Friday, March 22, 2013

Muslims Accuse WA State Teacher Of Bullying

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Mary Janda has been a middle school teacher in Concrete, a small Washington State town of 700, for the past 21 years.

She is now being accused by the Washington affiliate of the HAMAS connected Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as being a bully.

They are also accusing her of racism.

The incident happened last October, but the radical Islamic group began their attack last month by contacting the federal government and asking them to investigate comments made by Janda.

So, what was she teaching?

She was teaching a mandated class on bullying. Now she is being bullied.

While the national press is covering the story, the Seattle press and media, with the exception on one, seems to be ignoring the story. I think I know why.

During her class discussion on bullying, she referred to HAMAS and the Taliban as examples of organizations that use violence to "bully people."

One kid in the class said, "My father is a Muslim and these statements aren't true."

The district discussed it with the teacher and felt they had dealt with it. Now, 6 months later, the district has been notified that the Washington affiliate of CAIR has filed a formal complaint, without contacting the district, asking the federal government to investigate the teacher and the school.

KOMO News, as best I can tell, is the only Seattle news media to report on this so far. I think I know a couple of reasons why they are avoiding the story.

KOMO reported this week that Jenifer Gist, with CAIR says, "We are standing up on behalf of this family, but we are also standing up on behalf of students and parents in Concrete, so they can ensure that their children, when they go off to school every morning, are getting a good education."

This is certainly a teaching moment.

Gist also said, "Often one complaint is indicative of a larger pattern of biased education."

The school superintendent says their allegations are "false information...taken out of context."

Frontpage Magazine reports that Janda explained to her student that "I was not talking about Muslims and Arabs in general but groups that chose to impose their will by training people to intimidate and kill other people. This discussion is not about religious beliefs. It is related to a state mandate that public schools teach students about bullying and not allow it."

Both the teacher and the superintendent were surprised that CAIR didn't even contact the school before filing a formal complaint asking the federal government to investigate.

I also found it interesting that the Seattle news media, except for KOMO, has, to the best of my observation, stayed away from this story---at least so far.

I think there are a couple of reasons.

First, this is a glaring example of what is wrong with out of control political correctness. The media is soaking in the hot tube of PC, and this doesn't advance it, it shows how ridiculous it is when taken to this extreme. Political correctness is replacing the common sense and decency of most Americans, with an artificial and enforced response to nearly every social experience.

Secondly, supporters of Mary Janda in Concrete have contacted Brigitte Gabriel and her organization "ACT" to help defend the teacher.

The press does not like Gabriel, nor what she represents.

Gabriel, a Lebanon born activist and Christian who suffered injury as a victim of an Islamic militant attack as a child, said CAIR saw Janda's remarks "as an opportunity to further its faulty, cynical narrative that Muslims across America are regular victims of discrimination and civil rights abuses."

She says, "A veteran teacher with an exemplary record, who stated something factual and provable, is under attack---her good name smeared so that CAIR- Washington can advance its political agenda."

I agree.

You can see the effects of the "smear" in the comments of Tabithia Hicks who probably supports the teacher. However, her words speak volumes. She said, "The teacher was well liked--well respected and to hear this from this, I'm like, wait, this isn't what we need here in Concrete. We're not a bunch of racists."

Note the past tense "was" well liked, well respected. Is she no longer, because of the accusation by CAIR?

The rest of her comment speaks for itself. This is how one accusation can taint the reputation of a teacher who has taught in this small town for 21 years---an accusation made by a bon-a-fide terrorist related group.

World Net Daily has investigated and reported extensively on CAIR. This is what they have to say about CAIR.

"The Justice Department tied CAIR to its terror-finance case against Richardson, Texas-based Holy Land Foundation, which was funneling more than $12 million to HAMAS."

WND says, "FBI wire tap evidence from the Holy Land case showed CAIR Executive Director Ninhad Awad was at an October 1993 meeting with HAMAS leaders in Philadelphia. CAIR, according to the evidence, was born out of a need to give "media twinkle" to Muslim leaders' agenda of supporting violent jihad abroad, while slowly institutionalizing Islamic law in the United States."

The judge in the case did not dispute "press accounts and blog entries" that "CAIR is a criminal organization that supports terrorism" according to the ruling.

This story is far from over. CAIR will do what CAIR does best, they will attempt to divide and conquer, even in a little town of 700 people.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. Thank you for writing on behalf of this teacher who spoke the truth

  2. The overwhelming history of Western nations, from the sixth century A.D. until now, decisively shows that Muslims are clear and present dangers to our God-given unalienable rights, national security, and survival. They are currently overrunning Europe, especially England and France, in jihad. Those using the agitprop flail "Islamophobe" are also jihadis. If their kind aren't quickly and continually defeated in the United States, they will by default impose catastrophic Sharia law, dhimmitude, clitoridectomies, lashings, beheadings, etc., as they have in other nations.

    Muslims and communists have long viewed America as their common enemy, and have formed Red/Green alliances and blendings to conquer us on many fronts -- including all levels of our government.

    If we cower in ivory towers where we talk ourselves to death, we will never survive the Muslim invaders, much less the Mexican invaders, the Marxists, the money changers, and the usual malignant narcissists. We know all we need to know to do what we have to do, and that includes deportation. Time is of the essence. They are, and always have been, insurgents or subversive supporters of insurgents in religious guise. Saddle up, or lose the ranch.

  3. You folks are insane in your paranoia of other beliefs. Polling shows that Americans are moving toward secularism. We're not going to trade one bat crazy religion for another. Shariah law is NOT a threat. If you feel compelled to saddle up, go ahead, but head straight for your compound in Montana, please.

    1. I think you are the one that needs a compound...not the vast majority of Americans that believe in a Christian God...and Shariah law is a threat due to its no tolerance to anyone that does not believe as they do...that includes your belief in secularism...So take off your blinders and look at the truth...

    2. Muslims are at the most 4% of the population. And the fastest growing demographic is hispanic. Your fear of shariah law ever happening here is absolute paranoia.

  4. Gary, thank you for telling us about this story, where else would of we heard about it? Not from our media. America is not for americans any more, we are being distroyed within.

  5. Poor Babies. they can surely dish it out, but like any spoiled child they can't take any critizm. Nobody is is telling them that they can't back to their own homeland where PEACE REINS, if they can keep their head on their shoulders.

  6. Heaven has given us a weapon against jihad. It is called a rosary. Our Lady of Lepanto, pray for us.

  7. Interesting, now they are demanding the same forced respect in our community as they demand and force in their own country. Well, no so, I worship the true and living God, Islam is a sham!

  8. I am going to bring about a class action lawsuit against CAIR, for intimidation and hate speech, the picketers are forcing us to comply.

  9. Shariah Law will never become the standard for us Americans in our great country. Islam is a bunch of fanitics.

    God Almighty is supreme to all other gods and Jesus Christ is our Savior and the Holy Ghost is our director.

    Guy Arnold

  10. Those who believe it can't happen here better wake up, " the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke)

    As our nation becomes more secularized, as they have in Europe, we will be increasingly at risk. Be anxious for nothing, these kinds of things were foretold. A one world Gov. and religion of the 'son of perdition' will appear. We must set our eyes on the beginner and finisher of our faith. Jesus Christ.

    Remember, this is not our home.

    Craig In Lacey

  11. I'm not biased or a bigot, I'm discriminating. Actually my Christian beliefs are very much aligned with Musl


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