Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Homosexuals Shut Down Christian-Owned Bakery

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Rachel Cryer, a lesbian, went to "Sweet Cakes by Melissa," a Gresham, OR bakery, to order a "wedding" cake for her and her partner back on January 17 of this year.

She met with Aaron Klein who along with his wife Melissa owns the bakery.

Klein asked for the date of the wedding and the names of the bride and groom.

Cryer says she told him, "There are two brides and our names are Rachel and Laurel."

Cryer says Klein told her he didn't make cakes for same-sex couples planning to marry because of he and his wife's religious beliefs.

Klein told the Oregonian newspaper that they couldn't participate in same-sex "marriage" because "it goes against our Christian faith."

Cryer and her partner filed a formal complaint with the State of Oregon, making the issue public.

The Kleins explained to the press that they were not discriminating. They said, "It's definitely not discrimination. We don't have anything against lesbians or homosexuals, it has to do with our morals and beliefs."

Here's what happened since then, including the shutting down of the couples small business this past Saturday.

Following the formal complaint filed with Oregon, an investigation was initiated by Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian.

Avakian said, "Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but that doesn't mean folks have the right to discriminate."

He said: "The goal is never to shut down a business. The goal is to rehabilitate."

Rehabilitate the Christians.

He also said he wanted this to be a learning experience for the Kleins.

The business is shut down, which leads us to know that the Kleins did not rehabilitate well. Obviously they did not forsake the practice of their faith on the command of the government.

The Klein couple is going to try to continue their business as an "at-home" business, taking orders from their website and by phone.

People can order from this email address: melissa@sweetcakesweb.com

This indeed was a learning experience. We have learned that the Kleins have strong convictions about their faith and their convictions are based in biblical teaching. And they are willing to stand for their faith even if there are consequences.

The Willamette Week, a left leaning pro-homosexual newspaper, was the first to break the story that the bakery closed Saturday night.

What can we take away from this "learning experience?"

1. We have learned that homosexuals are intolerant. They would prefer to see a small business shut down because of differing beliefs than to walk down the street to a different bakery.

The WW says when this issue became public, "Demonstrators lined up outside the shop protesting discrimination, and the store's Facebook was inundated with messages showing support for the couple who'd been denied service."

Intolerance and these kinds of actions are not isolated to this case. They are consistent. Remember Chick-fil-A? And others.

Arlene's Flower and Gift Shop in Richland, WA is facing the same kind of attack on her freedom to practice her Christian faith in her own business.

2. We learn from this episode that those who are committed to advance the homosexual agenda work in harmony with one another.

Commissioner Avakian, as a state senator, was instrumental in passing the law he used to shut down the Kleins.

The Willamette Week reports in their own story that they, the paper, called the shop and misled the owners, "to test out which religious convictions would cause the shop to refuse business." They say they asked the shop to make cakes for divorce, out of wedlock children, human stem cell research and a pagan solstice.

And the WW says, "All requests were responded to positively with price quotes."

There was an uptick in business following the incident. The Kleins told the press at that time they were seeing "a huge influx" of customers and planned to fight the state and the possible $50,000 fine.

The huge influx has subsided.

3. We have also learned that the Kleins obviously have deeply held Christian values based on biblical teaching, and are willing to experience the consequences of living out that faith in public.

Convictions are more than personal preferences or subjective opinions, they involve strong beliefs that manifest themselves in actions.

Having convictions is being so thoroughly convinced that something is absolutely true that you take a stand for it regardless of the consequences.

Paul said, "The gospel came to you not simply with words, but with power, with the Holy Spirit and with deep conviction" (I Thess. 1:5).

Our culture is creating an environment where Christians can believe whatever they choose, but can not express that belief in any tangible way in public. More and more biblical teaching that relates to homosexual behavior is being silenced.

Christian biblical convictions are being tamped down to mere ideas or thoughts---but not public actions.

The military is censoring Christians from sharing their faith with their colleagues in the military. They are calling it proselytizing, and punishing those who do so.

Laws are being passed that enshrine into law homosexual behavior as normal, and those who oppose the intrusion on their beliefs are punished or put out of business.

