Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Who Will Win?

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The pundits and pollsters have made their predictions as to who will win the presidential election today. All have been published, parsed and discussed. Now the people vote.

However, before you vote, the Seattle PI published one more prediction.

Kenyan witch doctor, John Dimo, has made a prediction.

Sitting in front of his hut, in Kogel Kenya, the ancestral home of Barrack Obama and his father, John the witch doctor threw a few shells, bones and magic items to help make the prediction.

He found the shells, bones and magic told him Obama would win.

I have been in Kogel and other villages in and around the Kisumu area of Kenya. There are some strong Christian churches in the area. I have lived with these people and can assure you their lives are not guided by shells, bones or magic items.

Their lives are directed and protected by the Holy Spirit of God. And His Word.

May we find that direction today, as we seek God's will for the country and the state.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. We should know God's will by now. We have to do courageous acts of faith to implement it, or pay for our wicked ways of omission and commission, e.g., through Obama's psychopathic rule, the "marriages" of homosexual addicts, the genocide of our babies, the Mexican invasion, monetary slavery by banksters, gutting our military, death panels, ad nauseam. Doing the same things and expecting God to heal our land will simply get us more iron rods. Submitting to the pastoral authority of cowards has been suicidal for individuals and the nation. Our extreme circumstances will require extreme acts of faith and proofs of repentance. Prayer alone won't cut it. Neither will half-measures. Are all of you up to it?

    1. What are you recommending we do?

  2. @ Ernst - Are you asserting that God's will is to vote for an anti-Christ priest of a Satanic religion???

    Really - you voted for an avowed enemy of Jesus Christ - Mitt Romney?????

    What horrible hypocrisy to call yourself a disciple of Jesus and then slap Him in the face by voting for His enemies and Satan's emissaries.

    In the Lord Jesus Christ

    PS To keep it real, I voted for Gary Johnson.

  3. Gary

    Needless to say I have had many temptations of what to write after the election. However, before I made any intemperate remarks, I wanted to know the mind of the Lord. One of the thoughts that struck me is - I wonder how Gary would behave if Obama lost, a Satanic priest won - and R74 was defeated. I wonder what his real heart would be towards his enemies - the liberals, democrats - and the disciples of Jesus who won't depart from the pure Word of God.

    I look forward to your input.

    In the Lord Jesus Christ,

  4. Turns out this witch doctor was more accurate in his prediction than Dick Morris, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, everyone at Fox News, etc.

    You guys might want to use him instead of Rasmussen next time.

    1. I agree, if Obama can win, then we've all gone mad.


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