Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Public School Bans 10 Year Old From Writing About God

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Following the assignment her teacher had given, 10 year old Erin Shead began to write about someone she really looks up to.

When Erin's teacher received her written assignment, she told the 10 year-old it was unacceptable, she couldn't write about looking up to that person.

She had picked the wrong person to look up to. Erin had written about God. Following the rejection, Erin chose Michael Jackson.

The teacher had no problem with that choice.

As long as the 10 year old chose an accused child molester to look up to over choosing God, there was no problem.

WREG TV channel 10 has now picked up the story.

Erin is a student at Lucy Elementary in Millington, Tenn.

Her teacher told the kids to write about someone they looked up to--- a personal idol.

Erin's first thought was God.

She drew a diagram explaining why she "looked up to God," with one of the reasons being, "He is the reason I am on this earth."

Oh no, she was both establishing the Christian faith as a state sponsored religion, and advancing Creationism.

She continued: "I love [God] and Jesus, and Jesus is His earthly Son. I also love Jesus."

The 10 year-old said, "God is my idol, I will never hate Him," concluding, "He will always be the number one person I look up to."

Erin's teacher saw the paper and told her she was prohibited from picking God as her idol, and the teacher demanded she start the class assignment over---with a different idol.

The teacher also told Erin that the paper she had written about God as her idol must be taken home as it was not allowed to remain on school property.

Following the teacher's rejection, Erin picked Michael Jackson. The indoctrination was working at that moment. If God was not acceptable, Erin sensed that Michael Jackson probably would be.

He was.

Erin's mother Erica heard about the incident and as you may imagine, was outraged.

We should all be outraged.

She wisely made the story public, and expressed her outrage at how the school discriminated against her daughter because of her religious beliefs.

She told WREG-TV that the school did not have the power to tell her daughter she was not allowed to write about God and Jesus.

She said, "How can you tell this baby, that's a Christian, what she can say and what she can not say?"

The mother has now visited the school and asked to see the policy the teacher was following that prohibits her child from writing about God.

Erica asked the school if they would prefer her daughter idolize Ellen DeGenerus.

As yet, she has not heard back from the school in any official way, however, a spokesperson for the school told the press that although teachers are not allowed to promote religion in class, there is no rule against students writing about religion for a class assignment.

I would say that is the understatement of the year so far.

Public education is a battlefield for the hearts and minds of our children. Sadly, public education has turned from actually educating, to indoctrinating our kids with certain progressive ideologies that help advance a social agenda that stands in direct conflict with traditional, biblical and conservative values and principles.

Last February, a three judge New York panel ruled that an 8th grader could not include a religious blessing at the end of her speech. The 8th grader wanted to give her her classmates this message:
“The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.”’ Numbers 6: 24-26.

And a California 16 year old, Kenneth Dominquez, filed a law suit against a San Diego area school district for forbidding him from bringing his Bible on campus.

Remember the New Jersey 2nd grader who was told she couldn't sing "Awesome God" in an after school talent contest? I wrote a blog about it at the time. After a great deal of pressure and making the public aware of the situation, the school blinked and allowed the 2nd grader to sing "Awesome God."

Public education claims to champion "free speech" and "freedom of expression" as long as the "speech" and "expression" is advancing or at least affirming anything except the Christian faith or biblical truth.

Public education has declared war on the Truth.

The result of the constant attack on Christian kids and their freedom of expression has, in too many cases, resulted in silencing Christians from sharing their views.

This is both intimidation and a form of bullying---all in an environment that declares itself to be open and tolerant.

Here's the good news.

Parents and kids are beginning to stand up to these kinds of personal attacks on individual freedoms.

Children and their parents have much more freedom of religious expression than many think. There has been a false prohibition on religious expression, however, when these cases go to court, often, not always, but often, the Christian kids and their parents win.

If people of faith do not falter or grow weary in well doing, we can prevail in public education.

The ACLU has threatened the school districts with lawsuits if they allowed any kind of religious expression. The school districts, strapped for money, have typically silenced the Christians out of fear of a lawsuit they couldn't pay for and because of extremist progressive ideologies held by many---not all, but many in public education.

Now things are starting to change.

Christians, with the help of several excellent Christian law firms who are willing to defend the rights of Christian kids in the courts, are now starting to change the tide.

I would strongly encourage parents and grandparents to be very vigilant in regard to what your child is being taught in public school. Secondly, if there is an inappropriate attack on your child's freedom of religious expression, let me know. I would be happy to help you get in contact with Christian law firms that are ready to stand with parents and their children in these circumstances.

There are many good, godly teachers in public education, however, there are those who have an agenda and will even risk their careers to advance their secularist, progressive, relativistic philosophy in the classroom.

Do not be afraid to stand against them. Do not be silent. Be respectful, but not silent.

Be Strong. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Yes a teacher made a mistake, the school has clarified that the student can write about God if she wants and you're still stirring the pot.

    The ACLU would have taken her case - just as they very much support the government not violating the Establishment clause, they protect citizen's right to the Practice clause. Many of the ACLU cases are about students being told they can't perform a religious activity and the ACLU protecting their rights to do so.

    Dumb teacher - its amazing one could even think that since this has been clarified many many times.

