Friday, September 04, 2015

Kentucky County Clerk Jailed for her Faith

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Kim Davis has become the first Christian in America to be jailed as a result of the Supreme Court decision regarding so-called gay "marriage".

Yesterday afternoon Kim Davis, the elected Rowan County clerk, was escorted out of the court room by a deputy and turned over to the custody of US marshals because she cannot issue a same-sex marriage license.

US District Judge David Bunning has ordered her to be jailed because he says it is his only alternative. The judge believes if he merely fined her she would not comply with his order.

He has ordered her jailed until she complies with his order to issue "marriage" licenses to homosexual couples.

Homosexual activists and others on the secular left are calling Kim a hypocrite on the matter of marriage.

But what lies at the heart of this matter is why Kim feels so passionate about her biblical faith. And her actions that have caused her to be thrown in jail.

Comments by Republican presidential candidates are interesting. Two of them think she's wrong.

Liberty Counsel, a Christian law firm, will be representing Kim Davis.

Matt Staver, founder of Liberty, explained yesterday that Kim became a Christian 4 years ago. Following her acceptance of Jesus Christ, her life and lifestyle dramatically changed.

Her adversaries, including homosexual activists, the ACLU and the major news networks are mocking and attempting to demonize her, calling her a hypocrite while reporting that she has been married 4 times.

Staver says all that was before she found Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.

Her new life in Christ is the passion seen in her actions.

Interestingly, Judge David Bunning was appointed by George W. Bush but has been both liberal and activist in his rulings regarding abortion and so-called "gay rights."

I was interested in what the Republican presidential candidates thought about the matter.

Two presidential candidates have spoken out against her actions.

Think Progress, a progressive left publication, gathered the comments made by Republican candidates concerning this matter.

According to them, 2 candidates think she is wrong. They, of course, agree with the 2.

Carly Fiorina, on Hugh Hewitt's radio program, urged Davis "to follow the law or resign."

Candidate Lindsay Graham, also on Hugh Hewitt's radio program said that "as a public official, Davis must comply or resign."

Candidate Mike Huckabee made a very strong case in her support.

He said, "The only law she's following is the Kentucky law, which by constitutional amendment defines marriage as a man and a woman. The specific form that she is required to fill out for a marriage license specifically requires male and female."

Huckabee said, "Now if the Kentucky Legislature decides that they agree with the Supreme Court and they change the laws of Kentucky, that's a whole different thing."

He noted that President Abraham Lincoln disregarded the Supreme Court's 1857 Dred Scott ruling; and President Thomas Jefferson against "judicial tyranny" that would result "if court rulings became law without action by the other two branches of government."

"The Supreme Court can determine something by way of review, according to Marbury v. Madison, but they can't implement it without enacting an enabling law," he said.

Huckabee said he is concerned because, "I think we are getting close to what Jefferson said that if we allow the Judicial Branch just to make up law without the people's elected representatives, you turn the Constitution into a thing of wax."

In ordering Kim Davis to jail, Judge Bunning also warned deputy clerks around the state that they "would suffer the same fate should they refuse to issue marriage licenses to gay couples."

Kim Davis does not take this job lightly. She, a Democrat, was elected to take the place of her mother who held the position for nearly 40 years. Kim had worked in the clerk's office prior to her election as deputy clerk.

She says, "This is a heaven or hell issue for me and for every other Christian that believes---This is a fight worth fighting."

Davis hasn't always been a Christian. Her life and lifestyle dramatically changed when she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior 4 years ago.

Prior to that time she had been married 4 times. What is missing in this story that the media and her adversaries are obsessed with, is that her life has been radically changed.

"I once was lost, but now I'm found."

She says she once lived for the devil, but now she lives for God. She refers to herself as "a sinner saved by grace."

She says, "I had created such a pit of sin for myself with my very own hands."

And to those who call her a hypocrite? "All I can say to them is if they have a sordid past like what I had, they too can receive the cleansing and renewing, and can start a fresh life and they can be different---They don't have to remain in their sin, there's hope for tomorrow," she says.

The media is casting her as a monster---a right wing homophobe hypocrite, but she says she doesn't hate gays, she simply loves God and His Word.

"I don't leave my conscience and my Christian soul out in my vehicle and come in here and pretend to be something I'm not," she says.

She also said, "It's easy to talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?"

Davis did not seek the national spotlight, but she stands in its glare.

This is not an isolated event in Kentucky. Much of what America is all about hangs in the balance.

Davis says, "I'm just a vessel God has chosen for this time and this place. I'm no different than any other Christian. It was my appointed time to stand, and their time will come."

This story is going to get bigger, not smaller.

I personally believe it will serve to spark an even greater debate across the country. There is an awakening happening in this country. Perhaps it isn't necessarily spiritual, but it is partially spiritual---it is cultural as well.

