Tuesday, January 06, 2015

"God is on the Ropes: Christians Terrified"

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The article is titled, "God is on the Ropes: The Brilliant New Science that has Creationists and the Christian Right Terrified."

The subtitle reads, "A young MIT professor is finishing Darwin's task---and threatening to undo everything the wacky right holds dear."

Paul Rosenberg, writing for the far left secular progressive publication "Salon," is dreaming and hoping.

Over the centuries God has shown Himself remarkably resilient to every attempt to kill Him, dispatch Him and delete Him from the human narrative.

He will survive this latest effort to discredit and diminish Him.

However, this new "breakthrough theory" is headed for the classroom for discussion, and ultimately into textbooks in some form.

I am a "Creationist" and consider myself on the Christian right, however, I am not terrified that Professor England will "undo everything" I hold dear.

What I believe is much bigger than Dr. England.

I am concerned, however, in how quickly this new theory will hit the classroom and how quickly it will evolve from theory to fact.

While most who read this may not be persuaded either way on the issue because your mind is pretty well made up, children and grandchildren may be, given the power and persuasion of the government run classroom.

Interestingly, history clearly shows that natural sciences have actually thrived in Christian cultures, while it has been censored in non-Christian cultures.

Our concern is not for God and His survival, it is because we have learned just how far secular progressives will go in bending the truth to advance their theories, and, as they say, a child's mind (and life) is a terrible thing to waste.

Rosenberg writes, "Creationists often cast themselves as humble servants of God, and paint scientists as arrogant, know-it-all rebels against Him. But surprisingly, they've got it all backwards, once again. England's work reminds us that it's the scientists' willingness to admit our own ignorance and confront it head on ---rather than papering over it---that unlocks the great storehouse of wonders we live in and gives us our most challenging, satisfying quests."

It is not my intention to wade through England's theory in this article, but to make you aware of it so you can be informed.

Professor England's breakthrough theory, which is based in thermodynamics, proposes that the emergence of life was not accidental, but necessary. He says, "Under certain conditions, matter inexorably acquires the key physical attribute associated with life." In other words, life itself would be a product of evolution from simpler, non living systems.

I recommend you read Rosenberg's article and one written by Thomas Williams, PH.D. who questions both the theory and the reason the secular progressives feel Christians stand against science.

Williams says if England's theory proves true it would be important in scientific research, but asks, "Why would this be a problem for believers, let alone God?"

He asks, "Why should Christians be afraid of the verifiable findings of science?"

Well said. We're not afraid of "verifiable" scientific discovery. Verifiable discovery always reveals more about the awesome acts of God in Creation.

The concern of Dr. Williams and other people of faith is how the far left bends the science to support their pre-determined outcomes---we are not concerned that a MIT professor will some how prove God is a fraud.

We are further concerned regarding how this and other theories are used to indoctrinate young minds.

Williams says many on the left still "languish under the illusion that science and faith are irreconcilable adversaries, while most believers have no problem whatsoever with science and welcome its advances as testimony to the power of the human intellect and the intelligibility of Creation."

He reminds us that the natural sciences grew out of the Christian culture.

The great civilizations of the ancient world gave no credence to science---except for the Christian civilizations.

Empirical science and the scientific method did not develop in China with its ancient sophisticated society, or in India with its advanced philosophy, or in Arabia with its advanced mathematics or Japan or even Greece or Rome.

Science has always flourished in societies where the Christian worldview understood nature to be ordered by the Creator.

It's nonsense to advocate that Christian faith and science is some how at odds, or that science is somehow the enemy of biblical Christianity.

The concern is that those who hold the secular progressive worldview believe the end justifies the means and are willing to cook the truth to support their predetermined secular progressive outcome.

Al Gore and the Global Warming/ Climate Change/ whatever movement, were eventually exposed for doing just that---cooking the outcomes.

Paul Rosenberg is dreaming.

God is not "on the ropes" and the Christian right is not terrified.

Neither does the Christian right hate Darwin, England or anyone else, including Mr. Rosenberg, who is actually trying to put God on the ropes. We simply disagree with them on the basis of Truth.

I have a bit of a breakthrough truth for the intellectuals:

God is doing just fine, I spoke with Him this morning. He has been through all this before, is not on the ropes, nor will He be.

He did, however, ask me to tell you He loves you, and His Truth will set you free.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Confident. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. These people need to read "Why Science Does Not Disprove God" by Amir D. Aczel author of of Fermat's Last Theorem. "The renowned science writer, mathematician, and bestselling author of Fermat's Last Theorem masterfully refutes the overreaching claims of the "mew Atheists," providing millions of educated believer with a clear, engaging explanation of what science really says, how there's still much space for the Divine in the universe, and why faith in both God and empirical science are not mutually exclusive." As I understand, Amir Aczel is not even a believer. Interesting!

  2. "mew Atheists" -- let's not get cats involved now!

    1. It was a typo. I was quoting from the forward and accidently typed mew instead of new.

  3. Science proves the Bible is correct as to the star of Bethlehem and the birth of Christ. See The Star of Bethlehem Documentary 2007 You Tube, or The Star of Bethlehem Scientifically confirms Biblical Events, You Tube.

    If you hear something on the Star of Bethlehem and the date of Christ's birth is Sep 11th, 3 BC, that's the one to go along with. The astronomical evidence is a part of our history that science can verify, and it fits the Biblical record as to time.

  4. Here's something that I wonder if most scientists are willing to confront head on:

    The Bible testifies that God created everything by Jesus Christ, who's first miracle according to John was his turning water into wine.

    Is science willing to admit that when Jesus makes wine out of water, that a scientist might have trouble estimating the age of the wine, especially if it is a very good wine, and it was made in a very short time, if no one told him that Jesus made it in a moment of time?

    I believe there's a reason John called this "the beginning" of miracles that Jesus did. (see John 2)

    Sometimes we might need to remember what Jesus did in the beginning.

    Do you suppose Science is ready to put this in a textbook? I guess time will tell.

  5. God can do anything in a moment of time and have us all baffled.....until we come to believe what he said, and he can do it for his glory, to show us how wonderful and great he is, and to teach the ignorant that it's important to listen to what he says.

  6. When Jesus healed a leper, if the leper showed himself to the priest, I wonder if the priest could tell how long he had been like that.....I'm thinking that to the priest, it would prob'ly look like he had always been like that.


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