Friday, January 23, 2015

While Thousands Marched

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While thousands of good, decent, honest pro-life people marched in the streets of America's Capitol yesterday, standing for life, about 20 women abandoned the pro-life Republican ship.

Led by Representative Renee Ellmers R-NC, a group of about 20 Republican women---House colleagues of Ellmers', forced the Republican majority in the House to pull the "Pain Capable Unborn Children Protection Act"---a law that would have banned abortions on children 20 weeks or older in the womb.

This bill was scheduled for a vote on the floor, sure to pass with the Republican majority, while hundreds of thousands marched for life outside on the cold streets of America's Capitol.

Renee, a nurse for 20 years before being elected to Congress, and her husband, a medical doctor, should be well aware that a 20 week old baby feels the pain of abortion.

We all feel the pain of this barbaric procedure at any point after conception.

Many are also feeling the pain of betrayal.

The deception of her actions are very painful---and hopefully informing to voters who believe in life--- and integrity.

While thousands were marching for life, here's the details of what was happening in the corridors of Congress.

The Weekly Standard reports that after the bill was pulled, Rep. Ellmers told them on Wednesday afternoon she "would" vote for the bill even if it comes to the floor without the changes she and her allies had demanded. "But," she said "I will put out a press release saying that I really disagree with that reporting language."

Ellmers voted "for" that exact same bill on June 18, 2013 when it had no chance of passing the Senate, and she knew it.

The Weekly Standard raised the question. Ellmers insisted the bill had been changed since she previously voted for it.

The Standard rechecked. Ellmers is not telling the truth. It's the exact same wording as 2013.

Eric Erickson, at Red State says, "Rep. Renee Ellmers worked tirelessly to scuttle the legislation, then had the temerity to claim she actually would vote for it if only it would come to the floor."

Erickson says, " Ellmers, according to multiple sources, persuaded a number of women in the House Republican Conference to walk away from the bill to ensure it could not pass. Then she declared she'd vote for it once she was sure it could not pass."

She would have known in 2013 when she voted for the identical bill that it would not pass the Senate because the Democrats were in majority at that time.

Erickson says, "It was a two-faced ploy that worked."

While thousands of honest pro-life folks marched through the streets of America's Capitol, standing for life, some of the representatives whom they have elected were scurrying up and down the corridors of Congress betraying the very people who sent them there, leaving them out in the cold.

Those out in the cold have their love of Life and its Creator to keep them warm. They have their passion for righteousness.

Ellmers told the Standard, "I have a very pro-life district, and I'm very pro-life. I will vote for this [even] if it doesn't change"----sure, now that it is safely back on the shelf---at least for awhile.

House leadership, to their credit, are promising to bring it back. I believe they will.

Voters support this particular legislation by a 2-1 margin.

The Standard notes that pro-abortion Democrats had not even raised the objection Ellmers has raised on the previous vote.

John McCormack with the Weekly Standard points out, "By creating controversy where none previously existed, Ellmers and other dissenters have ensured that Democrats will attack the reporting requirement."

Indeed they will.

Ellmers has pulled a similar betrayal on the issue of immigration.

Erickson says, "Hopefully, between this and her immigration betrayal, someone in Rep. Renee Ellmers district will begin to campaign to unseat her.

Although Ellmers has in the past taken public positions against Planned Parenthood, however, Wednesday evening Planned Parenthood put out a statement praising Ellmers for her courage.

If you would like to communicate with her, you can call Rep. Ellmers office at (202) 225-4531. Or drop her a note at 406 West Broad Street, Dunn, NC, 28334.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. How did these women get voted in? They've betrayed their constituents in a way that is unforgivable. It's time to start planning for 2016, since nothing of any import will see the Presidents desk until then.

    1. I don't know which troubles me the most, the things of importance he has not acted on, or the things of non importance that he has acted on.

  2. So it appears her yes was not yes, and her no was not no.

  3. Apparently a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  4. Her mail box was full, so I will just have to write her a note asking her to not undermine the pro life movement using deceit and hypocrisy.

    I just did, reminding her that I served to protected her right to life, liberty, etc when I served in the military.

  5. We need more people in politics who know what it is to be a sheep dog instead of a wolf. (see Clint Eastwood's American Sniper movie if you would like to learn more about what that is, if you like)

  6. Right now I'm wondering if Clint Eastwood would make a good president.
    There's plenty of snakes in Washington.

  7. The next time I see a sheep dog on TV keeping the sheep together, I'm going to be wondering if it's not just because of his training, but if he really understands that there are wolves out there, and if he has ever stood between the flock and a wolf.

  8. It's a morality problem with how many we kill every year. Crime victims, the unwanted, unsupported, and burdens on society. If we kill the unwanted physically handicapped and mentally ill, as well as the thousands killed with abortions, our society will be a vastly improved less crowded environment with a massive reduction in governmental social cost.

    1. I suppose this is how many politicians think, that " we can justify the killing of those in the womb, for economic reasons", and not be the self righteous hypocrites Jesus warned us of, who were on their way to their own destruction.

  9. Abortion hiding behind women's rights is a joke. Should a rapist have the right to rape because he's a rapist? Why should a woman have the right to kill just because she's a woman? How degrading that is to women, as if killing the innocent is what being a woman is supposed to be about.

    I guess they don't want the government telling them what to do with their body, but it's not just their body people want to keep from being killed, it's that of the child.

    So much hypocrisy in the pro choice movement, and so much common sense in the pro life movement.

    I'm thinking we should call it the right to life movement.

    Maybe if we could cleanse some of the hypocrisy out of the government, things could begin to be a bit better throughout.

  10. I found something interesting on you tube. You can search "Dog defends sheep and kill 2 wolves, you tube".

  11. About the sheep dog video....Why was there only 2 wolves that got to the sheep?


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