There are at least two ways in which to properly respond to this decline in our culture and the increased attack on the expression of biblical Christianity.

1. Be Vigilant. And be active. Become involved in your neighborhood, your town or city and your state. Get elected or appointed to boards and committees related to community life, i.e., school boards, citizens groups, etc.

Also consider running for public office in your community or state. Seek Godly council before taking this step. Be confident you have the proper skills for the specific office and that you feel assurance God is leading you, then do it!

2. Help your children and grandchildren. Teach standards and help develop convictions.

Teaching standards and developing convictions are similar but different. Clearly parents are called to teach their children (Deut. 6:7). We all need to teach spiritual standards, but we can never directly create or command convictions in others. In order to develop convictions, a person must "see" the truth of what is being taught and he also has to "own" that truth.

Here's God's instruction for helping your children to "see" the truth: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates" (Deuteronomy 6: 5,6,7,8,9).

You will look at everything in life through the lens of a biblical worldview. And you will not be afraid, because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

Be Encouraged. Be Bold. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. Unfortunately, the homosexual community wants everyone to embrace them but it's behavior like this that causes the opposite. And then they will be wondering why?

    1. Your perception is wrong. They don't want everyone to embrace them.

      They just don't want to be discriminated against.

      I don't embrace everyone I do business with. Nor do I tell them I won't do business with them because of who they are.

    2. It's discrimination to say someone cannot act on their own belief or faith.

      Choosing to engage in an activity is not "who you are". From a genetic-behavioral perspective, homosexuality functions like alcoholism. You can be born with a slight predisposition to choose homosexuality (while this is assumed to be genetic, no specific group of genes has actually been determined) - however this does not create a forced situation anymore than someone born with the predisposition to become an alcoholic must choose to be an alcoholic.

      And, even so, are you making the argument that if a store refuses to sell liquor, they are discriminating against alcoholics because that is just "who they are" - such a defining characteristic of their nature that for a store to refuse to offer alcohol *alongside* other services would be tantamount to be discrimination?

      For homosexuality works in exactly the same fashion. If a store chooses not to offer extra services alongside their normal services they choose to offer, that is the choice of the business owner.

      Conversely, if someone is -forced- to provide a service that goes against their belief or penalized for not providing it, then they are being discriminated against for their religion.

      Rather than discriminating against and shutting down everyone who won't provide special services for them, perhaps they should have simply found a business that did provide the services they wanted (which is the fundamental nature of capitalism anyway).

    3. 11:50am

      American Psychological Association.

    4. For homosexuality works in exactly the same fashion. If a store chooses not to offer extra services alongside their normal services they choose to offer, that is the choice of the business owner.
      And if a 'gay' wedding cake was somehow different than a 'straight' one you might have a point, but they aren't. "sell me a cake just like the previous customer except leave the top empty." and they can put the two girl cake topper on themselves.

      This was just religious discrimation by the business ownerrs, and that is unconstitutional, period. The customers have a right to their own religion AND to do business with the public accommodation.

      You sell wedding cakes then sell them to anyone who wants to buy one - especially don't discriminate in illegal ways against your customers.

    5. Under federal law (I don't know about Oregon state law), as a business owner, you can limit who you serve (e.g. "no shoes, no shirt, no service"). On the other hand, the government cannot discriminate and must provide equal access.

      The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits some types of discrimination in the private sector, but sexual orientation is not listed in the Act. I've seen references of "religious" discrimination here, but any activity seems to be more based on sexual orientation than religion.

      In a similar way that the SCOTUS held that the Boy Scouts were protected by the Constitution in limiting who could become scout leaders, so businesses can limit who they do business to. It isn't always good business sense, but it is legal under federal law.

      So it is, to a degree, incorrect to say that a customer has a right to be served by a business.

    6. You have a couple things wrong;

      While this is being prosecuted under sexual orientation since it involves a wedding there is a religious violation as well.

      The SCOTUS ruled on the assertion that the Boy Scouts, since they accepted public funds, were a public accommodation and they had to comply with the Civil rights statutes. What the SCOTUS ruled was that the Boy Scouts were NOT a public accommodation and they had a right to freedom of association as private clubs do. The baker is most definitely a public accommodation, they must comply with the civil rights statutes.

