Thursday, October 03, 2013

WW II Veterans Storm the "Barrycades" at DC Memorial

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Hours after the so-called government shut-down, park police tried to block access to the WW II Memorial, which is basically a landscape feature in a public park---not the park itself.

Were they protecting it from terrorists? Or vandals?

Not exactly. A group of World War II veterans had been flown in to Washington DC this week to visit the Memorial.

The privately funded "Honor Flights" program has been doing this for some time, giving WW II vets a chance to visit the memorial in their lifetime. Most of them have never seen it and are in their late 80's or 90's.

For many of them, it's a last chance to see an expression of appreciation for their service to their country. A thank you for defending freedom in the great world war.

The visit to the memorial had been on the calendar for some time---it wasn't spontaneous or unexpected, however, they were nonetheless barred from approaching the monument.

Now we're hearing what the administration did in the early morning hours on the day of their visit.

Breitbart has learned that the federal government specifically called up resources to block these veterans from approaching the memorial.

A source on Capitol Hill told Mike Flynn that a park police officer told them, "They got a call in the early morning hours telling them although they had been furloughed, they were being called up to guard the memorial."

The memorial is an open structure on the National Mall. It's accessible by any pedestrian who walks by.

There is no "entrance" to guard or close, nor is there any "access" that needs special guarding.

Our government called up the furloughed police to "protect" the WW II Memorial from the very citizens whose sacrifice inspired it.

Is our government that out of touch with reality?

Or is this merely another face saving attempt by the President and his people to be sure American citizens "feel" the so-called shut down, as he threatened we would?

Rep. Doc Hastings, R-WA, Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, said yesterday, "It appears as though only the highly visible monuments and areas are being closed to the public---further proof that the Obama administration is only playing politics and purposefully choosing to make this shut down as painful as possible."

He said, "Their actions are shameful and wrong."

While there may be a little showmanship involved, there is equally anger and disgust among many, not the least of these was Rep. Steve King, R- Iowa. He actually joined the veterans, a good number of them with some difficulty in mobility. King distracted the police while the veterans tore down the barricades.

Rep. Michelle Bachman, R- Minn., said, "Republicans led the veterans in."

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, summed it up, "These are guys that were not stopped by Nazis, Fascists, Axis powers, Kamikazes....these guys made it through all that, and this is their memorial."

Well said.

Sarah Palin wrote on Facebook, "It's beyond shameful to see Barack Obama disrespect and mistreat our World War II veterans, so blatantly."

Palin also noted, "He's deployed more guards to bar our World War II heroes from their memorial than he sent to Benghazi when our consulate was under attack."

The veterans have come up with an appropriate nickname for the barricades erected to keep them from visiting their memorial.

They call them, "Barrycades."

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed. 


  1. Obama is the enemy of the American people, plain and simple. He is a socialist who despises the very foundations of this country. I am not surprised at his actions at the WWII Memorial whatsoever, Given a choice, he likely would have fought against our soldiers back then.

  2. Typical childish Rethuglican lack of class.

    Reporting third party hearsay as fact.

    Making verifiable assertions without making any attempt to verify them.

    Trying, yet again, to use the deaths of American citizens as a callous political talking point.


    Your side caused this shut down with your temper tantrum over having lost everything in the last election, save your gerymandered house seats (1 million more Americans voted for Democratic, representation in the House than voted for Rethuglican representation).

    If the guards hadn't been there and the memorial got vandalized - you'd all be screeching about Obama's lack of respect for the memorial. The one constant is you're always screeching and blaming everything on Obama!


    1. "If the guards hadn't been there and the memorial got vandalized - you'd all be screeching about Obama's lack of respect for the memorial. "


      This trantrum really should be the end of the tea party driving the republican party. It's most likely to guarantee the house for the dems next year. However, as long as there's talk radio and blogs like this feeding the fear and anger, the tea party won't go away. I'm worried that the only voice they'll have at that point is to take up weapons because they seem to want their way regardless of democracy.

    2. Seriously? Clearly the only 'thugs' involved in this are Democrats. Can you not see how ridiculous it is to suddenly require additional spending (during a govt. shutdown) to provide additional "protection" (more than on any other day) for a monument in a park, in order to block its view from the very people for whom it was erected, who are mostly in wheelchairs??!! Please! It's so absurd and pathetic... Grants Pass, OR

  3. I am always amazed at how unglued liberals become when you speak the truth about one of their icons. Obama spent more money barricading the WWII vets out of THEIR memorial than he would have spent keeping it open. He is doing everything possible to stick his finger in the eye of American patriots, whom he despises.

  4. OBAMA ..... Tear Down This Wall

  5. Aren't we glad they want to run everybody's health care? They could have at least frisked 'em for spray cans, pocket knives, or whatever else, know...

  6. I don't know if this is accurate, but the picture I get is that the park police being called up to guard the memorial, being present (physically anyway) were guarding the memorial and were not about to allow the WW II vets through their baracade to see it, but because some well known politicians interceeded on their behalf, they were allowed to visit the memorial.

    Now what I wonder is, if these park police spent hours of the day "guarding" the memorial, or if they just came to put up a baracade and leave, or what?

    Because if these police were spending the day "guarding the memorial",
    why wouldn't they simply be on guard while people visited it, to watch over the goings on there, to see that no harm came to the memorial?

    I guess I don't have the whole story.


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