Thursday, April 02, 2015

Hypocrisy In High Places

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The headlines continue: "Arkansas Governor Sends Religion Bill Back For Re-Write"---"Indiana Republicans Meet With LGBT Groups Seeking Fix..."---"Gov. Pence Caves..."---"Pence Buckles Under Powerful Gay Pressure..." and on and on it goes.

The public outcry, which is being led by some of America's most powerful and influential leaders, is reminiscent of those lining Main Street in Jerusalem chanting,  "Crucify Him, Crucify Him."

Like in Jerusalem, there are hypocrites in the crowd. There are also those who have been misinformed.

In this case, some of the most influential voices condemning religious freedom and Indiana's attempt to protect it--- in calling for a boycott of the state and all businesses located there, are in fact closely aligned in contractual agreements with governments that not only discriminate against homosexuals but sentence them to death.


The City of Seattle and the city's mayor are among the hypocrites lining the streets. But there are others among us, including Governor Jay Inslee.

Here's the facts:

Ben Shapiro and Erick Erickson have done the research.

The tolerant left, they have found, has now decided that anybody who believes in freedom of religion ought to be boycotted.

We knew that.

Crowd hysteria has set in. Most businesses in the State of Indiana do not discriminate against anybody, including homosexuals.

But the crowd, led by some of America's most successful, doesn't seem to care. Crucify them anyway.

Last Sunday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said his company would "never tolerate discrimination."

He then compared Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act to Jim Crow, equating a law guaranteeing the rights of individuals to take part in only the transactions they want, to forcing individuals to take part in only those transactions the government deems worthy.


Here's the hypocrisy.

Apple and CEO Tim Cook are happy to do business with Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Qatar, and the United Emirates. All these countries discriminate against gays. Homosexuality is punishable by death in these countries.

Other companies like Smallbox, Salesforce, and Angie's List are also shouting from the sidewalk, while doing business with these same anti-gay countries.

Seattle, Portland and San Francisco all have formal business relationships with these countries as well.

Welcome to Seattle.

In 2007, Edward Burton, president and managing director of the US-Saudi Arabian Business Council, came here to Seattle to meet with the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle, and the Rotary Club of Seattle.

A formal relationship was created.

The Trade Alliance is comprised of "a partnership of the Port of Seattle, Port of Tacoma, Port of Everett, Metropolitan King County Government, Snohomish County Government, Pierce County Government, City of Seattle, City of Everett, Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce and union leadership."

The Trade Alliance is scheduled to hold an event in Seattle this month to promote doing business in Iran, where homosexuals have been hanged from a crane.

The event is scheduled for April 22. Twenty days from today.

Mayor Murray, Governor Inslee... where is the outrage? Is there only outrage when biblical Christians are seeking protection from the oppressive agenda of the homosexual community?


The chants from the sidewalks of modern day Seattle (and elsewhere) by Mayor Murray and Governor Inslee sound terribly hollow.

Most can understand that they see their political careers being tested in some way and they really love their jobs, but does the hypocrisy and duplicity really run this deep?

By next week the public should know if these champions of tolerance and inclusiveness and equality will go ahead with the meeting, postpone it, or quietly have it somewhere else. Will the press even report it?

God help us.

This weekend, in another place and another time, a confused public and their hypocritical leaders lined the sidewalks chanting, "Crucify Him, Crucify Him."

Rome saw Him as a distraction--- maybe more, to their rule over Jerusalem.

Caiaphas, High Priest of the Temple, was an influential man for sure. In telling the story, BBC says, "Caiaphas knew everybody who mattered. He was the de-facto ruler of the world wide Jewish community at the time, and he planned to keep it that way."

At the time of the Crucifixion, Caiaphas had served in his position for 18 years. He would serve another year then retire to a farm outside Jerusalem. Most High Priests before him had not lasted more than about 4 years.

It was, in a way, a family business. Annas, Caiaphas' father- in- law, had previously gotten 5 of his relatives appointed to that office. Many believed Caiaphas had gotten the position on the merits of his father-in-law.

The work was hard but BBC notes the rewards were big. It's noted that "modern archaeologists have discovered that Caiaphas and his associates lived lives of luxury with large and lavishly decorated homes."

Caiaphas' power base was the Sanhedrin, and his rule was sustained at the pleasure of the Roman government. In that Caiaphas served by Roman appointment, he worked at his relationship with Pilate.

Caiaphas had a lot to lose. So did his family.

Keep in mind there was a commercial component to the Passover as well as a spiritual one. More than 2,000,000 people were in town for the feast. This generated huge revenue in relationship to the rituals associated with the Passover.

