Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Navy Seal Chaplain May Be Kicked Out

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Lt. Commander Wes Modder, an Assemblies of God Navy chaplain who once ministered to the Navy Seals, may now be permanently kicked out of military service because of his biblical beliefs.

Modder has been accused of being unable to "function in a diverse and pluralistic environment" of the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in Goose Creek, SC.

The chaplain's commanding officer Capt. Jon R. Fahs has written in a memo, "On multiple occasions he discriminated against students who were of different faiths and back grounds."

For the past 19 years, Modder's personal file is filled with only positive accolades and endorsements---including from Capt. Fahs.

How does a chaplain go from being the best of the best for over 19 years to being unfit for service in the span of 5 months?

Here's how.

He was set up.

And he is unwilling to compromise his convictions and beliefs based on biblical Truth.

Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Zollie Smith, the executive director for the Assemblies of God, US Missions, says, "We stand behind him 100 percent."

Michael Berry, a military veteran and attorney with Liberty Institute, a Christian firm that specializes in religious liberty cases, is now representing Chaplain Modder.

Berry says Modder is being punished because of his Christian faith.

Here' how Chaplain Modder was set up:

It's very similar to what is happening to florists, bakers and photographers across America.

It started this past December 6, when an assistant, a young lieutenant in Modder's office, showed up for work with a pair of Equal Opportunity representatives and a 5-page complaint documenting grievances against the chaplain.

The young officer had only been working for Modder for about a month, but had constantly peppered him with questions pertaining to homosexuality. Modder says he had no idea the young officer was gay and "married" to another man.

Modder says he was always caring in his answers, but was honest about his personal beliefs based on biblical teaching.

The homosexual officer asked him what he believed about "same-sex relationships/marriages, homosexuality, different standards of respect for men and women, pre-marital sex and masturbation."

Chaplain Modder does not dispute that during private, one-on-one counseling sessions, he expressed his sincerely held biblical beliefs.

Berry says, "I believe some of what the lieutenant has alleged could constitute a military crime---false statements---taking what the chaplain said and twisting it or misconstruing it--in an attempt to get the chaplain punished. He abused the position he was placed in as the chaplain's assistant."

Berry also believes the officer may have gained access to the private counseling file.

Modder says he's shocked at how the military culture has changed over the past few years. He says, "The values that the military once held---just like the Buy Scouts--are changing. The culture wants this. The culture is colliding with truth. That's at the heart of this."

So true, but it isn't only the military culture.

Modder remembered when he first arrived on this particular base he was about to give the invocation at a graduation ceremony when the captain pulled him aside. Modder recalls, "He looked at me and said 'Hey chaplain---do not pray in Jesus name'."

Modder says, "Every fiber of my being wants to run away from this---but if I do I'm not being obedient to the Lord. I need to stand up for righteousness and this is something I cannot walk away from."

Todd Starnes with Fox News says, "The reality is that many other chaplains could find themselves in Chaplain Modder's shoes. The Roman Catholic church and the Southern Baptist convention have nearly identical positions on the issues that the Navy found problematic with Modder."

This is true.

Many of us who are not in the military may find ourselves in Modder's shoes as well.

A growing number of us are already there.

Modder says, "It's going to be a hard road for me, but it's what God has called me to do."

Chaplin Modder has been relieved of all duties.

The day he was relieved of duties, his 14 year old son went to his office with him to help remove his personal items.

As they were driving away, the 14 year old looked at his dad and said the men on the base told me, "You can be proud of your father because he's keeping the faith. The whole command knows that Chaplain Modder is keeping the faith."

These are times when many are not keeping the faith, but caving to the relentless assault of anti-Christian secularism. Or deception.

Chaplain Modder told Starnes, "They want chaplains to be glorified summer camp counselors and not speak the truth and love into people's lives."

He said, "There are some anti-religious elements in our military. Any time someone wants to live their faith out, there are people who say that is offensive."

Unfortunately, this is true, not only in the military, but in the culture. Chaplain Modder is standing strong.

Most unfortunately a thread of opposition to God's Word has also become woven into the Christian church community. However, this thread is one of deception, rather than direct opposition to biblical truth.

Some very subtle. Some not subtle at all.

Two examples chosen from many:

Subtle. Kathy Escobar's new book "Faith Shift," was released last October. She is regularly making the rounds through churches, seminaries and women's groups. While her message is laced with familiar phrases, some biblical, her book and the movement she leads called "Faith Shift" is deeply rooted in New Age beliefs and is focused more on what she calls "spiritual vertigo" than biblical truth.

She appeals to the struggles most have in their spiritual walk, but preys on those in need by leading them down an "exciting" path of dismissal toward actual biblical teaching in most cases, with a near obsessive focus on one's self.

In each case where she directs people, especially women, to professional help it is with people who deeply embrace a New Age philosophy of "eclectic" faith rather than biblical Christianity.

While I see her teachings being discussed among some in evangelical churches, I would encourage people of faith to reject her teachings.

"Faith Shift" is actually the title of the far left Huffington Post religion page. Yesterday's headlines included, "Franklin Graham is still the worst thing to happen to God in a while," "Support for gay marriage is piling on from all directions---including from conservative Christians," "Evangelical churches grapple with including gay people."

Not so subtle: Rob Bell is a best selling New York Times author. Rob once led and pastored a 10,000 member evangelical church. His book "Love Wins Out" advocated that Christians have misunderstood what the Bible actually teaches on the subject of "Hell"---there is no such thing, he says.

