Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Britain: "Let's Return To Christian Roots"

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A nation that has been consistently described as "Post Christian," is re-thinking its present moral condition and the matter of its Christian roots.

Britain has been fertile ground for Darwinism, atheism and secular progressivism for generations, but a recent poll released by Oxford University indicates that a large majority is ready for a return to their Christian roots.

A recent Oxford University poll found that 64%, nearly two-thirds of Brits feel Christianity should make a comeback in the country and the culture.

And 57% of the people felt that Christianity should be taught to students in a way that helps them better understand the history of their country.

A slight majority, 51%, even felt that Christianity should be taught to students because it will provide a moral compass to help them decipher right from wrong.

Imagine that.

Andrea Williams with Christian Concern, told One News Now, "It is striking that so much of the public sees the need for Christianity to be taught properly. We are often given the impression that teaching about Jesus and His message is old-fashioned and irrelevant to a modern generation, but this survey shows that many people value the Christian framework."

People in many contemporary cultures are becoming more confused and conflicted about a basis for moral decisions.

You can be sure the naysayers are out in force this week in England, trying to divert the attention turned toward Christianity and explain why this can't happen.

But I see a grain of hope in all this.

This could well indicate a low point in which people recognize that the alternatives are failing---miserably, and begin to re-consider.

Our country is likely not there yet, but it is apparent that under President Obama we are rushing toward the moral bottom, as he commits to the expansion of abortion, the redefinition of marriage and seemingly opposing everything Christian, while claiming to be a "Christian."

It could be that this would create an American epiphany in regard to our own spiritual roots and personal needs.

And remember it only takes a spark to get a fire going---and another "Great Awakening."

God help us.

Be vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. I am totally amazed. Wow, could revival really happen in Britain? Of course it could. Just knowing how Jesus has been revealing himself to people in Iran through dreams and visions and how so many are turing to Christ under horrendous persecutions thrills my hearts. As He says, "Be still and know that I am God"

  2. Gary's take on this was certainly biased. Let's compare his take to the actual University of Oxford website report.

    Gary '64%, nearly two-thirds of Brits feel Christianity should make a comeback in the country and the culture'

    Oxford University '64 per cent agreed that children need to learn about Christianity in order to understand English history'


    Gary '51%, even felt that Christianity should be taught to students because it will provide a moral compass to help them decipher right from wrong.'

    Oxford University 'Areas of Christianity that people regarded as particularly important for children to learn about in RE were the history of Christianity (58 per cent), major Christian events and festivals (56 per cent), and how Christianity distinguishes right from wrong (51 per cent)'


    Didn't see anything about actually teaching kids right from wrong, just objectively teaching how christianity goes about determining it. More of an analytic thing.


    1. The Bible , Gods word, is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Satan is the deliverance of lies,and would like us to twist the truth that the Word of God is some how different today for our generation, like Gary said old-fashion. It would be my prayer that any one reading Garys blog would read with an open mind and an open Bible to see what the word of God really does say. In the end every knee shall bow every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. Gary is bringing us the truth we need to heed this truth before it is to late.

      In Him

      Bonnie in Roy

    2. If you think Gary's take on this is biased, then do some research yourself. Find out the truth. Then make your conclusion. Don't make conclusions after taking one minute to read an article. Work on it so that you can say cobnfidently that Gary's take is biased. Otherwise, keep your mouth closed. As the saying goes, keep your mouth closed and be considered a "fool." Open it and you'll have it confirmed.

  3. Yes, this is a manufactured headline. The poll was actually about what should be covered in public education Religious Education classes, and more telling is the majority of non-Christians also thought that Christianity should be covered in Religious Education classes:

    Support for Christianity was not just among those who identify themselves as Christians as those who identified themselves as ‘not religious’ also supported the need to learn about Christianity in order to understand English history [54%]

    This was about how much time and emphasis on Christianity should be included in Religious Education classes not a 'Let's Return to Christian Roots' epiphany. You should know better than getting material from a website known for distorting the truth.

