Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bibles Removed From Military "Missing Man" Tributes

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Atheists are demanding Bibles be removed from military displays honoring prisoners of war and those missing in action.

The inclusion of the Bible, in the mind of the atheist---and the intimidated fearful officials---is a violation of federal law.

It's been happening for the past 2 years.

I've written about it---you've likely heard about it.

What you may not have heard is that a group of conservative organizations are preparing to do battle against the war on the Bible.

The display pictured above is that of a table set and waiting for the honored person to come home.

The tables are typically displayed on military bases and VA clinics---and they are steeped in tradition.

There are empty chairs for each of the 5 services, a red rose, an inverted glass, a yellow ribbon, salt sprinkled on a plate, a lemon slice, a candle---and a Bible.

It's both touching and appropriate that a Bible would be included with the table setting.

However, at least 3 VA medical clinics and one Air Force base have complied with the atheist Military Religious Freedom Foundation and its leader Mikey Weinstein's demand to get rid of the Bible.

Atheist activists, such as the Freedom From Religion Foundation and this one which is focused on attacking religious expression in the US military, have become accustomed to merely threatening a lawsuit, putting out a press release which the progressive Left press immediately publishes or reports on radio or TV, causing the individual, school, municipality, or in this case the US military to comply out of fear of a lawsuit that is not in their budget.

Todd Starnes with Fox News says, "Fox News has exclusively obtained a letter sent to Robert McDonald, secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs---urging him to reinstate the Bible to the Missing Man displays.

"The removal of the Bible not only violates the integrity of these displays, but insults those returned POWs who gained daily strength from their faith in the prisons of our enemies," the letter states,

It continues, "When a government agency such as the VA removes any part of the display, it is a grave insult to the nation's veterans who often gather to honor those who have not returned, while also interfering with the message being expressed."

The letter was signed by representatives from Family Research Council, American Family Association, First Liberty Institute, Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, Center for Military Readiness, Freedom Alliance, Liberty Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom. Freedom X, Judicial Watch, LION Associates, Military-Veterans Advocacy, Stand Up America US, and International Conference of Evangelical Chaplain Endorsers.

Retired Lt. Gen. William Boykin, now with FRC, says the VA has had a knee jerk reaction to the atheist organizations---"It's a sad situation that a guy would actually try to destroy the traditions of our military and the basic values of our country."

Political Correctness has so paralyzed the institutions of our country that we are often unable to act with any sense of clarity on the most basic issues.

This is one of those times.

Leader Mikey Weinstein, founder and leader of the atheist activists, has demanded VA clinics in Youngstown, Ohio, and Akron, Ohio to remove the Bibles from the displays---officials in both bases complied with Mikey.

The MRFF also reports that a VA clinic in Houston got rid of their Bible.

The Youngstown clinic replaced the Bible with a "generic book"---a prop. How pathetic for a nation that has been the recipient of such blessings from God Almighty.

As pressure is applied by families of the missing, and by people of Christian faith, Weinstein told the Air Force Times that what he is doing is "not persecution or victimization of Christianity"

It may not be, but it is his best attempt at doing so.

Ann Mills-Griffiths, chair of the board for the National League of POW/MIA, knows first hand the pain associated with having a loved one missing in action.

Her brother, Commander James B. Mills, disappeared somewhere over North Vietnam on September 21, 1966. The 26-year-old naval aviator remains classified as missing in action.

Mikey Weinstein and his organization has declared war on a most important function of religious freedom.

A large number of faithful organizations have now declared war on Mikey because it's not about Mikey and his atheism---it's about brave patriots who have given their all for this country, and it's about their families who wait for their loved one to come home for dinner.

Be Faithful.


  1. Mikey needs to grow up and get over it. Did anyone force march Mikey over to the table to sit down and partake? It's not for him. He should leave it alone.

  2. If the bible is so offensive, why did our first president George Washington order its printing for distribution to the native Americans to become better integrated into our society. As a Christian and retired USN Chief, the entire PC movement is offensive. Toppenish Washington

    1. As much as you want to believe this is political correctness run a muck, you can't take an organization to court for being politically incorrect. You take them to court for violating a law. Which is true in this case as well.

      That's why the military doesn't want it to go to court. They'd lose and they know it, so they opt to stop violating the law instead.

  3. Our Constitution protects the use and display of Bibles, as well as crosses, ten commandment, and so much more. Where do all these anti-constitutionalists come from? I don't get it. Where is the constitutionality of this progressive cleansing of whatever good there is, that some find offensive? Nobody forces people to read Bibles, or kneel down to pray, or whatever. No one is out to establish by law, so as to force anything on anybody. Yet, they want to force by law, (if they could get away with it) the prohibition of our constitutionally protected rights. It's not "special privileges" we protect, only constitutional rights, things that really are protected by the law of the land...(not SCOTUS) the Constitution.


  4. Proverbs 9:1-6.

  5. Why don't the atheists setup a display right next to the one with the Bible. Anyone not representing the majority faith in the US, can use the other table. Problem solved. Most of those groups would not set them up, nor are they interested in doing anything but being trouble makers, professional protesters, and sue happy.


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