      It is not legal to use customer 'litmus tests' that included the protected groups of the civil rights statutes - use sexual orientation, use religion, same result - the baker is in violation of the law.

      The SCOTUS has ruled that there is no right for a business to use a religious litmus test on their customers - the customer's right to their beliefs overrides being religiously discriminated against because of the business owner's beliefs.

      As the Washington constitution makes clear, religious freedom doesn't include the right to religiously discriminate. Oregon's isn't as clear as Washington but it is establish law regarding the federal Constitution so works out the same.

      Either you sell wedding cakes or you don't - if you do then sell them to customers regardless of their beliefs or their belief-based usage for their purchase.

    7. The lesbian made it plain that it was a same-sex relationship. If as you say, "just make the cake and they can put on the decorations" and everything's good, fine. She didn't do that, I think she knew the Klein's beliefs and wanted to see if they would compromise them.

      They didn't and she threw a hissy fit. She didn't like it? TOO BAD, walk down the street and buy one.

      God's law always trumps man's.

      End of story

    8. Very true. The problem wasn't that she ordered the cake, the problem wasn't that she had a different religion or different worldview than the business - the problem was that she asked the business owner to engage in an activity that violated the business owner's code of ethics. Any laws/statutes forcing the business owner to compromise their religious beliefs in order to serve the customer would be illegal (congress and the states have no power to enforce these or make these - read the Supreme Court 'Church of the Holy Trinity vs. the United States'). A law may be put on the books but if it turns out to infringe religious liberty later on in unforeseen ways religious liberty is ALWAYS to take precedence, as the law has no power to infringe freedom of religion.

      Religious people retain every right to engage in business and participate in the civil sphere as the irreligious, and the government has no power granted by the people to restrict their participation or force them to participate only in a secular manner.

    9. You are making the same mistake that so many do in this situation, the religious freedom of the customer balances any religious freedom of the merchant reaching a null result leaving religion neutral laws to decide the case, which Civil Rights Acts are.

      I am curious what you think 'Church of the Holy Trinity vs. the United States' does in regards to this? It was a ruling that a Church could have a contract with a minister from another nation without Congressional approval and is what is called a 'soft ruling' with little bearing on virtually anything else. Oddly conservatives consider it to be the first ruling that documented SCOTUS over reach and Justices on the left and right have said it tried to do too much even for the little it did.

      Again, religious freedom never gives the right religious discrimination against another citizen, their own right to religious freedom prevents that, hence the rulings on cases like this. A business can't religious discriminate against a customer who believes in same sex marriage.

  2. I have had a discussion about this with my pastor and explained that we serve two different gods. I serve a God of the whole world while he serves a God of the church. As such, his god is powerless to help him fight in the public arena like this.

    My God causes me to remark, "Who are these uncircumcised Philistines who defy the army of the Living God" and do battle with them. His God tells him to try and love them into the kingdom.

  3. Yet another mendacious lie from "pastor" Randall.

    Homosexuals did not shut down this bakery, the community did by rejecting their discriminatory policies and taking their business elsewhere. This is the free market at work! Deal with it.

    1. And you are a brainwashed idiot. This is not "the free market at work". This is Socialism at work. A "free market" means that if I own a bakery, I am "free" to make cookies and cakes for whoever "I" choose, and I am "free" to refuse to make things for whoever "I" choose. That is what "freedom" is all about. Deal with it!

    2. No, in a free market you choose where to shop. If a shop does not have the services you desire, you go elsewhere.

      A free market does NOT use force of law to force a shop provider to provide services or to shut down if it does not. That is the opposite of a free market - it is a controlled market. It is either tyrannical (controlled by government mandate, such as Obamacare) or socialistic (controlled by the whims of the majority).

      When groups of people 'force' others to comply, freedom loses. Both freedom of religion and free enterprise lost in this case.

      Did discrimination cease? No, the community became the oppressors of a religious minority.

    3. I do not think the word 'socialism' means what you think it means.

    4. Hey moron,

      Socialism has nothing at all to do with this!

