Wednesday, February 06, 2013

McKenna Helping Push Boy Scouts Toward Moral Cliff

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Today, the Boy Scouts of America will make a moral decision that will forever define their future.

They will hold to the moral values and principles they have maintained since their founding over a hundred years ago----or they will cave to pressure from large corporation donors who have caved to homosexual activists and social pressures from high profile personalities.

If they cave, there will be a mass exodus from their ranks, led by the Southern Baptist Convention, the Catholic Church, the LDS Church and hundreds of thousands of biblical Christians who have stood with the BSA.

Money, as is often the case, is, it seems, at the heart of the matter. However, the issue is driven by homosexual activist groups intent on forcing the BSA to abandon their long held, biblical values.

It is true that a number of major corporations have withdrawn, or threatened to withdraw their financial support if the Scouts don't abandon their biblical beliefs regarding homosexual behavior.

It is also true that a good number of high profile personalities through their association with these activist groups are helping push the Scouts off the moral cliff.

Rob McKenna is one of several you will know.

The homosexual activist group, "Scouting for All", has been very active in publishing the names of all the corporations that support the Scouts then initiating actions against them, including boycotts, etc.

For example, in 2010, UPS gave the Scouts $167,000. UPS said they were not going to be bullied into withdrawing their support because of the Scouts "gay" policy.

Shortly thereafter, following public relation attacks and public boycotts, UPS caved and changed their mind.

Remember KOMEN and Planned Parenthood? Same thing.

Now, "Scouts for Equality," another homosexual activist organization, lists UPS as one of their financial sponsors.

Interestingly, they also picture a number of high profile personalities who support their nationwide petition attack on the Boy Scouts of America, and their demand that the Scouts abandon their biblical beliefs regarding homosexual behavior.

Their website is linked above and again here. Please click and be informed.

You will note the page of pictures of supporters includes President Obama, Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney, several homosexual activist entertainers and Washington State's own Rob McKenna---third row down, second from the left.

Good day, Mr. McKenna.

You will further note that a few rows lower and a little to the right of McKenna is Jay Inslee.

I told you last November they were on the same page on the most important moral issues.

When Rob runs again and certain pastors stand him up in their pulpits again, telling you he is almost one of us, don't believe it, again.

Remember, he and Mr. Inslee are on the same page. Except on this page, we find Inslee a little to the right of McKenna.

Conservatives. People of faith. Evangelicals. Surely we can do better than this. Can't we? This cannot be the poster picture of what the GOP is trying to become. Can it?

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Bold. Be Active. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. This will come as no surprise to the Storman family and the pharmacists employed at Ralph's Thriftway.

  2. McKenna worked many years for Obama's White House counsel. What do you expect?

  3. There is of course a completely cogent 'other side' to this but what's the point, you aren't interested.

    While the national BSA might be motivated a bit by money, its is primarily about relevancy. Saying a child that has participated for years is suddenly not welcome because of their sexual orientation goes against the Scout Law and the Scout Oath and most people's sensibilities in many parts of this country.

    Scouting is at a cross roads, kids today don't have the free time we did when we were kids, Scouting used to be our 'extra curricular' activity, and a convenient place to drop off all the boys for at least one night a week. But all scouting programs in industrialized nations are suffering declines in participation.

    Canada did an exit study of members and recently departed ones released in 2011, the primary reason for kids leaving was 'they didn't have the time' with 'it was boring' being right up there too (study available on line, I can send F&FN a link if they want it). There were more reasons but none of the ones you would hope are there - it is primarily just not an interesting enough for even young kids today and they are voting with their feet.

    As long as there are exclusions like sexual orientation and religion, there will be complaints, particularly if the organization takes special governmental privileges like it does under Title 36 of the US Code. But if it were to give those up and truly become the private religious youth group it said it was before the US Supreme Court, that would take away a good part of what little 'wow' factor it has left.

    So what is the remedy? I don't know, but an organization that kicks out kids for something that most people think they have a right to be isn't going to be one invited to schools, conducive to donations, or attractive to today's youth. That will only get worse as time goes on.

    I enjoyed my time in scouting but know that today I wouldn't have stayed in once I hit middle school - I see how scheduled my niece's time is - there just really wouldn't be the time anymore.

    Its a pity actually - do our kids really need to have day planners so soon?

    1. Oshtur Vishanti,

      The issue is very relevant because so many closeted sodomite scout leaders have already been documented to have attacked children under their care. There are well-known news accounts of these attacks, so you should do your homework next time before making false claims.

    2. Not really , homosexuality is immoral. If a young man tells the truth , helps little old ladies accross the street, helps neigbors, loves his fellow man , but has a compulsion to steal and does so , then atemts to say to others its ok because he has a compulsion to do it , he still not acceptable as a scout leader.

      Its you who refuse to understand , your homosexuality is immoral. Just like someones lying or stealing is . Because your a nice guy in your view , you somehow consider yourself exempt from morality.

    3. Yes, I know CINOs think that but Christians do not, and as made clear on the BSA web site 'morally straight' refers to the religion of the scout, not anyone else's.

      Your sect doesn't think being gay is moral then don't be gay, but for all the kids who are Christian, they can be and be moral.

  4. Gary you were right in November and are right now. Thank you for keeping the light on and keeping us informed. I read an article yesterday that said the gay activists have put out talking points asking people to talk down the fact that the Scouts are caving to the money threats, but are just trying to be relavent.

    1. If it is just the money then that solution is easy and obvious - make up the losses yourself.

      Problem solved as far as you're concerned.

    2. Why ? Money is not the problem . Its been obvious public schools have distanced themselves from scouting in many ways . They use to be strong supporters. Boys and Girls Clubs have taken the place. It should make you feel good , they do not promote or model values or morality . In fact many public school teachers have advocated for legal pot .

      I would say make up the losses on our communities and how we treat our neigbors yourself using your logic . But it seems your just fine with it . Thanks for making sure these Christians see the tolerance and morality of your side of the view .

  5. There have been numerous attacks on scouts by sodomits who posed as leaders. That's proof enough that those with such inclinations are not suitable to supervise children.

  6. Oshtur Vishanti,

    The issue is very relevant because so many closeted sodomite scout leaders have already been documented to have attacked children under their care. There are well-known news accounts of these attacks, so you should do your homework next time before making false claims.

    1. The key word being 'closeted' in contrast countries that allow out gay scouts and leaders have no problem. No better and alert protector of the kids than an out gay man.

    2. LOL , Just read about one European country which claimed its open tolerance to sexuality has reduced the abuses of child molestation . What theyb did was actually decriminize some of the acts , like accessing child porn on computers. So if it is not illegal or immoral , there is no problem right .

  7. Oshtur, you are delusional and prefer to continue to sound intellectual and 'above' your readers. However, "The Emperor Has No Clothes"

    Homosexuality is something I am very familiar with and the statistics defy what you are constantly droning away. Homosexual men are constantly on the look out for grooming the younger generation so they can add to their ranks. There is no other way.

    I know just what your response is going to be .... but it will fly in the face of street smarts and you will sound so convincing and reasonable. People are not born homosexual it is a choice and those who have been trapped in it often describe it as a 'leaching kind of spirit jumps on you'.


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