faith are not being connected to the removing of God's hand over out nation. I wonder what secret plans Russia and China are making? Biblical history shows that other nations were used to discipline Israel. However, if there is a far enough rift in our nation's morality, there is a point that can make it ripe for a harvest too, and maybe that is what God needs to bring about full repentance and healing. No right president or government at this point can bring the fullness of healing, unity, and restoration however God is maybe setting us for that blessing, testing before the blessing.

  3. You seem to be looking forward to someone making you and yours a martyr.

    Not going to happen, you will - as always - have your right to your religion, it just - as always - will stop at the nose of every other citizen who doesn't practice your religion.

    The First Amendment guarantees this, our state constitution does too. As to complaining about Obama saying all can find God, do you have the same complaint with our Unitarian founding fathers and early presidents who believed the same thing?

    You call the religious you don't agree with the left, but really it is you and yours that are the far right. It is the rise of religious fundamentalism that is the belwether of a dying culture, and I am glad that our citizens throughout this nation realized that America still has lots of life left.

    No, the problem was not that your side wasn't conservative enough, it was because it was out if step with this nation and even your own religious principles that you should be practicing.

    Christians who follow Christ's Law supported marriage equality, that you didn't says more about you than you seem to be able to comprehend.

    May your hearts be opened to God and His message someday soon.

    (oh and good luck with the knee replacement - friend just had her's done 6 weeks ago and already she is walking better than she has in decades... worth the pain, and do realize that a bit of post surgical depression is totally normal, don't let the 'bad' news of the elections compound it for you. All of it will pass)

    1. I would much rather be out of step with this nation than out of step with Christ. History shows that every nation overcome by immoraliity has been destroyed, again and again.

      As I've said before, Christ's law doesn't support immorality, that you and many others do says more about the short shelf life of this nation.

      Can't keep sticking your finger in God's eye without a price being paid.

      The lawsuits will start soon as someone doesn't want to host a 'gay marriage' reception in their ballroom or refuses to hire themselves out to take wedding pictures because of their biblical beliefs. We'll see then if the Constitution is still in force or not.

      Craig in Lacey

    2. Of course Christ's Law doesn't support immorality, you have yet to show any that's all. Still waiting in that regard and I figure I will for some time.

      As far as the lawsuits I am continually amazed by the low information voter. We have had domestic partnerships for years, they are just as protected as far as public accommodation services as weddings, they would be required to be treated as weddings, and yet, we have not had a single lawsuit in the state.

      Even if we do for one involving weddings, that is still religious discrimination by the business owner - just because their religion doesn't bless same sex marriages doesn't mean they can discriminate against someone who's religion does.

      Again, Christians are told they don't have to be concerned by those outside their church that they do business with, that whatever sins they are committing is God's concern, not theirs. And as Americans we all acknowledge that every other citizen has a constitutional right to NOT be our religion. So with both of these where does this idea that a business owner can discriminate because a customer's religion doesn't believe what their's does come from? Not the Bible, not the Federal Constitution, not the State Constitution.

    3. You didn't have to wait before, God's law is clear on homosexuality in general and what constitutes a marriage, period. I've made the case several times from the Bible, Chapter and verse included. You disagree, that's your right, still doesn't change what it says.

      The U.S. Constitution protects the free exercise of religion, according to the dictates of one's conscious (sic). The Bible tells Christians to be in the world, not of it. Since gay "marriage" is of the world, not of God, I'm not required to support it in any way.

      Now, if someone wants to challenge that in court, good luck.

      As to the church, yes, we are called to police ourselves. If a believer is unrepentant in their sins, they are to be treated as a unbeliever. Yes, that would include you and your 'pastor' boyfriend.

      As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

      Whatever the cost.

      Craig in Lacey

    4. The U.S. Constitution protects the free exercise of religion, according to the dictates of one's conscious (sic).
      Not to the extent it allows you to commit criminal acts. If your excuse was correct the anyone in the Aryan Nations Church could refuse service to anyone who wasn't white. And they can't.

      If a believer is unrepentant in their sins, they are to be treated as a unbeliever.
      You do realize that's exactly what I would say to you, right? You have yet to identify how a gay couple violates Christ's Law in any way.

      Sorry your understanding of the law, and the 100% purely secular civil contract of Marriage isn't going to serve you well in this world or the next.

      May you someday open your heart to God.

    5. Well I believe their have been excemptions to your understanding . Was not peyote allowed to be used in religious ceremonies ?