Clearly Jesus was a problem on several fronts.

In engineering His crucifixion, Caiaphas used deception, misinformation and an appeal to ego.

He convinced the Roman government Jesus was a threat to them. He convinced Pilate to do what he, Caiaphas, could not legally do---sentence Him to death.

In addition to the power, the ego, and the money, there was a spiritual component with Caiaphas as well.

As a Sadducee, he did not believe in the resurrection. This absence of belief justified his actions as a kind of social justice in which he was protecting the people from this man called Jesus.

Hypocrisy. Self Deception.

However, there was a much greater dynamic at play in this event.

Ancient prophets speaking for God had predicted these events and that they would lead to the greatest expression of love known to mankind.

John described it like this, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son..."

In the end it had little to do with Rome, the Centurions or Caiaphas and his powerful family. It had everything to do with God's Word and God's plan.

By Sunday of that week at least one Centurion, the government of Rome and the religious leaders and many in the general public knew things had not worked out as planned.

Jesus wasn't dead anymore. The tomb was empty.

The elite class was shocked. Caiaphas, the Roman Government and others who participated in the execution were silenced---pondering their next move.

An interesting discovery was made in 1990. Archaeologists working in Jerusalem's Peace Forest discovered 12 ossuaries, or limestone boxes. Each held the bones of deceased people.

It was a custom that family members would return to the tomb at some future time and remove the bones left by the decomposed body. They would gather the dry bones and put them in an ossuary with the person's name attached to the box.

Among the 12 boxes discovered was one with the name "Yehosef bar Kayafa" which translates "Joseph, son of Caiaphas."

Josephus, the historian, always referred to Caiaphas as "Joseph, who is also called Caiaphas."

Archaeologists agree these are the bones of 60 year old Caiaphas mentioned in the Bible.

The Caiaphas ossuary is now displayed in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

The tomb of Jesus remains empty.

It is written, "The kingdoms of man rise and fall, but the Kingdom of God is forever and ever."

It could also be said, "Man's plans rise and fall--God's plan is forever and ever.

While Christians are experiencing the wrath of those obsessed with redefining marriage, family, God's Word and God Himself in today's culture---this too shall pass. God's plan is on schedule.

He is Risen. Rejoice.


  1. The misinformation movement seems mostly fueled by the media, by their headlines and their reporting. Being just a bit off, is all it takes.

    Do those whom a business does business with, have to be in agreement with everything that's right, in order for a business to morally have the right to do business with them?

    I think of how Jesus ate with publicans and sinners while he did his work.

  2. Mayor Ballard indpls bowed to disgrace to evil to sin above G-D you are a blatant supporter of the homosexual agenda for America to literally screw her and you are complicit

  3. The rep who said he was against freedom of religion act because his son told him to is a complete spineless antichrist following his son and satan into hell

  4. Oh man, this is fun watching you guys unravel. We knew you were on the wrong side of history. We just didn't realize it would be the wrong side of such modern history. All the republican presidential candidates supported the law. That's going to come back to bite them.

  5. With all this controversy....I can't help but think that something is happening.

  6. Suppose a Jew and a Muslim own and operate a catering business together and in comes a homosexual who wants them to cater his wedding, and on the list of items on the menu, they notice that they all contain pork.

    I've heard that both Jews and Muslims are required by conscience to not even handle or even taste pork for their religious reasons.

    What should the government do in such a situation? Should they go after the catering company for all they are worth, and if so for what reason?

    Equal protection under the law?

    Does everyone have to go into a closet if one group comes out? How is that fair?

    1. All the caterer would have to do is say "Pork is not on our menu and never has been. We have never offered pork to anyone.". Case closed. Civil protection laws never require someone to sell something they've never offered before. They only require a business to offer the items they already offer to all customers equally.

  7. A man can go on you tube and watch a good tutorial on how to pain a motorcycle tank, by a professional restorer / painter. I did, and do you know what he said?

    He said that his heart and soul goes into his work, and that his name is on his work. Something to think about, because we have some government agency as well as some judges who don't seem to think about it very much.

    They want to force some Christian businesses into a closet because one particular group decides to come out, and call that equal protection under the law or something.

  8. When government does damage to the name of a Christian business....well maybe with the measure they want to meet know. That's how I feel about it.....I mean if they want to go for all they are worth....

  9. Is it wrong for Christian businesses to ask for equal protection under the law? I thought that was a constitutional right for everybody.

  10. I guess that what the Washington state A/G and some judge wants is involuntary servitude. (see Feb 23rd Faith and Freedom blog)


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