Thursday, August 06, 2015

Obama: "Can I Count On You to Watch GOP Debate Tonight?"

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Fox News has announced the top ten candidates--- according to polling results, that will be featured in tonight's first debate of this presidential election cycle.

President Obama has sent out an email asking Democrats to be sure to watch the debate.


Well, part of the reason is, "The other side is counting on folks like you sitting this one out, so I need you to say that you'll be watching on Thursday."

"But here's the thing..." the president continues.

And what about the Republicans...will they be watching?

Fox News has announced the top candidates that will be participating in tonight's debate. They are: Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and John Kasich.

President Obama says the candidates have bad ideas and will all promise to reverse the "progress he has made." However, he says, "they're still smart politicians."

The president says he cannot "overstate the importance" of Democrats watching this debate.

Are Republicans as interested in the debate as the President seems to be?

A Rasmussen poll out yesterday suggests they are.

According to the poll, 90% of likely Republican voters plan to watch at least part of the debate, with 64% saying it is very likely they will watch it.

Only 9% of Republicans says they are "not very" or "very" likely not going to watch it.

Among all voters, 79% say they are likely to watch at least some of it, with 48% saying they are very likely to watch it.

If they do, tonight will be a record night of viewers for Fox News.

Interestingly, 79% of all voters also say pre-primary debates are important to their primary vote, and 36% say they are very important.

A Gallup Poll, also out yesterday, listed the 11 top questions people would like to ask the candidates:

First question: How do you propose to fix the U.S. economy?

Second question: How do you propose to deal with the people's record-low confidence in Congress and the elected representatives they send to Washington?

Third question: What do you propose to do about race relations in this country?

Fourth question: What do you propose to do about immigration and individuals living in this country illegally?

Fifth question: What do you propose to do about jobs?

Sixth question: How do you propose to deal with declining moral, family and ethical values in this country?

Seventh question: How do you propose to deal with the federal budget deficit?

Eighth question: What do you propose to do about poverty?

Ninth question: How do you propose to deal with crime and violence?

Tenth question: How do you propose to improve the education our children receive?

Eleventh question: How do you propose to make healthcare more accessible and affordable?

My own daily research also reveals that America is very, very troubled about the Planned Parenthood issue of selling baby body parts. They are stunned that this could happen in America.

In my view, this issue is not going to go away. Yesterday, New Hampshire announced it is defunding Planned Parenthood's facilities in the state.

In the next few days, marches are planned in several cities demanding Congress actually do something more than "denouncing" and figure out how to defund Planned Parenthood nationally.

The John Boehners' and Mitch McConnells' need to listen to the people, stop talking and start taking action, because this barbaric Planned Parenthood fiasco is not going to go away.

Whether or not it comes up in the debate tonight, it will play a part in how people vote in coming elections.

This and other issues of morality are clearly included in question 6 above. There is a growing sense that the moral fabric in America is being ripped apart---and the folks are beginning to connect the dots as to why and how this is happening.

There are several occasions in Scripture where God used painful situations to bring about a spiritual awakening.

God used problems, people and pain to awaken Joseph's brothers and lead them to restoration. God used a prophet who was willing to confront a King to awaken David to his sin. For Sampson, He used a Philistine prison, the loss of his eyes and the loss of his strength. For Peter, God used a little girl at a Roman fire.

These are defining times.

Be Prayerful. Be Informed. Be vigilant. Be Discerning.


  1. The digress of the present administration must be completely reversed by someone.

  2. God is on the throne. Despite what we see in the natural world - people are being awakened to the crassness of evil in this nation. God will not be mocked. Whatever men and women sow, that they will reap. Our Savior is not in politics - He is in heaven at the right hand of the Father of Lights. If we humble ourselves and pray, and seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways, He will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

  3. No, I won't be watching the debate as I already know which two or three candidates are sufficiently aligned with the Bible and the Constitution as to be considered potentially worthy of the virtue of my vote. Of those, at least one is not Constitutionally qualified to hold the office of President. Most importantly, I already know that the Republican Party, as in the past several decades, will do everything in its power to prevent a Biblically and Constitutionally sound candidate from getting its nomination. I do not plan to reward that party with so much as my time or attention or anything that might be construed as conferring credibility or my approval on it. I will support any candidate, without regard for party, who will honor God, uphold the Constitution and contend for liberty.

    As for the debate questions, with slight variations or different explanations, they can all be answered with the same statement: "This problem is a result of America's departure from God - it is just spiritual judgment, ie, reaping what we have sown. The church needs to repent, turn from wicked ways, seek God's face to rediscover His ways, then commit wholly to His ways. Looking to government to fix these problems has only exacerbated the problem - government needs to get out.

  4. If I may add my 2 Cents, as suggestions:
    1.Work to relieve tax burdens on companies, and other unnecessary or overbearing ones that we likely have, such as environmental ones, and do what we can to help this nation get back to where it should be morally and spiritually, which should have a positive effect on the economy, but as far as fixing it, well, it's not for a president or congress to fix it, but to do the things that might cultivate it, help it flourish, and take away whatever we can that unnecessarily hinders it.
    2. Let's work to build them up in the scriptures, in the word of God, and in prayer.
    3. Same answer as #2 above.
    4. Work to have and keep reasonable processes in place, which if this were the case, we would not have seen the things we have seen happening with the southern border, along with better security along the borders.
    5. Work to keep government out of trying to provide them. See again answer 1 above.
    6. Honor God in word and deed and encourage everyone else to do likewise.
    7. Work to make it much smaller. Cutting government spending will be necessary.
    8. Work to get as many people off welfare as shouldn't be getting it. Making it too easy for fraud and having too many government benefits encourages too many people to get on it, and live in poverty. Talk about how churches and individuals within the churches, and how they should be able and willing to help with that more than federal government.
    9. Don't know what more we can do, except encourage everyone to return to the scriptures and seeking the will of God.
    10. Keep government hands off it as much as possible believing it will work better with parents and teachers meeting and talking together.
    11. Repeal Obama care!

  5. I look at those names and wish they all were in government working together right now.

  6. I was watching the local news on TV for what seemed like about an hour and was hoping to hear something about time and channel for tonight's debate. Maybe I missed something, but it seemed like I can't count on the local news to tell me such things. Then the national news came on and it's going to start soon.

    I heard Donald Trump give an answer about the deficit. Amazing! I didn't know there was money like that out there. But if money like that was used to pay off the deficit, I would hope that somehow in order for congress, or the president, or anybody else to go into debt again, that somehow they would have to get some kind of approval or something like it from those who made the problem go away.

  7. It was a good "debate". I don't know why they call it that. So much good focus and direction. So much good in it, a good Q. And A. time with the candidates.


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