      The belief of any religious view does not have to satisy Oshtur/s understanding of the Bible . Just like Climate Change , Evolution if such restraints were held in the science world , no curricullum would be allowed in public schools because we can always find disagreement on those issues also using cridble science and facts .

      No surprise we find disagreement in the Bible . What the sattes does attemt to do is to allow kids to be xeempt in certain situations for the children to be swayed in a secfic view contrary to their own conscience . The conscience is what the Constitution is concerned with , in facta s the Bible teaches . Interesting how the Constitution and Bible are similiar that way . ;0)

      In the Bible Jesus teaches that what comes out of mans mouth is what is harmfull , but during the rise of Christianity Jews were still concerned about the Jews laws . The New Teastament teaches that both are acceptable , BUT neither views should be forced upon , it is what the conscience teachees. If your conscience teaches it is wrong , it would be there qwrong against God to go ahead and do it . But this is only for Christians I agree , and the state at one time understood the problems of INDIVIDUAL rights .

      I do understand the liberal view , such as the CLU defending the skin heads right to a parade .
      This is quite different in my opinion , for its a daily parade so to speak to some people.

      I personally see it as a good time t live , we have never had more believers living at one time in this world , and we have never had more responsibility and motive to spread the Gospel . Homsexuality and the acceptance is a small issue in comparision . But laws that say liberal churches supported that allow their minsitries greater freedoms but promote laws that inhibit the conscience of traditional beliefs is an interesting legal conflict in my opinion . Laws that at one time allowed believers freedom of concience are not changed helping some at the expense of others.


      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    6. And that is the issue Mick, do we go back to where people can do whatever they want to employees and customers based on the employer's religious beliefs or not? People dance around it but what they are asking for is a repeal of the Civil Rights Act. You think blacks of are inferior, discriminate against them. You think same sex couples shouldn't be able to register with the Marriage contract, deny them any service you would give to the 'really married' couples. Someone from another religion that allows anything yours doesn't, tell them you don't want their business or worse - just pick and choose which people of that religion you are going to do business with.

      That seems to be what people are saying and I am amazed that Americans would.

      So what is it, you really think that the right to discriminate against employees and customers is something we should support? Easy enough to do if so - just get them to repeal all civil rights laws, even the most basic because denying someone service because their religion allows same sex unions and yours doesn't is just about as basic part of that as you can get.

      If that's what you want just be clear about it and say so. Then go to your elected representative and get them to repeal the Civil Rights Act or replace them with someone who will. Just be honest about what it is you want here, that's all.

    7. Mick, you make an excellent point about the right of conscience. If we feel convicted about something that God has clearly called wrong, we are obligated to follow His word, not man's.

      Oshtur, sexual orientation is not ethnicity, as a person of color I find the continued attempt to link the two to be offensive and disingenious. There is no basis in Scripture for racism. There is a prohibition concerning sexual conduct and the circumstances under which sex is allowed, marriage between a man and woman. To not honor that is to violate the the first part of Christ's law. As the sign in many businesses says ' I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone'.

      Hitler's religion allowed for the extermination of a whole race of people, people of conscience resisted, refused to deal with the Nazis. Discrimination, you bet, as a matter of conscience. This is an extreme example, but you get the point.

    8. Be offended and obtuse all you want, but no one thinks that people are against a race or ethnicity by their color of skin alone. It was because people 'like that' were lazy, criminal, stupid, inferior. The race and ethnicity were always markers for other qualities they called inferior. And considering all the religious groups that most certainly did use Scripture as a justification for racism, I will call you on that too.

      Again, Christians can do business with people outside their church without them violating the Law, and were even told that the sins of these people was for God to deal with, not them.

      But, like Mick, if you want to overturn the Civil Rights laws then do so, but until you do they are the law of the land has they have been for almost half a century. A business can't decline to do business with someone because their religion believes differently than they do about anything, including marriage. You want that to be different then change the law.

    9. Christians can do business with pagans, they aren't required to, that's the difference. The 1st Amendment backs that up.

      I can't 'deal' with their sins, as I can't comdemn anyone to hell, only God can do that.

      I can refuse to deal with anyone as a matter of conscience per the 1st Amendment, don't like it, sue. Man's law doesn't supercede God's, marriage is between a man and woman, regardless of what the state says. I'll stand on that.

      In the world, not of it. Understand ? or am I being obtuse? =)

      Craig in Lacey

    10. So you are qualifying with the ability to business but not on marriage? When did God proscribe same sex marriage? Christ's Law is inclusive, not exclusive. So you aren't being obtuse, just presumptuous about what is in your realm and what is in God's.

