Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Trouble With Trump

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Or, "The Donald Dilemma."

Call it what you want, but Donald Trump is a problem for the far left activists, their biased news organizations and their candidates.

He is also a problem for the Republican Party.

But why?

Is it what he is saying---or how he is saying it?

Or is there something more at play?

The Hill, a left leaning news organization reported yesterday, "Republicans are reconciling themselves to the idea that Donald Trump won't be exiting the stage anytime soon---and their main concern now is limiting his damage to their party."

This is consistent with the narrative from the leftist news organizations regarding Trump---however, they are reporting as if they have sincere concern about the Republican Party.

Trump has certainly raised eyebrows with some of his statements the past few days.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a GOP presidential candidate, publicly called Trump a "jack-ass" the other day. Trump responded by reading Graham's cell phone number on a live television interview show.

Sen. John McCain called those who were supporting Trump, "crazies." Trump responded by questioning whether or not McCain is actually a war hero.

Gov. Rick Perry, a GOP candidate for the presidency, has led the charge against Trump. Trump responded yesterday by saying Perry has begun wearing glasses to make himself look smarter.

The Hill quotes Ron Bonjean, a former aid to GOP leaders on Capitol Hill, "People start to get more desensitized to Trump over time," he says. "These comments, as they get more and more ridiculous, desensitize voters. They realize he's just being ridiculous to be ridiculous."

However, Trump leads in many polls.

Tom Rath, a long time Republican operative and former adviser to Mit Romney, says, "Any polls taken before Halloween are going to have very little relevance to what is going to happen."

"And," he says, "I don't think Trump has the structure to support a candidacy."

There's much more on what people are saying about Trump which I'll skip, but finally, David Yepsen, with the Des Moines Register, has covered the important Iowa caucuses for about 30 years. He says, "There are always celebrity candidates, or candidates who are the flavor of the month. There is no way they are going to be the nominee, but they give voice to the people who feel left out."

Herman Cain and Rep. Michele Bachmann are mentioned as "those kinds" of candidates.

But Cain and Bachmann didn't have $10 billion. Trump does.

Also writing for The Hill, Bernie Quigley, a veteran columnist, gives a lengthy review of how some countries in Europe seem to be turning toward leaders more like Trump, making comparisons to similar historic mistakes such as Napoleon and others.

He says, "Around a fifth of seats in the European Parliament are now held by hard-right anti-establishment or euroskeptic parties..."

He says candidates like Trump make no sense, but "When did John Brown, John Lennon or Sarah Palin ever have to make sense to be effective?"

His feelings are shared by many on both the right and the left. He says, "If Trump is still riding high in the Republican polling say a month or so from now, the Republicans can consider themselves all but finished."

While he does not support or agree with it---in fact detests what Trump is saying, he believes something is happening in American politics that is an extension of what began as The Tea Party---with "all sorts of new thinking" about states rights, a repudiation of globalism, freedom, etc.

He says he believes the rise of Sarah Palin first awakened it on the night she debated Joe Biden.

He calls it a kind of "cultural apocalypse."

"That was the beginning of a sense of conservative discontent that advanced for a few years with fierce intensity then went into submission," he says.

He concludes, "It returns now. Trump awakens it with new intensity."

Understandably the progressive left is concerned, in fact David Yepson of the Des Moines Register says Trump "is taking all the oxygen out of the room. There is nobody able to punch through right now with messages about the economy, or foreign policy, or Hillary Clinton."

But the Republican Party is in crises mode because people are listening to Trump. He is dominating the political narrative, and every news cycle.

Average Americans are sick and tired of the far left controlling the narrative and bullying conservatives into silence.They see Trump as refreshing because he is forcefully saying something, and is unafraid to fight back.

The elitists in the Republican Party have mastered the art of "denouncing democrats"---I'm thinking of John Boenher among others, but have no real stomach for actually moving the country onto the right path because conviction has been replaced by career considerations.

Trump doesn't care. He has $10 billion.

I am not trying to defend Trump's statements, nor am I suggesting Christians should vote for him, however, neither do I believe the people who are coming out in support of him are "crazies" or extremists.

David Limbaugh said this week, "The people who are doing truly crazy stuff have become the new normal. The ordinarily unflappable traditionalist, America-loving citizens have had it with being vilified and muzzled while real craziness is elevated to normal."

