Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Personal Message From Gary Randall

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Beginning today, 9-10-14, I'm taking a week off. I need a break.

We've been writing this daily column for the past 10 years. I appreciate the wisdom (well, most of it) the encouragement and support many of you give to this effort.

I also deeply appreciate our worldwide readership.

We will return to our regular daily publication schedule on Thursday, September 18.

During these days we will be re-running some of our most listened to radio programs. I will return live on radio on the 18th as well.




  1. Rest up Gary, we need your sound voice.
    God bless you and your family.

  2. Gary, Do you have a radio program on the West side of Washington state? I live on Camano Island and would like to listen, but don't see any stations I can receive listed??

  3. RDA- Gary is not on any stations on the West side of the state yet. There are those who want to carry his program. When budget allows he will expand. In the meantime you can listen to him on your computer or iphone by clicking on the microphone on our website or get the free ap for your phone.

  4. Thanks for all you do, Gary. We need more great voices like yours to speak out for truth and this wicked world of ours.

  5. Good for you. Take care of your self because we need you. Thank you for your steadfast commitment. Praying you can have more fun than you think possible , and be spiritually and physically revitalized.


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