Friday, November 30, 2012

California: A Profile Of The Future

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Most agree that California has become one of the most progressive left states in the country.

Many also agree that if far left politicians are elected and their policies enacted, it is certainly a profile of the future of many states---perhaps the country.

Many of you know I served as youth pastor in a large church in North Hollywood for a number of years. In those days Hollywood was a moral cesspool, but the state itself had not drifted nearly as far left.


Now California, with far left Governor Jerry Brown, has cast aside all restraint.

This is important to all states, but particularly Washington State. In fact WA state is laying similar tracks that lead to the same destination. And that is one that includes an outrageous, extreme advancement of the homosexual agenda, including censorship of Christian organizations in public schools and outright discrimination.

Heads up Washington.

Last week Gov. Brown appointed the first openly homosexual judge to serve on the California Court of Appeals.

He also appointed lesbian attorney Puala Rebenstein to justice in a San Diego court.

Advancing the homosexual agenda is clearly a priority for Brown. When he was Governor the first time, he appointed the first openly homosexual person to be judge in America.

Randy Thomasson of Save California told One News Now that his continuing actions affirm that Brown cares more about promoting the homosexual agenda than the Constitution.

Brown and like minded legislators are also actively and systematically changing the law to further advance the agenda and reengineer the culture.

Brown recently signed SB 1172 which bars parents from being allowed to seek counseling for children who think they are homosexual.

He also signed AB 1856, which forces foster parents to positively support homosexuality, bi-sexuality, cross dressing and sex changes among abused kids in their care.

California public schools are required to celebrate "Harvey Milk Day," which honors a homosexual who was a child sexual predator.

Christian clubs, such as Child Evangelism Fellowship, are under constant attack. Schools have gone so far as to prohibit them from even distributing materials making kids aware of the opportunity during release time, however, the same schools have allowed the distribution of secular materials that specifically target religious materials for discrimination.

Fortunately, some of these cases have gone to court and Christian parents have won.

Brown also signed SB 1140 which paves the way for homosexual "marriage". The details are in the story linked above.

California Assembly Joint Resolution 43, which passed recently, provides for state legislators to now petition President Obama and Congress to include sexual orientation and gender identity in federal anti-discrimination laws under so called "queer-rights."

Sadly, there's more in the two links above.

So, I'm glad I'm not raising kids in California. Right?

Washington State is much, much further down this path than many would think, or the homosexual activists would have you believe.

Sen. Ed Murray, Rep. Jamie Pederson and other homosexual activists have brought the state to this point through incrementally changing individual laws, while denying a larger agenda. Murray has now been praised by the Seattle Times and other news organizations for his heroic systematic incrementalism.

So-called "marriage" will not be the end of the road. Every law and every social norm will be addressed, through legislation, to conform to the homosexual agenda and lifestyle, unless these folks are stopped.

1,431,285 people in Washington State voted against re-defining marriage.

If those 1,431,285 good people can generally get on the same page at the same time, we can make a difference.

The defense of marriage and the culture is not a lost cause---yet. I urge you to stand with us and others of like mind as we build a broad coalition and take definitive steps to stand against this tide of evil.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Informed. Be Blessed.


  1. "Now California . . . has cast aside all restraint" implies that California has now bottomed out. I, instead, don't think we've seen anything yet of how low things can and will go.

  2. Gee, what definitive steps would you take and how would the money be spent toward these steps? Somehow, that just never comes up, now does it? Gosh, I just can't imagine why not.

  3. As an Orthodox Christian, I believe the current state of affairs is the sad but inevitable conclusion of a false premise at the foundation of our Republic. Religious Pluralism. Having failed to affirm the primacy of Christian Faith, the gate has been left open to every man doing that which is right in his own eyes.
    Sadly, many of our Sectarian Voices are fully in lock step with this moral tailspin and there is no shortage of 'clergy' to affirm and endorse each new step away from God's revealed truths.

  4. Boizeau you have a good point . Pluralism in the manner it has been ushered in under the mindset of liberalism through Academia has really been anything but tolerant and open minded. Most college campuses today if your are a believing Evangelical or Catholic you will be surrounded with a culture of contrasting closed minded view points , often with your beliefs and culture being underminded , ridiculed, and mis represnted in the classroom and elsewhere.

    1. AMEN AMEN and AMEN to you Gary... Praise be to God in the hightest. Let us stand as one.

      Bonnie in Roy


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