Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Teacher To Student: "Close That Bible"

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A 5th grade teacher not only told a student to close his Bible, but called him up in front of the class to place a call to the student's father, even though the 5th grader had been reading it during a designated "free reading time."

What about the First Amendment?

Liberty Institute has addressed the school's infringement on the student's First Amendment rights.

However, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is warning the American people that the senate will be voting on Senate Joint Resolution 19 which will amend the First Amendment and significantly undermine freedom of speech and religious liberty.

Cruz says 41 Democratic Senators are co-sponsoring the amendment, adding these are "perilous, perilous times."

Bob Kellog recently reported a situation in the classroom that has unfortunately become all too common.

This time a teacher is calling down a 5th grader who is reading his Bible during a designated "free reading period."

The child asked if he could call his father, so the teacher brought the kid to the front and told him to dial his father's number on the classroom phone---in front of all his classmates.

That's bullying.

The teacher then proceeded to leave a voicemail telling the father that his son was "not allowed to read religious books in her classroom."

Attorney Jeremy Dys with Liberty Institute was contacted. He immediately looked into the matter, asking Broward County Schools to apologize to the 5th grader.

That was 2 weeks ago.

The voicemail left for the father was made public.

Millions of people have now heard the teacher's message. Liberty Institute says "it awoke millions of Americans to the crises of religious discrimination in America's classrooms."

People heard a teacher tell a 5th grader to "put [the Bible] on my desk" and tell the child's dad "those books"---meaning Christian books---are not allowed in "my classroom."

People were both awakened and outraged.

And many contacted the school.

The school has now surrendered and is saying they "will" allow kids to bring Bibles to school to read during designated free reading time.

Liberty is closely monitoring the school. It may be next year before they can discover if the school is indeed doing what it promised.

How many of these incidences have we heard about? Maybe hundreds during the school year?

How many have gone unknown to the public---sometimes even to the parents?

Even the US Department of Education has conceded that kids can read the Bible in designated free reading times. But the war rages on in the classroom.

To say the First Amendment of the Constitution is under attack would be an under statement.

This week's attack is not in a classroom, but in the halls of Congress. People we elected to represent us in our government are scheming to undermine the very freedom they have been charged to defend.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is warning people---Christians and conservatives in particular, that the First Amendment is under a new attack.

He says, "This year, the United States Senate is going to be voting on a constitutional amendment to repeal the First Amendment."

Cruz calls these times "perilous, perilous times" and says "Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has announced the Senate Democrats are scheduling a vote on a constitutional amendment to give Congress the authority to regulate political speech, because elected officials have decided they don't like it when the citizenry has the temerity to criticize what they've done."

He said, "They don't like it when pastors in their communities stand up and speak the truth."

Cruz says 41 Democratic senators have already become co-sponsors. The bill is Senate Joint Resolution 19.

The bill will limit free speech---it will give politicians "unlimited constitutional authority to muzzle each and every one if you're saying things the government finds inconvenient."

The way the bill is written and the way in which it will be administered protects the free speech of entities such as the New York Times and others, but does not protect free speech itself.

Cruz says the wording does not protect religious liberty in the same way.

And too many Americans put their sleepy finger on the snooze button and say "what can I do about it?" Or, I'm called to live for the Lord, I don't care about "politics."

It's time to care.

History gives amble examples of people---Christians, who didn't care, were uninformed, or were simply intimidated and paralyzed by fear.

What will it take to awaken us to the peril of our times?

I'm talking more about this in the context of Europe and Germany in the days leading to World War II on the radio this morning.

You can join me live at 9 AM PDT or on rebroadcast at 7:30 PM PDT from anywhere in the world. Here's how.

Be informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Bold. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. The link to Joint Resolution 19 goes to a completely non related resolution. It has nothing to do with First Ammendment rights.

    1. Gee, if the state has the power to declare that a person's endorsement or speaking out on a candidate or issue constitutes an "in-kind" donation and to establish the value of that in-kind contribution it would seem that this can be used to declare that a church's speaking for or against some issue is an illegal in-kind donation.

      If it is possible to find a constitutional right to gay marriage in the existing constitution, how much can this new wording be expanded?

  2. Maybe the teacher's name should be made public for this and such an uproar be made so that he loses his job...

  3. As "Anon 8:53am, 5/28" indicated, it doesn't really seem to have anything to do with what is covered by the 1st Amendment, save for 'possibly' this:

    `Section 3. Nothing in this article shall be construed to grant Congress the power to abridge the freedom of the press.

    Is that what is the concern here?

  4. That is the text of the joint resolution. As the above poster so clearly noted, Gary is and his ilk are blatantly misrepresenting the intent of this resolution.

  5. Gary these people are making your point. You said on the radio this morning that a new Rassmuessen poll says a majority thinks big money has too much influence on elections, but 83% admit they are not informed when they vote. This Resolution is pretending to solve one problem, but is being used to further the left progressive agenda by undermining our freedoms. God bless you.

  6. Philip-That's the point. Thanks. Keep talking and writing Gary.

  7. They should close the school immediately and give all the student's vouchers for the nearest religious school.

  8. I ran into similar things a lot in elementary school. In second grade, for example, I attended an off-site religious class once a week (that was legal, I got to leave school for it). I came back one day to find the teacher had written my name on the board for 'leaving without raising my hand' (even though I had already been told I didn't have to by the school, I could just leave at the appropriate time). Not only that, but she'd checked it (there was a three strike policy for any form of detention) so I had to stay in at recess. That was the first time I had ever had my name on the board. Not the only time in elementary, there were a few pretty blatant things that happened.

    In highschool though, my teachers didn't care if I brought a Bible or read it.

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