This is not the America our Founders envisioned, nor is it the America millions of our sons and daughters and family members died to preserve and defend.

"I am just a vessel"----"This is my appointed time to stand"---others "Time will come."

The looming question is personal: Most can talk the talk---"But can you walk the walk?"

Will the church stand for righteousness with possible personal cost attached?

Or will we duck out in favor of a motivational seminar?

I believe we are preparing to stand for righteousness in ways the secular progressives can't even grasp.

Be Strong.


  1. What's so strange about this, is why jail? Why wasn't she simply fired from her job, or moved to another one? Why jail? It doesn't make any sense to me, even though I know she has the right to serve God with a clear conscience and not be a part of issuing such a license, because she has constitutionally protected rights which also cover the practice of her religion something the law is to protect, as well as judges.

    She is not being treated fairly. Where is the justice, fairness, and equity in this?...but jail? Jail?

    The judge could have decided that there was nothing he could do against her because she was merely exercising her religious freedom and was not hurting anybody. He could have done that and said so.

    Isn't it a judge's job to see that people under his decisions are treated fairly?

    Now the state is in effect saying that they are the lord over the religious conscience of the public, saying that they will decide what will cause a person to be clean or unclean before God as it concerns things moral or immoral.

    What has happened to that "wall of separation between church and state"?

    It seems to me that somebody climbed over it.

    This is robbery.

    1. The Judge could not fire Kim Davis because she is an elected official with authority to deny the clerks working under her to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and she would have continued to stand her ground even if fined.

  2. So if I was elected as someone with authority to participate in abortion, would I be compelled by law to actually participate in one? The other flaw is that this so called right became an issue after her election to this office. She did not come into this thinking she would be asked to perform homosexual marriages. The supreme beings have been VERY wrong in the past and the consequences were a bloody civil war. I sincerely hope that lesson in civics will never be repeated, but they have obviously not learned their lesson. The victims of their 1973 crime against humanity are counted by the millions The victims on this crime are starting to pile up too. Constitutional amendment time I think.

  3. We all need to come out against this together.

  4. Sad to hear about a judge falling to such a level. He needs salvation.

  5. She was hired to issue marriage licenses to heterosexual couples. The job had now changed to something that is more different than if her job had been changed to loading concrete blocks on a truck. There should be accomodation.

  6. When an issue is created that defies common sense is brought before a court, even the Supreme Court (a misnomer in itself) the court often rules rather than throwing a case out, or opting not to hear it, especially if it is beyond their purview to begin with. Enforcing God's Law is one thing; subverting it to accommodate cultural deviations results in continuation and expansion of subversive disasters. The recent court rulings provide further evidence that the country is becoming more lawless daily, because of the irresponsible activities of all three branches of government.

  7. The facts are that she is an elected official and the 'Law" of the land changed during her term. She is then faced with a decision of complying and upholding a law she doesn't like because she has a duty to do so in her position, or resign. As a public official she does not have the right to pick and choose which laws she will uphold.

    She then decided to defy the legal mandate and her positions duty, which resulted in a court order to do so. Violating the court order results in being found "In Contempt". I am not sure that the court has the leeway to levy a fine as opposed to ordering incarceration, but being "In Contempt" prompts an action by the court that it cannot avoid. The court certainly would not have the ability to fire her or remove her from her position.

    She may end up sitting in jail until she is impeached, if that process exists for her position, or until she resigns or complies.

    I applaud her moral stand, but unfortunately this outcome was inevitable, and her incarceration will do nothing to change the law or the system.

    She needs to resign the position that requires she participate in an affront to God's laws and go to work to change the law.

    1. The judge should tell her he was wrong, apologize and she should go back to work, refusing to issue certain licenses if they do not comply with what marriage really is, if that what she is led of her conscience to do before God.

      What this judge does in no way affects the outcome of God. God isn't going to change his mind on what marriage is in order to please certain people.

    2. As a public official one might not have the authority provided by the constitution to decide which laws it will enforce or reject, but as a Christian one does.

      It's important to see people as they really are, not just as we would like to see them, for whatever purposes we might have.

      Our constitution does provide protection for Christians.

  8. Lawlessness vs. righteousness........neither the church nor the government can stand for long. We all need to make some big decisions. Since the church has been dragging its feet for a long time it appears the individual will need to step up. Ms. Kim did just that. Hmm......

  9. Davis is not in jail because of her faith. She is in jail because she forced everyone in her office to deny same-sex couples marriage licenses. The judge offered not to incarcerate her as long as she let her clerks issue the licenses, but she refused. She could've easily stepped aside and let others fill in for her, but she will not.

    The judge rightly intervened. Religious freedom does not extend to forcing others - even those who work for you - to follow your faith.

    1. She's in jail because she refused to issue some bogus licenses. The judge is wrong to put her there. She needs not to encourage those under her to go along with the wishes of the state.