Having resigned his church, he has now teamed up with Oprah to host his own TV show espousing his enlightened beliefs. Rob Bell and his wife have recently released their new book "The Zim Zum of Love: A New Way of Understanding Marriage," in which they make the case for same-sex "marriage."

"Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world" (I John 4:1).

Be Informed. Beware. Be Discerning. Be Blessed.


  1. Kent, We just returned from visiting in Spokane and went to a church 2 weeks in a row where he preached on false doctrine and prophets. Everywhere we turn we read and see and hear the warnings. Thanks be to the diligent and faithful. Our prayers and praise for Chaplain Modder and those who stand for righteousness are continuously lifted up. Glory to God.

  2. Martin W. Howser10:53 AM, March 11, 2015

    I believe that many pastors need to prayerfully argue against the homosexual agenda starting with how this agenda results in grave natural consequences for those who choose to live the life style and all those who are effected by this choice.

    Many people will dismiss what Christian tradition and biblical tradition say about the lifestyle but you cannot ignore the law of natural consequences (natural law) relating to the practice and promotion of homosexuality.

    If the pastor in the military had replied sighting examples of the negative consequences of choosing and supporting the gay agenda, his opponents would have to take on the many valid studies pertaining to serious and grave pitfalls of the gay lifestyle choice. In doing so the pastor could not be challenged on the grounds of his religious beliefs. At the same time exposing the evil pertaining to the lifestyle choice may open the eyes of his critics to what is the outcome of this dangerous and deadly lifestyle.

    It is too bad that a book is not available and continuously updated for pastors who want to follow the teachings of Christ to address the homosexual behavior in the natural order which also was established and maintained by God. Maybe than the people in the Church may be more open to the Word of God pertaining to this natural and moral evil.

  3. From the Military Times:

    "Navy Capt. Jon Fahs, NNPTC commander, cited several specific incidents in which Modder offered inappropriate counseling to sailors in the command, according to the detachment for cause letter. The letter states that Modder:

    Told a female that she was 'shaming herself in the eyes of god' for having premarital sex.
    Told another student that homosexuality was wrong and that 'the penis was meant for the vagina and not for the anus.'
    Suggested to a student that he, Modder, had the ability to 'save' gay people.
    'Berated' a student for becoming pregnant while not married.

    Commanders felt that allowing vulnerable sailors to be counseled by Modder is 'a recipe for tragedy,' according to the letter.

    The issue arose after multiple sailors filed equal opportunity complaints about Modder with the command, alleging discrimination.

    When confronted with the complaints, Modder told his command that 'he will not follow Navy policy if it conflicts with his faith,' according to the letter.

    Officials decided that 'counseling is inappropriate in this case' and that Modder 'must be removed from the command.'"

    1. Wow! that sounds like the officials pertaining to this matter chose to go against God and the constitution, and are also the ones who are in need of counseling.

      They should be willing to walk this through carefully, patiently, and prayerfully, and give it some time to digest, if they are able to taste and see that the Lord is good.

    2. I hope this is an Esther type of deal where these will face the gallows if they do not repent. May God intervene and heal this situation, in the name of Jesus.

    3. If the young Lt doesn't get straightened out on what the constitution is about, real quick, they should get rid of him. Every Chaplain has the right to minister the truth in the name of Jesus. If a service member doesn't like that, he can go get his spiritual (or carnal) advice from somebody else.

    4. The US Supreme Court in 1974:

      While the members of the military are not excluded from the protection granted by the First Amendment, the different character of the military community and of the military mission requires a different application of those protections. The fundamental necessity for obedience, and the consequent necessity for imposition of discipline, may render permissible within the military that which would be constitutionally impermissible outside it

  4. Back when I was in the military they had good sense. They would bring out the right weapons at the right time, and not try to require a tank to do the job of a bayonet.

    Should they get rid of all tanks (or even one) because they are not able to do all things for all soldiers?

    They should let them do what they are supposed to do, and bring them out whenever there is a need or a use for them, and let them do what they are designed to do.

  5. Now it seems they want to throw out the good and keep the evil. Maybe we shouldn't feels so safe.

  6. What ever happened to the constitution here?

  7. Rob Bell gave up on love a long time ago. Let's hope love will win out for him.

  8. It's been said that sexual purity outlasts immorality. ( Dr. Michael Brown) We have Sodom and Gomorrah as examples. He has a very informational and rather long book called "A Queer Thing Happened to America."

  9. Someone needs to take this young Lt aside and explain to him that he needs to learn to function in a "diverse and pluralistic environment", whatever that is.

  10. They should have kept all homosexuals out. The military should have higher moral standards than they have now.

  11. This thing here...They got it backwards.

  12. Ok let's think about this......MODDER IS A CHAPLAIN......when someone goes in for counseling with him, they know that he's not an auto mechanic. Get real...they also know he's a Christian. So they go to ask his point of view...OH THAT'S RIGHT....Christians in the eyes of homosexual activists CAN'T HAVE A POINT OF VIEW THAT DIFFERS FROM THEIR'S OR THE STATE. Christian's tax money can't be used for the schools they choose to send their children to. They have to pay for abortions and legalized murders. They can't choose who to sell flowers or bread to. They can't worship THE CREATOR mentioned in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, because CHRISTIANS ARE DIFFERENT. So there it is....the bottom line issue defined. Nazi Germany, here we come...arm bands for Christians anyone?????


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