      The state isn't shutting these people down a lack of customers willing to overlook their anti-gay bigotry is. Seems their earlier claims of a surge in business were a flat out lie, how Christian of them.

      A free market is people taking their business to places that aren't wallowing in bigotry, which is EXACTLY what happened here.

  4. The big lie is that gays are all about love and tolerance and acceptance. They are about none of that, that's why they lined up on the street every day to demonstrate against the Kleins and harass their customers.

    1. What customers? Seems their real problem is the good decent people of Gresham rejected their ugly anti-gay bigotry. Seems their claims of a surge in business were just another lie for Jesus!

    2. 12:11

      No, it seems the liberal/progressive atheists outnumber the Christians in liberal/progressive atheist Gresham. That's all.

      Bravo to the Kleins for standing fast, buy a cake guys!

  5. I for one welcome our new sexually deviant overlords...

  6. "They would prefer to see a small business shut down because of differing beliefs than to walk down the street to a different bakery."

    Not even that. It appears they sought out this bakery because of the Bible verses on their website. They had to go to extra effort to root out the heresy of diverse opinion.

  7. Gary misses the point - businesses that market to the public have a number of characteristics that the public - through legal means - have said can not be used as litmus tests to decide if a a member of that public can do business with them and sexual orientation is just one of them.

    Every single 'sexual orientation' civil rights statute could be gone and they would have still had to make the cake just by the 'religion' civil rights statutes. There are many churches that support marriages and spiritual commitments between people regardless of their sexes, and one thing Americans all respect is the right of others to not be their religion. A Lutheran commitment or wedding ceremony for a couple no matter their sexes is just as protected from the business's discriminatory treatment by the 'religion' civil rights provisions.

    Argue about which litmus tests are 'justified' or not but one thing that Americans won't accept is a religious one. Customers don't share the business owner's religious beliefs? Don't limit themselves the way the business owners do? Too bad, that's their American right, make the cake and thank God they live in a country where such rights for all people, even their customers, exist.

    1. No, Gary is right on point. It doesn't matter what the Gov, the courts, the U.N. or the 'public' says.....

      God's word is preeminent

      The Klein's didn't ask this woman to convert to their beliefs and it's their right under God's law not to support an abomination.

      Walk down the street and buy one....

      I think I'll buy mine online.

      Craig in Lacey

    2. You're probably going to need to buy at least one a month until further notice. Gives new meaning to 'let them eat cake'.

    3. I will gladly eat it a least once a month to support my brothers and sisters in Christ.

      The fact still remains, the lesbians didn't get their cake from Sweet Melissa's and the Klein's are still able to practice their religious beliefs.

      God wins.......again.

      Craig in Lacey

    4. And I'll continue to use Windows, and shop at Amazon, and get coffee at Starbucks, etc. to support my brothers and sisters in Reality.

    5. You mean that scrumptious, delicious moist chocolate cake I just devoured, washed down with a cold glass of milk was only my imagination?

      Miss Piggy and Smurfette are here. Gotta go!

    6. 2:11

      You'll see Reality after you die.

      "The fool says in his heart, there is no God"


      Nice try, ain't buying it.

      Craig in Lacey

    7. 9:59

      Hey, I'm on your side! Just having fun and trying to make a point with 2:11, since he/she seems to think believers do not live in reality.


  8. God will bless the Kleins and make this evil that has been visited upon them work for good in His kingdom.
    (I sneaked to the end of the book and read how things end--WE WIN! There is nothing that sin or evil can do to change that.)

  9. Rachel Cryer has the perfect name to fit her personality. When the baker said he does not want to bake her wedding cake, she cryed. "Waaaaa!! I don't want to find a new baker - I want to punish this one! Shut his business down my fellow cryers!" So they all came out and shut the business down. And Rachel Cryer was pleased to see the damage their crying accomplished.

  10. For all the Bible believers, it is obvious when "debating" with liberals/progressives, that two distinctly different points of view are being held. One comes from the view of God's law and the other man's law. There is no common ground. I seriously believe we are past the point of debating, especially when reading the comments. One is going after the flesh and the other what is spiritual. Believers and non-believers will never see eye to eye. We have two different fathers who have two completely different world views. Darkness cannot understand the light, no matter how you put it or what creative new way you go about it.

