Thursday, July 02, 2015

WA State to 6th Graders: Coke, "No"-- IUD, "Yes"

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School is out. But the assault on our kids and grand kids is in place, waiting their return in September.

Middle and high school students can't get a Coca-Cola or a candy bar due to a 2004 ban on junk food, but they can get a taxpayer funded IUD (intrauterine device) implanted at their school-based health center without parental permission or knowledge.

It's called "women's health care." And "family planning."

It is neither. It is a continuing assault on the family, morality and parental authority.

School based clinics in at least 13 Seattle area public high schools and middle schools offer long acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs), including IUDs and hormonal implants at no cost according to Washington State officials.

Here's how it works.

The contraceptives are made available through "Take Charge",  a Washington State Medicaid
program which provides free birth control to adults who are uninsured, lack contraceptive coverage, have an income at or below 260% of the Federal Poverty Level---or in this case, to teens who don't want their parents to know they're on birth control.

"Take Charge" is administered through Planned Parenthood.

CNS News contacted the Washington State Health Care Authority this week and they confirmed by email that underage teenagers are in fact eligible for a "full array of covered family planning services" at school based clinics if their parents meet the program's requirements.

However, if a student does not want their parent to know about it, they are allowed to apply to "Take Charge" using their own income, and if they are insured under their parents' health care plan, the insurance will not be billed.

The motto of "Take Charge" is "Your life is expensive, birth control should be free."

So while a student in the Seattle School District cannot get a soda or candy bar due to the district's ban on junk food, they can get an IUD without telling their parents, and the public school system and Planned Parenthood promise to keep the secret.

Planned Parenthood is the face of evil. There is no length to which it will not go to advance the beliefs of its founder, euthenist Margaret Sanger, in the name of "family planning or health care." And to become a wedge that separates, rather than supports families.

"Take Charge" told CNS there are a total of 38 Planned Parenthood clinics in the Take Charge program.

Seattle school-based clinics participating in the program include Aki Kurose Middle School, Washington Middle School, Denny Middle School, Madison Middle School, Franklin High School, Nathan Hale High School, Roosevelt High School, West Seattle High School, Garfield High School, Rainier Beach High School, South Lake High School, Ingraham High School and Chief Sealth International High School.

Other "Take Charge" centers that are not located in public schools are located in close proximity to schools as much as possible.

This is a link to all the locations of "Take Charge" in Washington State. You will note that many of them are in the Planned Parenthood clinics, but not all of them.

The big lie of Planned Parenthood is that they are about "health." They are about abortion, with birth control as an ancillary product.

For a number of years, Carol Everett operated 4 abortion clinics in Texas. Then through the personal testimony of a Christian, she committed her life to Jesus Christ.

In recent years she has been personally responsible for closing a number of abortion clinics. She credits God working through her.

She says Planned Parenthood and other similar organizations "steal the innate modesty of children and create a rift between children and their parents." She says that the programs aim to teach children that talking to their parents about sex is uncomfortable, then they offer to be the people the children can turn to for support."

People celebrate Planned Parenthood, while many grieve the loss of a meaningful relationship with their children.

Wisdom speaks to this cultural confusion.

Moses wrote (Deut. 28) about the curses of disobedience of God's laws, "But it shall come to pass, if you do not obey the voice of the Lord your God, to observe carefully all His commandments and His statutes...all these curses will come upon you and overtake you."

Among the consequences he describes is this: (v.32) "Your sons and your daughters shall be given to another people, and your eyes shall look and fail with longing for them all day long; and there shall be no strength in your hand."

When your child goes back to school, check things out.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Faithful.


  1. Thank you Gary. If it were not for people like you who speak up, we parents would have no idea the depth of what is going on with our children at school. It has been made clear to the students that the school is to be who they turn to and that their parents are incapable of giving them the proper guidance that the "enlightened" school will provide.

  2. Well sure it's though Planned Parenthood. All they really want is more bloody business. They want more money through more abortions. Schools are crazy to go along with this.

    If your child knows all the girls were given this stuff, and all the girls know all the boys have condoms, that the school gave them to them, like as if it was homework or something... This is nuts.

  3. Through state Medicaid? I thought Medicaid was only about health care.
    Does the school think that being not pregnant is an illness. or that being sexually inactive means there's something wrong, and it's something that the state needs to fix? It seems to me that Planned Parenthood knows that if they play around with contraceptives there will be pregnancies.

  4. I wonder what parents would think if dentists came to the school and handed out soda pop and candy.

    And it's only soda pop and candy, and it's only dental care.

    1. It appears that you may not understand the purpose of birth control products. A more appropriate analogy would be dentists coming to the school and handing out fluoride treatment.

    2. It appears to me that you do not understand their purpose of handing out birth control products.

    3. A problem isn't fixed by adding sin to it, for by doing so only more evil results. School children are not to be sexually active...unless they are married.

  5. Yes, Life is expensive. Birth control to kids shouldn't be. Let's think about what it cost God to give us life.

  6. Evil is working it's way into so many things in sometimes such subtle ways isn't it?....Back to the beginning....Gen 3:1.

  7. When the day of the Lord comes there will be a great army unified against all forms of evil. (Joel 2)


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