    The actual press release from the University of Oxford is easy to find with the Google since any links in comments aren't allowed.

  4. Gary, thanks for bringing this to light. The last two years have been truly great for Britain. I have to say that the royals are doing a great job of instilling a sense of decency once again, and there is a tremendous sense of preserving the Christian heritage of the nation, since they felt it has come under attack by an overly zealous political correct movement and a vocal Islamist movement. Let's pray that a Great Awakening takes root and spreads across the Atlantic as it has done before.

  5. The fact that non-christians supported the teaching of Christianity in public schools is telling. I believe they can see the moral decline in their culture as well. If one child is led to Christ because of this, there will be more rejoicing in heaven than for all those saved already. Go Brits!

    Craig in Lacey

    1. Craig,

      Have you actually read the poll from the Oxford site? It doesn't sound like it. You can't go by Gary's version. Gary is very misleading on this. This poll is not about the teaching of christianity, it's a poll of what should be taught about christianity when you get to that religion in Religious Education classes. Big difference and it might lead to defections. I was a christian until I was able to objectively look at it.


    2. Did you look earnestly, deeply and truthfully? How long did it take you to make your decision? It's going to be heaven or hell for anyone. Try it again and this time look deeply ahd honestly into what Jesus Christ has done for you. It's not religion (Christianity), works or being a good person. It's a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. If you look for it, you will find it, if you look for it with all your heart. GO FOR IT.

    3. Mark

      Yes, I have and just looked again in case I missed something. I didn't. To teach about Christianity is in essence to teach Christianity. It would be the same for any subject matter. If I taught about cats it would be teaching of cats. You're playing semantics. When I witness to others, I speak ABOUT God's grace, forgiveness and love. I speak OF Christ's sacrifice on the cross. What leads to defections are too numerous to list here. I was an atheist until I was able to objectively look at it.

      Works both ways. The question is, whom will you serve and what are the eternal ramifications of that choice. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

      That the Gospel is taught in public education is a wonderful thing, good things will result, for which the angels will rejoice.

      Craig in Lacey

    4. Apparently, the answer is, no, you didn't actually read the Oxford site itself. You trusted Gary. Big error. You should verify the information. You would easily discover how Gary misrepresents things. It's painfully obvious when you refer to the source in this case.


    5. Craig you seem to see what you want to see. The real situation is that Britain already has Religious Education classes, they already talk about Christianity, and this poll was just to gauge what people think should be accomplished during this education and where its emphasis should be. The purpose of the poll was to help craft guidance on how teachers should approach the subject.

      A teacher 'witnessing' isn't even on the radar and would be just as inappropriate there as it would be here. That was the point of the poll to find out what areas people thought the education should cover - proselytizing wasn't even a mentioned result.

      Again, talking about stuff they already do, just figuring out what parts to emphasis and consider. No 'return to roots' no 'Christian revival' just how to lay out the teacher's teaching plan.

    6. Mark, what? You don't understand plain English? I said yes, I did read the web site and Gary misrepresented nothing. Read the title for crying out load. My point stills stands, apparently Christianity isn't being taught properly or people certainly think it isn't and want accuracy. Good for them.

      Oshtur, same point, clearly this poll shows people think somethings lacking in the RE classes. I never said these classes were new, where did you get that? You can proselytize anywhere you want, Jesus gave no restrictions. What the State says doesn't take precedence over the Gospel. You should know better, ask your bf.

  6. Mark. Your angst toward Gary is stunning. Why do you read this blog if you feel Gary misrepresents things. This blog is his opinion. If you don't like it don't read it. Why do you think he is so careful to link his sources? So he can prove that he is misrepresenting what he is saying. Why does he let people like you come on here and make accusations? Your progressive sites don't allow negative comments like yours. Who is the bigger person? Get real.


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