    Those who are lukewarm or liberal, have the inability to discern right from wrong because they have mixed both the clean and unclean together.

    Since we know as believers what God says he will do with those who are lukewarm, our job is to pray for them that they might fully and completely believe the Word of God and be cleansed from all unrighteousness through Jesus the Messiah.

    To all those who have and are supporting Sweet Cakes by Melissa, I am sure you have been such a blessing and encouragement to them when they are trying to recover and deal with all the harassment and emotional and financial strain from the past few months!

    1. Satan is using the homosexual agenda to twist the truth, but God is in control. The bible says in the last days right will be wrong and wrong will be right. Sweet Cakes by Melissa did the right thing in the eyes of the Lord.

      Bonnie in Yelm

  11. 3:03

    Extremely well said.

    The Apostle Paul made this same point in Romans 1. They believed the creature rather than the Creator and traded the truth for a lie, so God turned them over to dishonor themselves amongst themselves, leaving the natural use of the woman and becoming inflamed with desire for each other, men doing with men that which is against God. Women also, and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their disobedience.

    As Gary said, we need to be discerning and vigilant and support those who stand up for God's word regardless of the cost. Let every Christian forward the business email address of the Klein's to everyone they know. Arlene's flowers also.

    Stand with your brothers ans sisters in Christ, one day you may need them to stand with you.

    Craig in Lacey

  12. My strategy would be to make it so homosexuals would not want to do business with me. I would explain to them that as a Christian I oppose same sex marriage and that I prefer not to participate in such marriages. If you insist I will do it; however, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to an organization that attempts to "cure" same sex attraction.

    They would then put their tail between their legs and run away.

    Paul in Federal Way

    1. Thanks Paul, for your honestly.

      Thanks for admitting that these organizations only 'attempt' to cure same sex attraction.

    2. anom 955 Organizations can only attempt is a true statement , The Healing of course comes from the Lord.

    3. In many cases they do actually cure same-sex attraction. Some orgs. are only in it for the $, so no cure. Some are so deeply in bondage to this sin that it may take years to be free from it.

      There is good news. All things are possible with God, if we seek Him with all of our heart.

      Craig in Lacey

  13. The whole story of course is tragic , no one expects to not be able to support their own values and morality while owning a private business. Since the beginning of our country , the Judeo Christian ethic was supported in laws and supported in our public schools . This is no longer the case , not sure if what these people did was the right thing , but I do understand the fact as much of us from either side understand what it is like because of peer pressure to feel compelled to do something you in your heart believes is wrong . The couple has endured negative consequences for their beliefs , in this country where same sex is legal these issues will come up again and again . What is unfortunate is the way the media still reports on this . Even if the couple disobeyed the law , the response from the activists and leftists has no excuse .

    A belief that holds Moms and dads as the basic care takers for families in a marriage contract is Bibicaly supported and has a proven history of protecting children . Obviously the Lesbians were upset themselves and felt discriminated against because they feel the same way in regards to their morality.

    The following are some of the hate this couple received and is not reported upon by the very media supposedly concerned about reporting on discrimination .

    - Mick from Kingston


    The couple said on top of that, their vendors were “badgered and harassed” into stopping all associations with the bakery.Since, they’ve been hounded by vicious telephone calls and emails.

    Some of those threats were shocking. One emailer wished for the couple’s children to fall ill. Another expressed hope that Mr. Klein should be shot and even raped, The Blaze reported.

    And yet another wrote: “Here’s hoping you go out of business, you bigot.”

    1. This comes as no surprise Mick, the Lord himself told us if we followed him, we would be persecuted. He also told us to stand fast, to encourage one another, to care for one another and above all to love our brothers ans sisters as ourselves. If we do that, he promised to be with us thru the trials and tribulations of this life.

      Be of good cheer, remember, this is not our home.

