Friday, November 01, 2013

Sexual Orientation School Counseling Turns Predatory--Mother Reacts

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Diane Splitz, a mother in Massachusetts, was stunned to learn that her son, who had questioned his sexuality to a high school counselor, had been referred by the high school to a local homosexual organization--a "gay club," without her knowledge.

Following the referral to homosexual activists, things dramatically changed for the Splitz family.

Every parent and grandparent should know what the "gay club" told the boy and what the mother is now doing about it.

Mass Resistance, a pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage faith based organization is reporting the story.

Brian Camenker, who heads up the organization says, "They told him he's really born gay and there's nothing he can do about it, and your parents are hateful people and religion is hateful" if they don't affirm your behavior.

Camenker says, "It made him a very angry kid and very hostile."

As a result of the referral and the predatory indoctrination, the boy considered himself "gay."

The gay activists provided the boy with explicit and provocative information and literature about homosexual behavior.

He was told repeatedly that anyone who didn't embrace his "identity" was a "hater and a homophobe," including his family.

He rebelled against his parents because they didn't embrace his new behavior.

The high school that had referred him continued to subvert the parents as they continued to take steps to alienate them from their son.

It became a parent's and family's worst nightmare.

Their son had been abducted.

The Splitz family found the high school guidance counselors, administrators and the Department of Education continued to stonewall them, lie to them and manipulate them in ways that deeply wounded the family and put their son at risk.

All of this is done under the guise of "helping" the child.

The son is now in college out of state and the family is trying to heal.

"He is beginning," Camenker says, "to finally realize that his parents have never stopped loving him."

Mrs Splitz is now fighting back against those who violated her parental rights and religious liberties, and greatly harmed her son.

Working with the help of her state representative, she has filed a bill which would ban public school officials from referring children to outside organizations without parental knowledge. That includes homosexual organizations, abortion clinics, etc.

The bill has bi-partisan support with 12 co-sponsors.

Mom is now confronting the legislature.

And she intends to continue to do so.

She testified before the Joint Education Committee three weeks ago.

Parents across the state are becoming aware of her effort and are joining her with their support.

Her testimony was well documented as she told legislators, "We must put a stop to the Commonwealth's war on children regarding the promotion of reckless and destructive sexual, homosexual and transgender behaviors and identities, robbing them of their innocence and putting them at emotional as well as physical risk."

This is a snapshot of how public education and a corrupted culture steals the children's heart and mind through indoctrination.

I'm talking more about this and the remedy this morning on my live radio program at 9 AM PDT. Here's how to join me from anywhere in the world.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Special speakers on bullying are another source for referrals in WA state.
    Curriculum like FLASH out of the King County Health Department which is the foundation of nearly every school district in WA and ID, gives the same message as the counselor in MA. It is on the web, check it out especially the high school portions. L Benn

  2. "Their son had been abducted."

    Yup, someone told him what his family wouldn't, they told him that he was ok the way he was born. Funny how telling someone that they are an evil, sick, sinner because of the way they were born can turn them against you.

    I'm sure he's enjoying college away from his religious mom and the freedom to be himself.

  3. This is a very sad episode and becoming more frequent. Parental rights mean nothing to the State anymore. Next step, they'll be taking the kids from their parents to punish the parents for not being PC or affirming of the State's desires.

  4. "Yup." No someone took advantage of a young boy at a very vulnerable time in his life. If someone has an inclination to want to kill some one I suppose you believe" they were born that way" and should be giving a rifle and shooting lessons. That is sick. There is no evidence that anyone is "born that way" gay.

    1. You seriously don't see a difference between an inclination to kill and an attraction to the same gender, and you wonder why your side is losing this debate so badly. Wow.

  5. Gary your consistant biblical conservative message is much appreciated. Keep standing strong.

  6. Did the Lord tell Cain, "It's OK, it's the way you were born."?

    There's a thief out to steal, kill, and destroy, who wants the children as soon as he can get them.

  7. Where is the son in all this?

    He's in college so he's an adult and capable of speaking for himself. Was he invited to testify before the legislature? Or was it merely his anti-gay mother, and the certified anti-gay hate group she went to, who spoke? What does he think of the so-called "therapy" program his parents had him in? Does he feel it was worthwhile? Or like many victims of "ex-gay therapy" does he feel it was ultimately harmful to his psyche?

    The fact that Gary brazenly mischaracterizes this anti-gay hate group as "a pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage faith based organization" shows the depths of his dishonestly and disingenuousness on this issue.

    1. If this is what the mom is like after he's gone, I can't imagine the hell the son went through living with her. I'm sure he's very happy to be away. I really would like to hear something of the son's viewpoint on all this.

    2. He was very upset when he found out about the bill, mostly because much of his personal life was given away during the testimony. He's much happier where he lives in college and the therapy he was forced to did more damage than help. He chose not to speak out against the bill because fighting with his mother is no longer worth the effort. He chooses not to let her continue to dig under his skin and keeps her out of his life, which is why he moved out early in the first place. I know this family and that woman is disgusting. She doesn't respect anyone's opinion that's against her own. I have to bite my tongue whenever I'm around her. She has one other child still living at home and I can only imagine how hard it is.


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