Friday, July 12, 2013

More LGBT Curriculum Coming to Your Public School

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While our kids are settling into their summer break from school, government run education is busy setting the stage for their next act. They are reloading the cultural gun to begin a new round of indoctrination as soon as the kids return in a few weeks.

At the just completed National Education Association convention, the NEA adopted a business item that I feel all parents and grandparents should be aware of.

The business item encourages members to incorporate into their classroom lessons a curriculum that promotes the homosexual lifestyle and seeks to normalize it.

The business item encourages "all educators to integrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history, people and issues" into their instructional programs.

This is a heads up for all parents and grandparents with kids in public school. Please be aware and informed.

The primary curriculum is titled, "Unheard Voices" and is produced by the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and by StoryCorps.

Under "Thematic" lessons there are topics such as "gender identity," "anti-LGBT slurs," and "winning the right to marry."

Sue Halvorson is a member of the NEA and attended the convention this summer. She told One News Now that she is very concerned.

"I'm a teacher in middle school, sixth through eighth-grade, and I just feel this is devastating for our children because they already do question and wonder what's going on," she says. "And when these things are presented in the schools, nothing negative is presented with it."

I strongly recommend any parent or grandparent with children in public school take a moment and familiarize yourself with this material.

As you know, public education is very careful and often evasive in regard to alerting parents of this kind of material when it is taught to children in the classroom. In fact, unless mandated to notify parents, it is most often infused into the children without any notice.

You will note in the curriculum that one student hand out (page 49 of "Stories of LGBT History") offers guidelines on how to be an "ally" to transgender people.

This material will be taught to children as young as grade 6.

One guideline suggests referring to some transgender people using gender neutral pronouns---"hir," instead of his/her, "sie" or "zi" instead of he/she, another encourages kids to "think expansively about gender and be open to new ideas and ways of thinking about the issues."

Pages 51-53 defines "heterosexism" as a "conscious or unconscious bias based on assumptions that heterosexuality is the norm."

ADL Curriculum Connection is strongly promoting the curriculum. They tell educators, "The resources in Unheard Voices can serve as a lifeline for LGBT youth and a potent bullying prevention tool. More generally, LGBT inclusive curricula can help educators to create more honest and accurate instructional programs, as well as safer and more affirming environments for all youth."

This material could not be less accurate and less honest.

You, the parent, are the primary teacher.

Here's a couple of suggestions for this summer:

1. Plant the seeds of liberty and Christian, biblical values in the heart and mind of your child. Make it fun. Visit historical sites in your area or take a short trip to one. Try to choose sites that have some biblical or patriotic history. For example, in the Northwest both Whitman in Washington and Jason Lee in Oregon were Christian missionaries who made significant impact on the area. Visit sites related to them or simply tell your kids about them and their Christian faith.

Most parts of the country have these kinds of opportunities.

2. Live out your faith and beliefs in the home in ways that will interest your children and cause them to ask questions about faith, the Bible, etc.

3. Be pro-active. Tell your child that you are aware of what the school is teaching on certain subjects and issues and show them that you are aware and informed. Then tell them what you believe and what "our family" believes and why. Be informed and be confident.

4. Take time to teach your kids how to do things with their hands. We don't do that much anymore. Teach them how to fish, can fruits and vegetables, make things out of wood or metal, build a bird house or teach them how to make certain basic repairs around the house.

5 Tell them how tyrannies turn children against their parents and the faith of their parents using public or government run schools. Ask them if their teachers have or are teaching them things that we as a family don't believe in.

6. And most important. Teach your children the Truth. Teach them how they can know Jesus Christ personally by accepting Him into their heart. Teach them biblical values and principles. Teach them how biblical values and principles were the foundation of America.

For some parents in certain circumstances simply pulling their child out of public school is not an option.

However, Forbes published this article earlier this year: "Want To Tell The State To Stick It? Homeschool Your Kids"

The article is informative in regard to how bad public education has become and some options regarding homeschooling.

Have a great summer---and a great weekend.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. Excellent. Thank you.

  2. Thank you. I wonder if homeschooling actually 'sticks it' to the state? After all, the state still gets our tax money whether our kids attend the public school or not. If anything they $ to kid ratio goes in their favor. We are sending our kids to Christian schools. The cost is challenging, and yet, through taxes, we are still subsidizing the state to do this.

  3. Gary this is very good. I would like to hear you talk about on the radio or in a blog post, the difficulty of trying to send you child to private Christian school, while still having to finance public education through our taxes. We are doing this and it is almost impossible with our income.

  4. A back lash is coming to public education. I heard you on the radio this morning say public education is stealing our children by stealing their minds. They are being indoctrinated away from Christian beliefs on family and marriage. Thank you for standing firm and speaking the truth.

  5. Yours is one of the clearest, most thorough conservative blogs that I have found. I have been a reader for several years now. This one is particularly good!
    Mark Senter, Norman, OK

  6. Thank you Gary. Right on target as usual.

  7. Years ago when I first learned about what was being taught as sex education and neutral values in public education I was given a Times Article from the 70's speaking to recent sexual papers speaking to incest and other sexual activities by what was from a minority number of sexual views from academia . The article spoke to a new belief that it was not the sex that was the problem , it was the morality that caused guilt for having specific kind of sex and premarital sex . Even pedophilia. was spoken to . The article took the more traditional view and made the liberal views appear inappropriate with the majority of sex experts disagreeing . When you look at the public school libraries the authors of the books on sex education such as Pomeroy and such were the minority extremist in the 70's . I would not say incest or pedophilia has become culturally acceptable , but the view of morality being something that no one else has a right to make a moral judgment on regarding it has taken root . Telling kids to leave sex up to when they think it is right is telling a 15 year old that the time is now , of course sex without morality or cultural norms will be a problem for kids . Then when those kids grow , we see what we have now , half of the kids being born out of wedlock , marriage and genders being undermined by what ever feels good and right to the person . Leaving sexual morality to the child alone as a individual choice with no right and wrong is child abuse.


    1. Outstanding Mick, very well said, the reaping can take a while to rear its ugly head because of the sowing that's happening now. God is not mocked. We trifle with Him at our own peril.

      Craig in Lacey


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