Thursday, November 01, 2012

Seattle Woman Thanked by Obama Team for Voting in North Carolina

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A Seattle area woman received an email this week from President Obama's "Organizing For America," thanking her for voting last week in the North Carolina election and asking her to further volunteer to help the Obama campaign.

Here's the email:

-----Original Message-----

From: Erin Morris
To: Sent: Mon, Oct 29, 2012 8:28
Subject: Thank you for voting

[First name of woman here]

North Carolina voting records show that you've voted. Thanks so much for casting your ballot early, and helping to move our country forward by participating in this critical election!

Now that you've voted, I'm wondering if you can help make sure as many North Carolinians as possible get to the polls.

If you're willing to pitch in, can you help get out the vote?

You can sign up to volunteer at -- we're always looking for folks to lend a hand by making some calls or knocking on doors. President Obama and other Democrats are counting on you to ask your neighbors to make their voices heard between now and November 6th. So come out to an event and do your part.

Thanks for all you're doing,


Erin Morris
Field Organizer
Organizing for America - North Carolina

Here's the problem.

The woman lives on the eastside of Seattle. She was born in Bellevue. Has never lived on the East Coast. And isn't voting for Mr. Obama.

I am certain of this because I have known her since her birth.

She is my daughter.

This week, NBC's Today Show announced they have determined that Romney may win the popular vote, but that they feel President Obama has enough electoral votes wrapped up to be re-elected.

Have they already counted the votes? Or are they holding the votes they have forged, planning to turn them in on Election Day?

Thought you should know. Seeing Dino Rossi at the grocery store a while back reminded me, Washington State has had some funny outcomes in major elections.

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active, but not that active. Be Blessed.



  1. Obama and his Chicago corrupt thug will attempt anything to get him elected

  2. I wonder how many other places she's voted. For that matter, now I'm wondering how many places I'M voting this year.

  3. OK, my last post seems to have been censored so I'll try it again.

    It's most likely nothing more than a mis-typed email address for a legitimate voter in NC who happens to have the same name as Gary's daughter.

    It's really common for people to use some form of their name and then a number, as in "". If a campaign worker accidentally entered that as "", it would likely still be a legitimate email address for someone else with the same name. So they vote in NC, Obama's campaign sends them a thank you for voting. But it goes to the wrong email address who just happens to have the same name because people use their names in their email addresses.

    If there was anything more than the name (especially just the first name), that could be suspicious. Voting fraud is a felony. If you really believe that's what this is, file a complaint. But you and I both know that it's really just a matter of a legitimate voter in NC and a mis-typed email address. Besides, do you really think a campaign committing voter fraud would send out thank you emails? Get real.


    1. So ... I'm the daughter. And no, my email address doesn't have any part of my name in it. Nor would it be very likely that someone would have an email address even remotely close to it. I understand your rationale, and would love to think it was just a simple computer error. It seems these days that everything can be simply "explained away."

  4. Seems to me that this is a "God thing". To have some one politically savy in the Seattle area get a thank you email from Pres. Obama's North Carolina campaign??? Sounds really fishy to me -- but as we know God works differently. Have you filed a complaint? Have you followed up to see if it was legit or maybe an email mistake? I sure would. Like your Dad's Blog says we need to vigilant and watch for FRAUD!

  5. Timely post, Gary, a couple big cases of voter fraud has just been uncovered.

    1) In Clackamas County, Oregon, a part time elections office worker has been caught and charged with altering ballots. They were filling in any races left blank and voting for the the Republican candidate.

    2) In Harrisonburg, VA, a former employee of a firm the Republican party hired for voter registration has been charged with dumping Democratic registrations and not turning them in.

    1. Both despicable. I want to see the Republicans win, but not through dishonesty. Much better to have a lousy result than a false one.

  6. Joel That's the point. Many of us are wondering how many different places we have voted this election.


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