    Ok, the issue is settled, all sides agree the child should have been allowed to submit the essay.

    What next?

    1. Its a common them because of the bullying tactics and lack of understanding of the First Amendment . Had a teacher tell my child once to remove a Cross he had gotten from a Youth Concert for kids at public school . Teacher told him no religious shirts or jewelery allowed . The principle told me in my case she would allow it . I Did not bother to argue , but clearly she thought she was doing my kid a favor . My son never wore it again , it was not meant to be worn by him in the name of defiance , or in promoting his rights , it was just suppose to be a reflection of love .

      Obviously many bullies have won using intimidation in a way , kids who are gay may understand some of this , interestingly the most intolerant political groups are homosexual activists in my experiences . You would think from their experiences they be some what more understanding of what it is like to be bullied . Sometimes when your mis treated can have a ill effect also I guess.

      So what is next ? Mick In Kingston

  2. OV there you go again. Another patronizing response. This is a repeat of every time public ed gets caught pushing their wares. It goes like this-"Oh my shouldn't have done that, will see it never happens again." Then people like you post "dumb teacher" and uninformed people think it has been dealt with. This happens every day in the public school system. Sometimes they get caught, usually not. Thank you Gary for keeping the light on and the volume turned up.

    1. Yes it is recurring. Its a reflection of the culture . In our leftist Universities being a Catholic or an Evangelical is not a very popular label , openly mocked , used as an example of ignorance and sexual hang ups , etc .

      Tim Tebow is controversial for standing up and living His Faith , the guy who comes out as a gay Basketball player is considered brave and a role model for others . The real issue among Christians is how we handle this in my opinion . Its discernment to know how the culture is , but we must not allow a critical spirit is my understanding of my Faith . may be hard , but I really think we need to Love that basketball player with the Love that would be willing to give up our life for Him . Jesus was honest about the Pharisees , but he was also willing to die for them .

      I think that is the difference here , its something I believe Gary gets wrong . Its not us against them . In the worlds view it may be them against us , we should not allow ourselves to see ourselves as victims , we are not , we have the Living God in our corner . ;0) He loves all of us , we need to keep our eyes on Him , and not on the people who are offensive to our faith and to God . He will handle that , we need to follow the Lord , and not live to get even with offenders .


      P.S Not saying Christians should not be political , actually I wish more of us were .

  3. 8:47

    The reason the school "clarified" it made a mistake is because a parent was vigilant in the matter. Is not vigilance to the things of God a characteristic that Faith and Freedom encourages?

    You might take this situation with a ho-hum, what's knew attitude, but as a believer this kind of information keeps me alert and sharp to the world around me. I do not take this information lightly and I believe many others in the faith do not as well.

    Thank you Gary for once again bringing information that is pertinent to the life of a believer each and everyday.

  4. The article does not mention Erin's father. What has he done in this situation? Why is Erin's mother the only one doing the foot work with the school and press?

    1. Maybe she's black and doesn't have a father at home.

    2. She still has a father, even if he is not at home! So where is he, and why is he not involved in his daughter's life? The three possibilities are that he is deceased, disabled, or a deadbeat. The only ones I know who do not have a father are amoebas.

    3. Maybe she is a lesbian.

    4. 9:04

      That's a really ignorant statement, You do know that as a percentage most fatherless homes are caucasian.

  5. Wasn't the school promoting religion by forcing the children to choose an "Idol" to write about in a school assignment? (Not just someone they looked up to, but 'an idol') - And then, to deny the girl writing about God even furthers this promotion of religion by the school, as they were not only denying the girl her religious freedom but they were forcing her to commit idolatry!

    God does not fit the definition of idol, either, so the assignment would have forced her to compromise her religious beliefs no matter what she wrote about.


    An image used as an object of worship.
    A false god.
    - One that is adored, often blindly or excessively.
    - Something visible but without substance.
    - (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) a material object, esp a carved image, that is worshipped as a god
    -(Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity Judaism any being (other than the one God) to which divine honour is paid
    - a person or thing who is revered, admired, or highly loved
    - an image or other material object representing a deity and worshiped as such.
    - (in the Bible) a deity other than God.
    - a mere image or semblance of something, visible but without substance.
    - a false notion; fallacy.

    The definition the teacher was probably aiming for was a person or thing excessively admired or highly loved. God is highly loved - but Christians would consider that that love is His due - in fact, we cannot love Him near as much as He deserves, so it does not meet the qualification of idolatry. (Which is admiring or loving someone in the sense of putting them on a pedestal - they may have good traits but we magnify them and give them greater admiration than they probably deserve).

    Idol (biblically) is tselem - a vain shadow without substance. Man was made in the image or 'idol' of God, for example - we are a pale shadow, an imperfect reflection. Conversley, Jesus is the -exact representation-, the xaracter, of God (like the face on a coin which is the image of the coin's value). Jesus is the perfect radiance that shows God's glory (like the rays of the sun revealing the sun) - wheras man cannot show God's perfection or character. Our existence hints that there is a God, certainly, because God fashioned us in a rudimentary image of him (idols). So, to idolize a man is folly, but to admire or dearly love Jesus Christ is to love the reality, and not the idol.


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