      One thing we all know is you don't know God's will. Follow Christ's Law, let God deal with the rest as He asked you.

    11. I do follow Christ's law and it is exclusive. Islam can't follow it, nor Buddha, nor Ramtha, nor atheists. It's exclusive only to those indwelt by the Holy Spirit. It's impossible to follow otherwise.

      I love God and I love sinners, just not the sin, as Christ called us to do. That's in my realm, as you say. I've told you before I don't hate you, only what you do and how that will deceive the next generation into calling evil good and good evil.

      Do I know all God's will? Of course not, neither do you. He's told us what His will is for us. Believe on Him whom He sent. Don't be a hearer of the Word, do what it says.

      When did God proscribe incestual (sic) relationships? Oh, thats right, O.T., hmm..... doesn't apply, huh? Christ said nothing about incest or bestiality for that matter, so according to you, they should be included in Christ's Law, it being inclusive and all..... No, I didn't think so.

      God set the boundaries for sexual relationships, one man and one woman within the marriage covenant. Show me something different? Oh, you can't............. imagine that!!!!

      Romans 1 was written about that kind of thinking, futile, because you don't honor God as such. You've exchanged Him for yourself, the new god and you act accordingly.

      Good luck with that=)

      Craig in Lacey

    12. So we agree on many things but you bring up an excellent example with your examples of incest and bestiality.

      The question is, can a person filled with Grace, following Christ's Law, engage in either? No if the Old Testament was in force the answer would be no, but we know that the old law has passed, so what is the right answer? Since

      Excellent example for incest is the married couple in the UK that turned out to be a brother and sister separated at birth. Married for years, no idea they were related - did they commit a sin by marrying? Are they continuing to sin by not getting a divorce? To those that follow the Old Testament the answer is obvious -yes yes and yes. To those following Christ's Law we can see that is something they and God will have to decide and we can leave it up to them.

      If God didn't want there to be gay people He could have easily designed us so we weren't, for the same reasons men have nipples, men can be naturally attracted to men, for different reason's women to women. We are designed to be better people if we are sexual beings, happier, healthier, more giving, more trusting - all these things come from simply having sex on a regular basis. The idea that sex is 'bad' is a Roman corruption that wasn't part its Hebrew heritage. A need to control it, yes, but not do without for those who do not receive the divine gift of natural celibacy.

      Romans talked of straight idolators divinely punished with same sex desires, talking of the popular Mystery religions of the day, the equivalent to trendy bisexual activity like we still have today. Didn't say anything about people who are naturally gay.

      Sin is what isn't in compliance with Christ's Law, and two same sex people in a loving relationship before God can keep them just as well as anyone. The laundry list of 'don'ts' is gone, the things we don't do are the things that would make us violate Christ's Law. Christians are an example of how to be, not modern day Pharisees telling everyone how they shouldn't be.

      But we've gone around this mulberry bush before - again, I know people who are filled with Grace, and they supported marriage equality, the oldest sects of Christianity that avoided corruption support marriage equality, many of the churches of our founding fathers support marriage equality.

      Righteous judgement - are they filled with Grace? Is what they are doing coming from love? That is what defines morality and that's why the electorate wasn't conflicted rather so many calling themselves Christian that are behaving in ways incompatible with what He did and what He asked.

      Go out and do good works and leave the job of the Pharisees to someone else, its not what you were asked to do.

    13. I'm not quite sure where you were going with that 2nd paragraph, but no, grace is a gift of God thru faith. It's not indwelling as with the Holy Spirit. If you're asking can a person with the Spirit sin, the answer is yes. Read 1 John 1:9. The N.T. says we stumble in many ways, we all fall short of the glory of God. The difference is Christians don't have to jump thru all the hoops the Jews did. We have one mediator between God and man, that's Christ Jesus. We confess, repent and depend on God's strength and grace to overcome sin. It's a lifelong battle, believe me.

      As I've mentioned before, the purpose of the law is to convict of sin, w/o the law there is no sin, as Paul said.

      What does it mean to love your neighbor as yourself? Not do to them what you don't want done to you. How do we know what that is? Through the law. How do we love God with all our hearts, minds, and souls? Obedience to the best of our ability and seeking to know His Son intimately, closer than a brother. Christ didn't abolish the law, He came to free us from the penalty of the law. He said all the law and prophets are contained in those 2.

      We are not to cause each other to stumble, people may think they're acting out of love or going along to get along. I'm sure legalizing gambling, pot, and prostitution seemed like the right things to do too. Romans 1 speaks to that thinlkng too. futile, has nothing to do with 'mystery' religions. It has to do knowing God but not honoring God. So He turned them over to do what was right in their own eyes, as He does whenever people forget Him.

