Wednesday, June 05, 2013

WA State Representative To IRS Victims: "You Asked For It"

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It's worse than most thought and growing more so with each hearing.

It has been said that "DC" means "District of Corruption." That may be true.

Washington State's own Rep. Jim McDermott (D) implied yesterday during the IRS hearings that the targeting of conservatives and Tea Party groups was the fault of those targeted.

While people representing several Tea Party groups testified before the Committee giving detailed accounts of how the IRS targeted them, made improper demands on them during the application process and slowed down the process, in some cases to a couple of years, it became apparent that not one liberal or progressive group had experienced these same consequences---not one liberal group has filed a complaint.

That was certainly not lost on Rep. Aaron Schock (R) who asked why President Obama's own non-profit was considered within the rules when some many conservative groups were not.

President Obama has his own 501(c)4, "Organizing For Action". Much of the scrutiny directed at the Tea Party groups has to do with the very same activities Obama's group is involved in.

We learned yesterday that one group that has been targeted by the IRS has neither "Tea Party" or "Patriot" in its name but it mentors kids, and the IRS has been asking for the names of the kids the organization mentors.

Rep. Jim McDermott must make Seattle proud---they continue to elect him, however, many across the country and in Congress think differently.

Yesterday the Congressman reminded many of why they feel as they do.

McDermott not only blamed victims of the IRS targeting for being targeted, but implied the IRS would have been justified targeting conservatives and Tea Party groups if the agency did so based on what the groups stood for instead of words in their names.

He said, "The mistake here was the staff used the names of the organizations instead of the work they do."

McDermott lashed out at witnesses saying, "Each of you groups are highly political" and the Tea Party groups are essentially asking for a "tax break."

He called the hearings "a circus" and "political theater."

Rep. Paul Ryan looked at the Tea Party witnesses following McDermott's lashing and said, "So, you're to blame...I guess that's the message."

McDermott's words were not missed by Rep. Aaron Schock (R) either.

He asked the various Tea Party groups what their annual budget was. One said about $2000, another said $2500 in 2011 and one, the biggest budget, was about $9000 annual in 2012.

Shock then turned to the Democrats in the room and asked why President Obama's "Organizing For Action" non-profit had not been targeted. OFA does the same thing the Tea Party groups do and handles substantially more money.


In fact not a single liberal or progressive organization has even claimed to have been targeted or singled out.

Having established that no significant amounts of money had flowed through these Tea Party groups, Schock pulled up a description of Obama's "Organizing For Action" stated mission. It is to "Support President Obama in achieving enactment of the agenda Americans voted for on Election Day 2012."

The OFA describes the agenda as including legislation on "gun violence prevention, sensible environmental policies to address climate change and immigration reform."

Schock pointed out that the President's non-profit is seen as properly within the realm of the 501(c)4 non-profit, but the same people fail to see the conservatives view on promoting social well being.

He said this view is "myopic".

"One person's social welfare is another persons political activity," he said.

He said, "Not only did people at the IRS not understand this, it seems the Democratic Party, as a whole, is still struggling to grasp it."


Kevin Kookogey is the founder and president of "Linch Pins of Liberty."

The organization's mission is to "mentor high school and college students in conservative philosophy."

Kookogey testified that the IRS asked his group to submit the names of the young people they had mentored in their application and to also include exactly what he taught.

The IRS was asking him what he taught and to whom he taught it.

He said since a mission of his organization "is mentoring young people, the parents of the students were rightfully outraged upon hearing of those requests."

Kookogey said, "Can you imagine the reaction of the parents?"

In fact he said had he submitted the names, he would have likely opened himself and others to a lawsuit from parents for revealing the names of their kids or the parents themselves being targeted for audit."

His failure to comply, of course, could have caused his application to be denied.

Even though the organization does not have the word "tea party" or "patriot" in its name, it was still targeted for 2 years.

During that delay, his group lost a $30,000 grant and thousands of dollars of his own money.

We were warned about matters like this by men who put everything they had on the line for this country.

Noah Webster said, "In selecting men for office, let principle be your guide. Regard not the particular sect or denomination of the candidate---look to his character."

John Witherspoon said, "The people in general ought to have regard to the moral character of those whom they invest with authority either in the legislative, executive, or judicial branches."