    2. This judge is trying to force her to comply with his personal beliefs against her will, and this is wrong.

  10. What some seem to be missing is that same-sex marriage is not the "law of the land", nor is it the law of Kentucky. The Supreme Court has "ruled" that marriage defined as only between a man and a woman is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court does not make the law in the US, Congress does.

    Thank you, Gary for pointing that out. Also thank you for bringing to our attention on your radio program this morning, the list of elected officials who have refused to stand for marriage as between one man and one woman even though it IS the law of the land. And thank you for crediting Heritage Foundation for doing the research. Another organization quoted us at length today, but failed to credit our work.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. So it seems then that the Supreme Court has ruled that our Bibles are unconstitutional. I think I should still hold to my Bible and the constitution.

  11. Personally, I think she's in jail because she was advised that it would be the fastest route to a crowd sourced fortune and book deal. The guy who wouldn't sell pizza to gays made about $800k off it.

    1. She's not doing this for money, but in the future she might benefit financially because of her stand.

  12. The judge should take a marriage class at a good local church.

  13. Yeah, that's it. She's doing this for the money. That tells you where the liberal mind runs.

    1. I don't think it started out for the money. But I'm sure her legal team made her well aware of the financial benefits of playing this thing out to incarceration. If she donates the money, I'll admit I was wrong.

  14. I thank God for Mike Huckabee.

  15. I'm thinking the love of money would never produce that kind of fruit that we are seeing. I don't think it's about money, that she's taking a stand like this. She has a higher love.

  16. I heard many conservative talk show host saying that she should step down if she disagreed with gay marriage. The problem I have with that talk is the early days of the Soviet Union. If a person was a known Christian they were not allowed certain jobs and promotions. There kids were denied schools until the family denied the Faith. Seems to me that in certain jobs Christians are being denied certain jobs.
    We are slowly becoming like the former Soviet Union.

  17. Interfering with one's love for God like this in America, using the courts...this has to change. This is so wrong.

  18. Some people wonder how it is that so many in our government can step into so many land mines, as if they had to know exactly where they were, as if it just couldn't happen by chance. People are led by one spirit or another it seems.
    So many Pandora's boxes have been opened lately. Yes, America has been under spiritual assault, but God is raising up an army too.

  19. The more I read about this the more I know a great injustice has been done to us all as the fruit of an evil branch. So who really should be behind bars, the clerk or the judge? But we can't put judges behind bars very easily can we?

    So a high court can invalidate the true meaning of marriage on a piece of paper, but it doesn't have the right to invalidate it in our minds and hearts.

    We've been watching the overreaching of the state. I'm thinking they should be getting some sore knuckles very soon. Something has got to happen.

  20. I guess what the Supreme court has been saying by their recent ruling on marriage is that since the history of the nation.......we've had it all wrong about what marriage really is. It seems they've been saying that all those years, hundreds of years, we've had a wrong understanding of what our constitution is.

    They seem to be saying that they have some new enlightenment, but I call it darkness.

  21. It's good to be able to listen to Mike Huckabee, this site, other sites, and whatever else is on track about these things.

    Something I've been learning is that the Supreme court is not the law of the land. It's only 1/3 of the largest branches of the US government. I believe the real law of the land is the truth of God that is in the hearts of it's people. That is the real law of the land, the perfect law of liberty which is in Christ, though some of the laws of the nation be contrary to it.

  22. If government will be a servant of the people in righteousness, fairness, equity, and truth it will be great. If it becomes a servant of unrighteousness it can become a monster. If it over reaches in it's power it can become a nightmare. When it intrudes into those things it has no business in, it becomes horrible.

    When I look at the GOP candidates for president, I wish they all would be serving together. They could make up a good cabinet for any president couldn't they? Whoever wins, I hope they choose a good cabinet.

  23. This judge is prohibiting the free exercise of her religion. Why can't he see that?

    He could have said, "If I try to do anything that forces you to sign those papers, I would be prohibiting the free exercise of your religion, something that is protected by law. I have to obey the law. There is nothing I can do."

  24. This sounds to me like another activist judge who want to force his personal agenda on others misusing his position as a judge to do so, for the clerk is in full compliance with Kentucky state law, her conscience, the free exercise of her constitutionally protected freedom, as well as the will of the people of Kentucky.

    God bless Mike Huckabee for making these things clearer to us the people, as well as everyone else who is on the right side of this matter.

  25. When the judges go awry there must be a remedy, a constitutional remedy, otherwise as Mike Huckabee said, it's judicial tyranny.

  26. As far as I can tell, Kentucky doesn't have a provision for homosexual marriage licenses, so a judge decided he could sort of imagine a law that says it should, (because of a supreme court decision that said DOMA isn't constitutional) and force a clerk to do whatever he personally wanted, but it's still judicial tyranny. It's not proper government.


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