Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bremerton Lesbian Teen Dismissed From Christian School

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A Bremerton teenager claiming she was kicked out of her private Christian school after "coming out" as a lesbian says she is surprised and disappointed.

She says the school has told her she is no longer welcome.

Her mother has been a teacher at the school. She too, is responding.

Megan Staker claims she was "kicked out" of Bremerton's Crosspoint Christian Academy after she revealed she is "gay."

She says the school told her "she is no longer welcome."

All this followed Megan writing on Facebook, "I can't hide it any more, so here it is: I'm a lesbian."

Within an hour of the post she says, "the principal of Crosspoint Academy called to say he had received several phone calls from angry parents who had seen the Facebook post."

KOMO News says when Megan's mother, who was teaching at the Academy at the time, spoke with another administrator the next day who allegedly said Staker was being asked to leave because of "behavior problems," not because she is a lesbian.

Earlier reports said Staker had been active in advocating for gay rights, etc. prior to her Facebook post. However, the stories I read initially have been modified online to no longer report that.

Regardless, this kind of incident is becoming more common.

Megan says she doesn't regret "coming out."

Her mother has resigned from the school. Megan is now enrolled in a non-Christian school.

"I just wish that the parents there had thought about what they were doing and realized that maybe having their children exposed to someone like me isn't as horrible as they thought" she told KOMO.

This is tragic on a number of levels.

First it is tragic that young impressionable kids are taught they are "hopeless victims" to this destructive lifestyle.

Megan wishes "the parents who complained were more open minded."

The homosexual community and certainly the advocates and activists have attached victim status to a sexual behavior. It has become one of the ways they have successfully advanced their agenda, driving a wedge between those who practice the behavior and those who believe it is not acceptable on the basis of biblical teaching or natural common sense.

Children like Megan are victims of the advocates, rather than those who hold the biblical beliefs. The advocates are the perpetrators. However, it is the kids who suffer the consequences of both the deception and the behavior.

Megan told KOMO she wishes the parents would have been more "open minded," yet it is those who lead the homosexual agenda who refuse to be open minded about the issue.

While homosexuality may be a compelling biological urge for some, there is no---zero---scientific data that supports the notion that homosexual behavior is genetic.

Certainly private Christian schools and institutions have the right to hold certain biblical beliefs and reflect those beliefs in their policies.

It is the argument made against the Christian institutions by the advocates that is most revealing.

None any more than a lengthy article published by Rolling Stone Magazine.

I rarely quote or read Rolling Stone, however, they make my point.

Their article is intended to "expose" Christian institutions for their "hidden war against gay teens," however, as the story rolls along it becomes apparent they are not "opened minded" and the entire argument is based on a false premise.

The Stone claims Christian schools are exploiting local laws to "raise money while expelling kids for the crime of not being straight."

Standing for biblical Truth is hardly viewed as a "fund raiser" for Christian schools.

There is an endless rehearsal of sad stories from kids in the article who have been "victimized by Christian schools" because "they are gay."

It is the defense that Rolling Stone makes that is most revealing.

In attacking the Christian institutions, particularly schools, they claim the schools moral stance against homosexuality is in a way immoral because "homosexuality is an identity rather than an act."

They write, "Since homosexuality is an identity rather than an action, it cuts deeper and is believed to have greater power to corrupt..." in the minds of the religious people.

They repeatedly quote kids who are saying they are being "punished for simply 'being'."

The big deception is that homosexuality is an identity. It is not.

The victimization of these kids is seen in an event happening in schools across America this week.

It's called "Ally Week" which, in fact, is a veiled attempt to further confuse our kids.

The Ally Week message highlights sad experiences of very confused teens, calling on all kids to become their allies and endorsers, while demonizing those who try to point these kids to a different and better way.

Although it is presented as "student led," this is merely a front for the homosexual organization GLSEN, which is very active in public schools.

This weeks message will include gender switching, so kids can better "understand" and become an ally.

The real goal of this campaign is not to stop bullying, but to indoctrinate children to defend other students who practice the behavior. And to point a finger at natural marriage, at Judeo Christian sexual morals and values, and to advance their agenda of recruitment.

Read the article linked above and check to see if your child or grandchild's school is holding one of these events.

Be Aware. Be informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Bold. Be Pro Active.


  1. I don't know anything about this incident, but I have seen the school and met the staff. I have heard nothing but praise in the community about them. Perhaps the incident could have been handled with a bit more delicacy, but it sounds like the student pushed the issue onto everyone else's plate and expected that they would "have" to just accept it her way. Evidently she was mistaken.

  2. I don't know if this was part of "Ally Week" mentioned above, but my 20-year-old son came home from community college last night and said his Engineering Physics class was interrupted for 20 minutes by a group of administrators urging them to attend some type of social awareness meeting, that "it would be a safe place to speak out", etc. That sounds like it to me. We pay tuition for a class interruption of this type? I was disgusted.

    Terri in Kirkland, WA

  3. School children want to be liked by their peers. If being gay was just a matter of choice, they would choose not to do it because the majority are not gay. No one should be ridiculed for being honest about who they are.

  4. Even if Megan was expelled for behavior and even though some school kids are not ready (mature enough?) to reach out to their culture, it is sad that the families and administration could not reach out to an obviously hurting girl grappling with some difficult issues, show her the love of Christ, and walk her thought this difficult time. If the parents had had the courage to invite Megan over and develop a relationship with her, their kids could have learned how significantly hurt and trauma can impact a person's perspective of themselves? Instead, by pushing her away, kids have now learned to fear what they don't understand.

  5. I wish the parent and the daughter had been more open minded to the teaching of scripture, so this wouldn't have had to happen.

  6. Seems to me that Megan's mother is somehow being shielded from scrutiny here. What a contradiction of terms. She not only has her child in a Christian school but teaches there as well, then affirms her childs distortions and claims victimhood on top of it. If the truths that compel both Christians and in this case, a Christian school are subjective, they have no objective value. What a standard to set for an obviously disturbed and confused teenager.

  7. Seems like the mother operated like a thief wanting the best of both worlds..-she knew the principles of a Christian school, wanted her job, wanted her daughter to have the benefit of Christian teaching while knowingly violating the principles.

    Seems to be the case of a lot of people now days, they want their fleshly ways and yet want the blood of Jesus to cover them in their willing trespasses while saying Praise You and Thank You Jesus...


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