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Remember that the main purpose of all these organization was to provide anonymity for large political donors. Basically, laundering campaign donations.

    The IRS was doing the right thing in scrutinizing these organizations to make sure they really deserved tax exempt status.

    There should not have been a higher focus on either side politically, ALL 501(c)4's should have had tough scrutiny left and right.

    And the best solution of all is to completely eliminate the tax exempt status for these political groups entirely. They shouldn't be tax exempt and the problem goes away.

    1. anom you already got beaten up pretty good , but I do wish to point out something here . The IRS went after specific groups based on their political leanings . Then when questioned, the public servant in charge stated she would not answer based on the protections in our Constitution . The same Constitution that is suppose to protect all of us from our government , even those with very conservative or liberal beliefs .

      The best solution right now is a massive change in how our government operates . You want this same IRS as it is now to be in charge of enforcing our medical system with Obama Care ? You see only changing rules for 501 C as the answer ? It was not the rules in this case , it was the ideology of those enforcing those rules . People should be fired. Cover ups should be dealt with in criminal courts also.

      Conservatives often speak to the danger of big government , this is perhaps a good example of that concern . The President says he had no knowledge of this , we should take his word for it till proven otherwise . But if the man in Charge has no clue to the government attempting to sway an election , would you not consider that perhaps our government is too big to be accountable ,at least you can see the reason for concern ?

      A Flat Tax , do away with the exceptions , figure out the poverty level that is fair and start taxing people after that level . Everyone is treated fairly , get rid of the IRS .

      In any case , I am an American . When your rights are violated , my rights are . It should be the same for all of us . That is the country that I support .

      Really should not make any difference whose side it was that the IRS was violating .

      Mick In Kingston,

  2. Suzie on Whidbey Island9:05 AM, June 05, 2013

    Dear Anonymous,

    Did you watch the hearings????

    My guess you agree with the Boy Scouts ruling, The same sex marriage ruling, and probably admire Jim why are you even interested in the blog.?????

    1. 1 - it was a decision, not ruling, but yes
      2 - it was an election, not ruling, but yes
      3 - yes, I admire McDermott
      4 - someone has to stand for truth

    2. I read where some kids were supporting the IRS for their intimidation methods and attempts to sway an election .

      Civics needs to be taught again in our schools , not indoctrination .



  3. I hope anonymous above enjoys when he has FIVE FEDERAL AGENCIES VISIT HIS PLACE OF BUSINESS like Catherine Engelbrecht experienced ....sheesh......

    1. First, I would never run a business with so many serious safety violations. Plus, I would never participate in voter suppression by caging in another state. I just don't think I'd draw the attention.

    2. First I doubt very much you would ever run a business and sign the checks of people . Plus supporting using the IRS as a means to carry out your idealogical political beliefs sounds more like Chicago politics then American ideals .

      You drew the attention here of not being able to understand right from wrong . Even the President has stated as much .

    3. You might want to re-read my original post.

      "There should not have been a higher focus on either side politically, ALL 501(c)4's should have had tough scrutiny left and right."

  4. Apparently, according to Jim McDermott, diverse thinking, convictions, and political views are not permitted anymore. He was completely intolerant of conservative values and even seemed to be mocking them. His comments were an excellent example of how hypocritical and intolerant the liberal agenda can be. His comments were an outrage to American liberty. He came across as a uncompassionate fool.

  5. I'm amazed that "Bagdad Jim" would invoke the name of Newt during his blather yesterday since his attempt to drag Newt down in 2006 cost him $700,000 in a court ruling.

    1. 'Bagdad Jim', huh. That's the nickname the right assigned to him because he went to Baghdad before the invasion to investigate the impact of sanctions.

      He also predicted that Bush would mislead the American public to justify the invasion and that no WMD would be found in Iraq.

      Gosh, turns out he was right. But don't let that get in the way of enjoying a good nickname.

  6. Ah yes, Jim McDermott, the "Congressman for Life" for the People's Republic of King County. He is the former state senator and failed gubernatorial candidate who resigned his seat and moved to Africa, for the expressed purpose of helping out the as an MD. He stayed there all of a few months until he heard that there was an open congressional seat in Seattle. Sorry, needy African people, politics is more important. Since then, he has consistently showed nothing but contempt for political opponents and the law - remember the illegal taping of House Speaker Newt Gingrich?


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