Friday, April 01, 2016

City Out Of Water--Saved By Baptist Church

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The city was on a sustained growth pattern and was becoming unable to meet the demands for water--they needed a place on high ground to build the new 1,000,000 gallon water tower.

However, the high ground was owned by First Baptist Church.

The city made a deal.

The atheists are angry. Very angry.

The deal was done in broad daylight---on the up and up, as they say.

The church donated the property and all necessary access rights to the city, in exchange, the city of Broken Arrow, Ok. agreed to put the name of the church on the water tower.

The pastor told the media, "Our people are very generous. We want to be good citizens as well as good Christian folks representing the Kingdom of God."

Todd Starnes notes "Baptists are mighty partial to water" as well.

The pastor says, "We're in the business of talking about Living Water and this (deal) provided water for a community and water for our church and water for the whole new area of the city to develop."

Don't atheists like water?

Apparently not if it's "Baptist water."

In return for the church donating the land to the city, the city agreed to put the name of the church---First Baptist Church---on the water tower.

Now the atheists from Wisconsin (Freedom From Religion Foundation) are descending on the city demanding the name of the church be removed.

The FFRF has done what they always do. They have fired off a threatening letter to the city warning the city that the church's name on the tower violates federal law, hoping, of course, that the city will immediately scrub the Baptists off the tower---without their having to spend any money actually taking them to court.

The atheist's attorney told TV station KTUL, "At some point that name is going to have to come off the tower. The water tower is in fact, government owned, and on government land. As such, it can't be advertising for any religion."

City councilors have voted to take no action on the atheist's threat to sue. City officials said the original deal was to keep the church's name on the water tower for the use of the land, and they don't want to go back on the deal.

The people in the city are suggesting the atheists go back to Wisconsin, and the city's attorney has told the Freedom From Religion Foundation the church's name is going to stay on the tower.

City Attorney, Beth Anne Wilkening told KOTV in Tulsa that it wasn't intended to endorse any sort of religion, it was simply to recognize them for their contribution. It was a contract.

The pastor says he is grateful for the way the city has handled the matter so far.

Starnes says the atheists probably "think the city's tap water will turn into holy water since the tower is on church property."

In keeping with the spirit of the church and the city, it has been suggested that the water tower is also not filled with wine for communion---because they say, Baptists use grape juice---"We take our communion before fermentation sets in---preferably Welch's."

One thing however, the Baptists have seized upon. They are telling other Baptist church's around the state they now have the biggest baptistery in the state of Oklahoma.

That will likely not help with the atheist angst.

The atheists, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and the ACUL have their bows drawn with their "wall of separation" arrow pointed at the church.

We hope and pray the arrow becomes yet another broken one.

Have a great weekend.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. So I guess the question to be answered will be, "Is it advertising for a local church, or is it recognition for the donation which made the water tower possible for the city?" Maybe it would be best to write on it, or put a sign under it, that says something about how the property the tower sits on is the high ground the city needs for it's life sustaining water, and it was (brought to them by) given / donated by the church named above.

  2. I hope the church actually owns the land and not the city. It strengthens the churches position.
    In California if you lease property and hard wire equipment to the building, the equipment becomes the property of the landlord. Not so if you simply plug it in. Perhaps a 99 year lease, with a modest payment would be in order. They built that water tower on Baptist property, the Baptists own it. The city can own the water, but the church owns the tower.

    They can do what they want.

    1. According to Fox news, the city owns the tower. The church donated the land and easements for the tower.

  3. The city should rescind the deal and give the land and the water tower back to the church, and go and build a new water tower elsewhere. Don't you think?

  4. The millions of Christians in American are taxpaying participating citizens....why should they be constantly singled out for discrimination by nasty atheist believers? What is the big whoop with putting the words "Baptist Church" on a sign? It's no different than Ace Hardware or Joe's Bar!!!! Get over it atheist's America!!!!!!! God Bless You!!

    1. Yup, it's only one sign for sure. But, if you give Christians an inch - you know the saying.

    2. ...they will pave a road of liberty and justice?

  5. This was an opportunity to disprove the lie about the "separation of church and state". James Madison was very confident that the constitution was going to be ratified until he heard that baptist pastor and his group was against it. So Madison made a quick visit to meet with Pastor John Leland and an agreement was reached, that when the constitution was ratified Madison would add The First Amendment,THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH ANS STATE. Why? Because three denominations that came out of the reformation to the colonies persecuted the baptists for not following their water baptism lie. Those denominations used the local governments to do the dirty work just as Rome had done.
    Source: How Satan Turned America Against God, Dr. William P. Grady
    THE TRAIL OF BLOOD by J.M. Carrol (The cost of the First Amendment)

    1. THE TRAIL OF BLOOD by J.M. Carrol (The cost of the First Amendment)

  6. Sadly, if I am not mistaken, this group in Wisconsin is headed by a former minister... They probably do not care if they win or lose. So long as they can keep their agenda out in the open... same strategy used by the homosexual community over the past 30 years... five steps forward, three back... I highly recommend the book "The Marketing of Evil" by David Kupelian.

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  9. Determine 'fair market value' of the property in question, multiply by five the require the atheists organisation to pay that to the church, then the atheists donate the property to the city.

  10. Add "land donated by" to the sign and then move on.
    Businesses advertise their products all the time. They also do community service & use that as advertising. This is just business as usual. If I see advertising for a product I am not interested in I tune out the sign. If you are not interested in Baptist churches...don't go. If you are you may be swayed to choose that church over another you are considering. Every group has its target audience. A church is actually targeting those who go to church or want to go. If you are not their audience..... ignore it like you do everything else you aren't interested in.


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