      Craig in Lacey

    2. The problem with your examples, Mick, is the only evidence we have for them is the word of Aaron Klein. Since he claimed just a few months ago that a business, which has now gone under, was experiencing a "massive" surge in new customers. Seems clear now that he was lying then. As such, I'm going to need some more evidence than his word.

      Also, what about the countless calls and hate mails that the lesbian couple in question has received from Christ's "loving" followers? Or are they just getting what they deserve in your opinion?

    3. Just as we only have the word of Aaron Klein, so we only have the word of the lesbian couple.

      Obviously, there was a surge in help from customers, but it has since died down. It was an encouragement to the Kleins to show their support and encourage to them to keep doing what they are doing at a real difficult and low time for them.

      Also, there are all kinds of people out there who hate Christians, or athiests, or white people, or black people, or hunters, or tree lovers, etc. So who is to say, if this lesbian couple received all these "hate mails" from Christians only? Isn't that being biased and handing out unfair and misplaced accusations on their part? If a few did come from Christians who are true Bible believers, than the comments would come from conviction and belief, not hate. Whether you believe it or not, the true Christian stance will always be, love the sinner, hate the sin.

      An interesting thought: The Bible is a story of love and redemption to mankind from the Creator and those who do not abide by it seem to only have one word, "hate!".

    4. "Obviously, there was a surge in help from customers, but it has since died down. It was an encouragement to the Kleins to show their support and encourage to them to keep doing what they are doing at a real difficult and low time for them."

      Obviously? Did the Kleins open their books to show documentation supporting this claim? I think not, the only thing that is obvious is you are willing to believe without evidence anything anyone anti-gay claims.

      Why doesn't the same logic in the sentence prior to your use of the "no true Scottsmans" false argument apply equally to the alleged hate mails received by the Kleins? Even if these exist, how do you or the Kleins know they came from gays and lesbians? Yet you both have no problem laying the blame at the feet of the LGBT community.


  14. Business owners should be able to sell to whomever they want and if the customer was unhappy, there are plenty of other bakeries they could have gone to for their cake. These LGBT people just always seem to be out to start trouble; they are so intolerant and inflexible.

    Big Brother is totally out of control!!! Personally, I wouldn't even 'pick up' cigarettes or liquor for someone else who smokes or drinks!

    1. All businesses are regulated, from how they have to handle their food, build their buildings, deal with their employees, and deal with their customers.

      A public accommodation can not use certain litmus tests in denying service to customers - religion and sexual orientation being just two of them. There is no right to refuse a customer because a business doesn't like that their religion supports same sex commitments, and a cake is just a cake.

      Just as Paul said Christians can eat meat that has been at a pagan temple ceremony because an empty ritual to a non existence god so could one sell a cake to a party where no 'real' marriage was happening at all - if they are right and God isn't blessing he union then its just a part with cake - sell them a nice one.

      Just say no to religious litmus tests, they are inAmerican, unChristian and illegal.

  15. Oster. Your arguments are becoming tired repititions. I thought progressives were suppossed to keep comeing up with new material.

    1. Actually it is your side that is being repetitious, I have presented different ways of presenting the same truths in each note, while the notes I've answered to have just repeated the same errors with no justification at all.

    2. When the world is at its most evil, progressed, evolved and Godless, true Christians will still be standing on the very same foundations we are proclaiming today. For The Word of God does not change and His truth remains. Even if His Word in the written form should somehow be scarce in the world due to those trying to destroy it completely, He promises to write His commands on our hearts, so we will know right from wrong and know how to please Him. An example of this is Abraham. There weren't any scriptures yet in his time, but he saw and was troubled by the evil in Horan where he lived. God saw His heart and called him to come out of his country and leave his family and his father's house to be set apart from the wickedness. God promised Abraham, because of his faith, that he would be a father of a great nation that would be a light unto the world. This nation of course is Israel. From its infancy all peoples have been trying to extinguish the light of Israel and those of us who by faith have been grafted in. It is nothing new to the believer to face resistance and even hostility. The opposition will continue to cry "hate" and fight us every step of the way. Believers will continue to fight the good fight and press on towards the goal, which is Christ our Lord!

      Nothing new is under the sun.


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