      As for the U.K. couple, they had no knowledge aforethought, God doesn't address that, O.T. or N.T., He'll work that out. You do have the knowledge and choose to ignore it. There's nothing pharisitical about pointing that out. You still haven't shown an example of same-sex marriage in Scripture. How come?

      Oh, its my pleasure to do good works, faith w/o it is dead as James said.

      Craig in Lacey

      P.S. Sorry for the long reply guys, I'll try to keep it short, thanx for keeping the light on =)

    14. Yes. Short and simple answer, Christ's Law is about what we should do, it has no prohibitions other than that which conflicts with it.

      And the question is where is same sex marriage prohibited? No where. Christ's Law is inclusive and about what we should do, not what we shouldn't.

      Explain to me how a same sex married couple is violating Christ's Law?

    15. Because it's not what we SHOULD do.

      "for this reason a man shall leave his mother and father and be joined to his WIFE, and the 2 shall become 1 flesh." Not his husband or her wife, there's the conflict.

      That's why I can't marry my sheep or sister or another man. Short and sweet.

      Craig in Lacey

  4. Well said Gary. While Romney would have changed ou course to some degree, it may have only postponed the inevitible darkness that we must experience before the light can prevail. Very discerning and prophetic.

  5. This story was written by God's chosen thousands of years ago. We are powerless to change the course. God's plan is unchanged and will remain so. This battle is ours to fight - one soul at a time. Are you living your life in God's light? Do you use your life to inspire someone else to ask you about our Lord? As many as we can, one at a time, we need to lead others to salvation. If you love your fellow human, you want all souls to be saved before the end. There isn't much time left to lead others to the narrow path.

    The cliff approaches.

  6. AP & NBC just declared that gay marriage was upheld in Washington state.

    And it now can be said, that since 2012, every time the people have voted on gay marriage, they have supported it.

  7. It's been a falling away so far. Yet I know God is able to restore. I believe many will be restored. Sadly, many will not.

    Isn't a harvest where both wheat is gathered and also chaff burned? One is received and the other refused and destroyed.

    If they won't hear Moses and the Prophets, will they hear the good news of Christ? I guess not. See Luke 16:31

  8. Yes and Nero fiddled while Rome burned, then he blamed the Christians for his own evil deed. Nothing has changed, the darkness is always seductive to those without the light of Christ.

    Craig in Lacey

  9. The problem is Homosexuality , abortion,
    anti union and other social conservative
    religious concerns don't put meat and potatoes on tables ,clothes on backs and roofs over heads.

    The voters are finally listening to the little boy saying ,"Hey look the king is naked. The king doesn't have any clothes on."

    It is not trickle down it is trickle around.

  10. To Oshtur Vishanti:
    Those that embrace beliefs that are contrary to anothers, should do business with and socialize with those that are of the same belief. That way, neither will intrude on the other. Why should you force someone to do something that is repulsive to them? Just so you can have your selfish and different belief forced on someone! You try to make your position sound religious, but not Christian.
    Do we Christians try to force Islamist owned stores to carry pork? No! Think about it!

  11. Same reasoning used by white business owners for refusing black customers or have black employees. You don't think they honestly 'believed' that was the right thing to do? That their racism was 'on the side of the angels'?

    As to 'thinking about it' I wonder if you have? Your example would be trying to force an event organizer to do a wedding when they don't do them. Using your example this is going into an Islamist store and trying to buy halal beef and their telling you they won't do business with you - not because of what you want to purchase but because of who you are.

    Someone sells wedding services, sell them to anyone who is having a wedding ceremony. But again, it has been illegal to refuse to work on a domestic partnership wedding by a business owner for 5 years here in Washington, no discrimination lawsuits yet that I know of.

    That is a point though - why not instead of having a hissy fit, contact the Christians that support marriage equality. I and my pastor husband have already discussed this - having the business owner contact the people on the marriage equality side to approach the customers and offer them other business owners, choices with people who would be more than glad to have the business, do a better job and probably some discounts rolled in there to boot.

    Again what is the Christian rationale for refusing the customer anyway? Paul said its ok to do business with those outside your church, whatever their sins are they are God's concern, not yours. Why would they refuse to rent a room, set up tables, chairs, silverware, etc. anyway?

    1. Domestic partnerships are'nt marriages,

    2. No but they are required by law in Washington to be treated the same, again, same rules would apply - no complaints last 5 years.


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