He said, "They appreciate Trump's outspokenness in the midst of such widespread cowardice and surrender on our side---even if they don't approve of all his comments."

Ted Cruz gets it right.

When the media pressed him to join other Republican candidates and condemn Trump publicly, Cruz refused to take the bait, yet he stated that he highly respects Mr. McCain's war record and honors all United States war veterans.

What candidate Ted Cruz was saying was that he respects Trump, although he does not agree with some of the things he is saying, he loves and honors the US military and our veterans, he refuses to be played by the press, he will not say or do anything that will dampen the enthusiasm of patriots who've had their fill of President Obama's destructive policies, and he, not the press or the Republican Party, will control his own political campaign.

Now some Republicans are denouncing Ted Cruz as a moral coward for refusing to attack Trump.

America is longing for a clear voice.

The trouble with Trump is that he is unafraid to speak out---with conviction.

And whether people agree with all he is saying or not---they long to hear him say it.

They find a certain freedom in it.

Dr. Ben Carson told the crowd, which included President Obama, at last year's National Prayer Breakfast, "Political correctness is a muzzle that silences the truth, which exposes the evil that plague's our country and the direction in which it is headed. Let us be silent no more."

The harp has a solemn sound that soothes the restless spirit, but the trumpet's call has a unique ability to quicken and excite.

This is a time for the trumpet.

That's why Paul wrote, "For if the trumpet gives an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for the battle" (II Corth.14:8).

There is only one voice that can clearly and effectively cut through the noise of our culture and proclaim the truth.

That's the biblical voice of the Christian church.

Be Bold---Not Silent.


  1. Very well put indeed. Most people don't seem to understand the Trump thing. It's not about being right on all points, or being properly nuanced. It's about someone finally having the courage to get up and punch the bully in the nose. Liberal Fascism is the bully. Trump is willing to punch the bully in the nose. At this point in history, courage may be the only thing that really matters. All those "leaders" who believe the right things but don't have the courage to "punch the bully in the nose" just don't make a difference.

  2. I have to agree with you Gary. I can't say as that I really like Trump as a person, but much of what I hear from him resonates with my senses of right and wrong and the American way, though there are some statements in which I disagree. He says it as he sees it, and that is truly refreshing. He has the quality of leadership and an unwaffling, transparent leader who loves this country is what we need, be it him or another.

  3. It may be that God has groomed Trump for such a time as this. After all, God places those in authority over us and they are not always "christian". Was Obama our punishment? The faithful rose up against Obama's opression. Will God allow Trump's forcefullness to lead us back? No one is perfect but Trump may have some qualities needed for today. Just wondering out loud.

  4. Trump-Palin!!!

  5. The two parties are very much alike. Since 1992, the old guard republican party has recreated itself as an adopted brother of the democrat party. Regardless of faux appearances, the democrat party prefers the republican party as it is. What Donald Trump has accomplished is exposing the ever widening chasm between the republican party and Republicans. Trump's brash tactics are causing the aspiring good-old-boy-type candidates problems. They know not what to do. I expect these young lions to become very trumpish as the campaigns proceed.
    Political correctness, beside being a threat to free speech, it also is a form of mind control because people think within their (politically correct) vocabulary.

  6. What worries me is that Trump will probably not get the Republican nomination, and will then run as an Independent... in effect, splitting the conservative vote - yet once again!

  7. It is crushing that there are few 'Christian churches' that could ever speak enough truth and behave in a holy manner as to be a voice for God. In that case God uses someone else, however unseemly he might be. That isn't the most comforting feeling but I trust God not my feelings. We pray and we remain diligent.

  8. Well said Mr. Randall. Mr. Trump does speak the language of many people with regards to the now monumental problems that face our domestic economy.

    There are those in the establishment on either side of the political aisle who rightfully fear him. Ten billion dollars speaks loudly particularly in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.

    If you know something of his history he does get things done, just ask a New Yorker who has seen him in action. I could say much more but this will have to do for now. Martin W. Howser

  9. If the Republicans don't jam Jeb Bush down the throats of the grassroots, and if they run a good truly conservative candidate like Cruz or Walker, then Trump and many Americans will be satisfied and accept that nominee.....Trump may drive the slimey RNC leadership to do the right thing....go Donald go!


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